30 Aug 2019

Marneus Calgar Primaris WIP Conversion

Hello All!

I recently picked up the new Marneus Calgar (Primaris) as well as the new SM codex, and Ultramarine specific codex. There are a load of new images of Calgar and I felt, although good, the new model could be converted to make it look and feel right in my mind.
Having looked at how the arms were built - the one issue I have with new plastic characters is that the 'monopose' can create a headache for conversions, however, the Primaris Marneus Calgar kit has the arms pretty well accessible and able to get in to change them.
I chopped both arms at the elbow and shoulder, and then readjusted to allow the gauntlets of Ultrama to be positioned to be on the hips. I will need to add some Green Stuff to the cabling to connect everything together.
The long term plan is for the model to pay homage to all previous versions of Marneus, ideas are planned!

Cheers, Lord Halfpenny

26 Aug 2019

Adeptus Mechanicus Ranger Skitarii - Sniper Squad #2

Hello Tech Adepts, thanks for dropping in. My latest offering to the paint gods (Peachy and Duncan) are a squad of Ranger Skitarii with Transuranic Arquebus special weapons. Like the squad posted two weeks ago, these have the minimal number of troops, designed to sit back and snipe whilst area denying deep strikers.
I have denoted the Skitarii Alpha with the bit that usually signifies an Enhanced Data Tether, but the extra comms backpack suits my idea of an Alpha being connected with the Noosphere beyond basic Skitarii troop's link.
I have once again armed the Skitarii Alpha with the same basic firearm, the Galvanic Rifle so they can maximise the long range firepower rather than spending the points on CC weapons - Skitarii melt in CC anyway.
And the firepower of the squad that can reach out and sting the enemy characters out to 60in, 66in if a Techpriest Manipulus is nearby. That's quite a good reach and hopefully cause of some concern for enemy Characters.

A nice cheap objective hugging squad that can still reach out and tickle the enemy Characters and light vehicles. Cheers, Siph. (5 paint points)

23 Aug 2019

Primaris builds - Shadowspear and Dark Vengeance

Hello All!

I had a couple of nights away with work, thus I decieded to have a session of building plastic, and then giving me a nice plastic glue smelling room.

I had both the full Shadowspear set, and some marines from the Dark Vengeance set waiting to be built. The shadowspear set will be added to to my Ultramarine force eventually, I also have the Primaris from the Dark Imperium set waiting to be painted.
The Shadowspear set models have a load of nice touches, I really like the look of the Eliminator squad,
The characters have a load of 'character' to them, They both look like they are in the middle of the battle, using a psychic power, or picking out the next target for the force.

Hopefully I can get some time to get some blue paint on these soon, so they can get onto the battle field!

Thanks for stopping by.. LH

19 Aug 2019

AdMech HQ - Techpriest Manipulus

Hello All, thanks for dropping in. My latest addition to my AdMech forces is another HQ choice, a Techpriest Manipulus. I got him in the Kill Team box set along with the Ryza Ruins (posted a fortnight ago post HERE) and a squad of Sicaran Ruststalkers/Infiltrators, a good value box set.
I loved painting this miniature, so many bits and pieces I left off to paint first before assembly, the aerials, Omnissah Staff, Magnarail Lance arm etc. In essence its a fat bloke floating, reminds me of Baron Vladimir Harkonnen from Dune. I gave his flesh a purple unwell wash and added a wart to the foot like Baron Harkonnen. He who controls the spice...
I kept the power cables bright blue to match my army, red cloak for Mars and used Gemstone Paints for the blue power valves on the Staff and reactor. On the battlefield like the Techpriest Dominus, he is a Master of Machines healing D3 wounds to vehicles, has Invul save for Blessed Bionics but has a Galvanic Field where he can improve troops movement or weapons nearby.
The kit comes with two weapon options, a short range Transonic Cannon (8in Assault D6 auto hits like a Flamer) suitable if you are using him to 'Bolster Warriors' and he is mobile with your enhanced movement troops nearby, or the longer range Magnarail Lance (18in increased to 21in) if you are hanging back with 'Bolster Weapons' ability to get more range out of nearby squads (like I discussed last week with the Ranger Skitarii), he boosts weapons like the Galvanic Rifles which are over 24in gain 6in becoming 36in, Vanguard Skitarii Radium Carbines under 24in get bolstered 3in to become 21in).
I rather enjoyed the liquid vial on top, boiling to produce incense for the censer next to it no doubt. On his belt is an archeotech relic, a long lost STC pattern 1.4mB floppy disc! Ha Ha, well played GW!
On the screen he is studying calculations to bolster the Warriors or Weapons, calculating the odds for a successful engagement...
And a comparison shot next to the Techpriest Dominus, the Techpriest Manipulus is quite a presence, a larger base than the Dominus and wider stature too.

