23 Aug 2019

Primaris builds - Shadowspear and Dark Vengeance

Hello All!

I had a couple of nights away with work, thus I decieded to have a session of building plastic, and then giving me a nice plastic glue smelling room.

I had both the full Shadowspear set, and some marines from the Dark Vengeance set waiting to be built. The shadowspear set will be added to to my Ultramarine force eventually, I also have the Primaris from the Dark Imperium set waiting to be painted.
The Shadowspear set models have a load of nice touches, I really like the look of the Eliminator squad,
The characters have a load of 'character' to them, They both look like they are in the middle of the battle, using a psychic power, or picking out the next target for the force.

Hopefully I can get some time to get some blue paint on these soon, so they can get onto the battle field!

Thanks for stopping by.. LH

1 comment:

  1. Smashers all! I have a set coming to my commission queue soon, can't wait.


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