9 Aug 2019

Mounting Titan Banners - Lord Halfpenny Approach

Hello All!

You'll have seen recently a flood of Titan posts, with each Titan having a bespoke banner thanks to Drake Seta, co-originator from the Titan Owners Club, and friend. These banners were completed in time for the Titan Owners Club UK Walk held recently. These were researched and made to match the banners seen in the articles and IA books for 30k, 40k and Adeptus Titanicus. Thanks Mate! Siph posted his method in THIS previous post.
The picture above shows Warlord "Hell's Daughter" standing in front of the Crucius Maniple "Deictus Fist" banner from the ToC Walk. These were for the Walk Command Terminals by Drake also, ace!

Warlord "Hell's Daughter"
Each individual Engine's banner bears the Titans name, honours as well as the unique Forge World certificate number.
Warbringer "Mons Igneus"
Reaver "Astramos"
Warhounds "Black Strider" and "Wolfshead"
You can see the hooks clearly in this picture above.
Each banner was prepared the same, I used a brass rod to support the banner, folding it around the rod and used some model chains I bought years ago to then loop around the rod, and then hang from the wire hook supports added to the pelvis of the model. These hooks were drilled into place and a drop of glue seals them. I opted to go for two separate hooks to help get the position of the banner true. I have also left space between the hook and Titan to enable me to take the banner off if required - Drake provided me with spares, so I have the option to hang a battle worn banner. (Or overpaint the names for the next 4 Titan's? Eh? Siph.) Each banner had a plastic skull added as a finial to each end of the rod to make sure the banner stays in the correct position, these were painted gold.

Really happy with these - they add so much to the model, and I think completes the Titan!

Cheers! LH

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  1. I think you are right with the sentiments that these 'finish' the Titans, they look complete with banners attached, like decals for the miniatures. I add my tahnks to Drake Seta too! A talented Princeps that fella! :)


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