Cheers for looking, hope you have enjoyed the detailed photos from different angles, I look forward to using him on the battlefield.

Cheers, Siph. (10 points - Character)

16 Aug 2019

WIP - Deathwatch Relic Falchion Super-Heavy Tank Destroyer

Hello one and all,

I thought I'd share a 'small' project I was working on for a recent battle at Warhammer World, a Space Marine Relic Falchion Super-Heavy Tank Destroyer. I had the kit for a while, but hadn't pulled the trigger to add this to my Ultramarine force (TBH I had fallen out of Space Marine love since the Primaris drop...) With an upcoming battle knowing that there would be superheavies on the board, I opted to get the model built and painted, and added to the Chaos ranks (now that was a surprise!) (Hmm...yes a Deathwatch Falchion on the Chaos side was LH... Siph)
The model stat wise is a beast, and with my Daemon force allying up with 6thDegree's Iron Warriors, adding an extra unit for long range fire - as all of my Daemons would be foot slogging across the board under major fire.
The tank when together well, other than the tracks which were a nightmare to position. The tank was then painted with a metallic black finish, with details picked out in red. To complete the Relic Falchion Super-Heavy Tank Destroyer it will be getting a few dry brushes to add depth and detail and some silver panels to then add the Deathwatch symbols to.
Really happy with the unit so far... (and yes, it did a lot of destruction in the battle)

Cheers, Lord Halfpenny.

12 Aug 2019

Adeptus Mechanicus Ranger Skitarii - Sniper Squad #1

Hello All, thanks for having a look-see. So I wanted some more cheap troop choices for my machine heavy AdMech force, and Skitarii Vanguard and Rangers fit the bill. Skitarii Vanguard are quite short ranged but have a lot of shots and can punch with triple Plasma Calivers, so two more squads of them are in the pipeline. But, for some shooting at range and objective camping, Skitarii Rangers are the best troops.
Armed with Galvanic Rifles they can reach to 30in, add a nearby Techpriest Manipulus and we are now shooting to 36in, the Techpriest Manipulus is in the painting queue for next week. But to really maximise the Rangers potential beyond cheap troops for troops sake when Command Point maximising, I think the Transuranic Arquebus can give your enemy something to worry about.
The Ranger Alpha is basic armed with the Galvanic Rifle for maximum reach, in CC these will fold, so CC weapons are a waste for what I want these to do. The addition of a Omniscope strips the enemy from the benefit of cover, boosting the weapon output.
The squad can have two special weapons in a squad less than ten models, and three if the squad is ten models, so a small squad sitting in a ruin can reach out with two sniper (character targeting) shots to 60in, 66in if the nearby Techpriest Manipulus is boosting weapons. It is Strength 7 and -2AP dealing D3 damage but also has the ability to cause Mortal Wounds in addition - suddenly that souped up Smash Captain or bunkered Character boosting nearby Hellblasters is not so safe.
Are these the best snipers, no. But they are cheap and can be plentiful, so another squad is in the to-do painting pile to give me the option of two small squads or the ability to arm a ten man squad with three Transuranic Arquebus (Arquebi, Arquebuses?).
A nice addition to the force.
And to demonstrate the area denial ability of small squads, if a suitable piece of terrain is nearby then all the better, but this is the denial range these small additions can have, and still be able to reach out and sting the enemy. I have already fielded them against a Blood Angel army and they helped slay the Jump Chaplain who thought he could grab the relic and run...
A tasty addition to the growing AdMech force, and a versatile area denial unit that can reach out and still sting. Cheers, Siph (5 painting points)

9 Aug 2019

Mounting Titan Banners - Lord Halfpenny Approach

Hello All!

