30 Aug 2021

Titan Owners Club UK Walk 2021 - Battle Photos


Hi Titanseers and all, I thought I'd share the rest of my photos from last weekend's Titan Owners Club UK Walk where we had 91 Titans and 73 Knights fighting it out - yes 28mm Forge World Titans, this wasn't Adeptus Titanicus! The above photo was another by the very own TOC Admin Lee, otherwise known as the Forge of Mars on YT. This shows Lord TITANium Halfpanny's Legio Crucius.
Another Lee, this time Lee Goddenzilla's Knight House of the Fisher King, Lee is working on a display for these at Warhammer World and working on his own scratchbuild Imperator Titan - his blog is Kaiju County, check out his madness there!
Some fine Solaria Engines from Princeps Rob
Some of the many 73 Knights, effective in Close Combat a constant thorn in the side of Princeps

Ignatum Hound takes the flank with my own Legio Astorum holding the Loyalist centre
My own Astorum was reinforced with several Maniples from Astorum, these Hounds knocking down the gates are from Princeps Aaron

Every Princeps had a Command Terminal to control the Engines and Banners of Knights

As you can see we had custom made Terminals based on AT but ranges increased to AT28mm (about 4x size)
And the Command Terminals had individual Banners where Princeps could record their deeds and attach Kill Marking pin-badges for each ENGINE KILL!
Fureans spar with Legio Defensor

One of Princeps Rob's murderous crows beats down the city walls gate
Princeps' John's Engines have now warp translated to their new home and Princeps Paul who was their upholding the fine honours of these Engines who fought at Kyton Nova two years ago alongside me.

The battlefield was huge and the humans now give the Engines scale, see told you it wasn't AT...

The Loyalist right flank discussing battle plans

Our very own WeeMen Lord TITANium Halfpenny looking quizzical holding a pie plate of a Template and about to obliterate a whole Banner of Knights 

Lupus Regent holds a breach in the line

Princeps Engine Phil's Metalica and Paul's Astorum team up to punish the Traitors

Goddenzilla hides behind a hill...
Princeps Lauren shares a joke, her Warlord and two Hounds are of Legio Vulcanum, traitorous dogs!
Day two of the Event saw the massive 91 Titan battle broken up into 4 'mini' battle with about 20 Titans in each of the four sectors, this allowed a lot more rapid turns and a whole lot of ENGINE KILLS! when after turn 1 there was no more recycling Engines and it was to the death.
I faced off against TOC's Drake Seta and my adversary from yesterday Princeps Simon, both Mortis - I paired with Princeps Aaron and John for more Astorum and a Warlord and Hounds of Ignatum.
The battle was won, the Loyalists won and the Mortis facing us were obliterated! My Maniple earned 8 ENGINE KILLS! over the weekend, a fine tally of traitors. A bloody fantastic weekend of Titan gaming and fun. If you fancy some of this, check out in the sidebar Titan Owners Club, UK or US hold events, the more Princeps we have, the more chance we can expand and hold more Events nearer you!

Cheers, Siph AKA Princeps Seniores Siph, TOC Admin

25 Aug 2021

Titan Owners Club UK Walk 2021 - Titan Line Up

Hello Titan fans, last weekend's Titan Owners Club Walk UK 2021 was an excellent Titanfest, with 91 Engines battling over the Kyton Nova plains. This post shows the traditional Line Up we do at these events, the first impression new Princeps have when attending is an awesome array of what they will be battling for and with - we line up all the Titans, this year we underestimated the sheer size of 91 Engines and 73 Knights - it took the entire length of the room.

If money scale is your thing:

£17,200 Warhound,
£6,986 Warbringers,
£18,927 Reavers,
£22,865 Warlords.
Not including Terrain or Knights! That's £65,978 GBP Titans 

If its 9th Edition Warhammer 40,000 points:
Warlords (17) 93,500
Warbringers (7) 26,600
Reavers (27) 81,000
Warhounds (40) 80,000
Knights Various (73) 32,591
Total 91 Engines, 73 Knights and 313,691 points

From right to left - 

Col Hertford's Tempestus
My adversary all weekend Simon W.'s Mortis

Lord TITANium Halfpenny's Crucius Engines
Drake Seta's Mortis

My Engines in good company with more Astorum

And finally... once we had all tken photos, we set up for battle and had two days of hard fought Engine war to the resounding shouts of "ENGINE KILL!"


☢️ Day 1
Loyalists 144 points
Traitors 124 points

☢️ Day 2
Loyalists 201 points
Traitors 109 points

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