You'll have seen recently a flood of Titan posts, with each Titan having a bespoke banner thanks to Drake Seta, co-originator from the Titan Owners Club, and friend. These banners were completed in time for the Titan Owners Club UK Walk held recently. These were researched and made to match the banners seen in the articles and IA books for 30k, 40k and Adeptus Titanicus. Thanks Mate! Siph posted his method in THIS previous post.
The picture above shows Warlord "Hell's Daughter" standing in front of the Crucius Maniple "Deictus Fist" banner from the ToC Walk. These were for the Walk Command Terminals by Drake also, ace!

Warlord "Hell's Daughter"
Each individual Engine's banner bears the Titans name, honours as well as the unique Forge World certificate number.
Warbringer "Mons Igneus"
Reaver "Astramos"
Warhounds "Black Strider" and "Wolfshead"
You can see the hooks clearly in this picture above.
Each banner was prepared the same, I used a brass rod to support the banner, folding it around the rod and used some model chains I bought years ago to then loop around the rod, and then hang from the wire hook supports added to the pelvis of the model. These hooks were drilled into place and a drop of glue seals them. I opted to go for two separate hooks to help get the position of the banner true. I have also left space between the hook and Titan to enable me to take the banner off if required - Drake provided me with spares, so I have the option to hang a battle worn banner. (Or overpaint the names for the next 4 Titan's? Eh? Siph.) Each banner had a plastic skull added as a finial to each end of the rod to make sure the banner stays in the correct position, these were painted gold.

Really happy with these - they add so much to the model, and I think completes the Titan!

Cheers! LH

5 Aug 2019

Terrain and Scenery - Ryza Ruins from Kill Team Set

Hi All, another set of terrain finished, a quick and effective job. The set was from a Kill Team set I picked up to get the Adeptus Mechanicus Techpriest Manipulus and another squad of Sicaran Ruststalkers / Infiltrators I will paint up as Infiltrators.
I mounted these ruins on a 3mm Hardboard (Fiberboard) so the job of sorting out what area terrain boundary easier. I added modelling sand and a few tufts. The central subterranean hatchway comes with the set too.
I painted the outside with Stormvermin Grey and the insode with Zandri Dust spray, both washed with Agrax Earthshade and drybrushed with Ushabti Bone.
I picked out the details with Warplock Bronze and Leadblecher nuts and bolts and pipes, a few vents and electrical cables were picked out with green.
I like the difference between the outer walls and the inner lighter coloured walls. The importance with terrain is not to overshadow the miniatures themselves but to amplify the enjoyment when those miniatures battle over gorgeous battlefields. So, terrain is detailed to an extent, but should be quick and easy to paint.
I like the hatch, it leads to questions about what these simple ruins held, or what is below? A vast network? A Command Bunker? The red indication light a dull colour - has it lost power?
So, there you have it. A nicely put together kit, a quick and effective paint job and a muted scheme to match my battlefield. Thanks for checking it out.

Cheers, Siph. (5 points)

2 Aug 2019

Legio Crucius Warlord Titan - Internal Smoke Machine

Hello one and all!

I thought I'd share how I've added the smoke machines to my Legio Crucius Warlord, 'Hell's Daughter' to add to the LED's i've already installed to the model.
The smoke units were purchased from a well known auction site, having viewed the unit at a local model train shop. I opted for this particular unit as it was a 10mm diameter with a funnelled end. I drilled a 10mm hole into the top panel to allow the unit to sit snuggly. The wires were positioned into the torso and connected up to two separate 6V units to power them. This is adding a lot of additional weight to the model as there are 8 AA batteries thus I will only have these added when using the smoke units. Holes were also added to the vents to allow the smoke to vent.
The unit inside the torso.
The cabling of the units
The smoke units are filled with a solution to produce the smoke, this is added via a syringe.
I am really happy with the results, there was a question about whether a plasma reactor would smoke - my thoughts, why would you have a vent, if there was no smoke!

The plan will be to block the vent piece up so that the smoke can only escape via the holes in the vent which should mean more smoke.

Cheers, LH
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