30 Nov 2022

Imperator Titan - AT28mm Playtest Rule Set

Hello All!

Siph and I were able to squeeze in a small, if massive battle to play test some Imperator rules for the Titan Owners Club. We had several versions of rules to try, and ended up with a hybrid of 2 of the rules we had put together. 
The battle saw my 'Imperator' standing over 3 and a half foot titan. This is a bespoke model I acquied some time ago. This will be having its carapace build to include spires etc. to make it more 'Imperator'.Take on a force of my own Crucius titans, plus support from Siph's newly acquired Warlord 10 Titan! 
1 Imperator vs 6 titans, 2 Warlords, a Warbringer, a Reaver and 2 warhound! 

We had 2 games, swapping sides, and wow, the Imperator can dish out damage, and take a pounding!

Both games saw the Imeprator score countless hits, and damage to the attacking titan forces in both games. The end saw a Warlord destroyed in both games, with the remaining force all very damged, however in both games the Imperator was destroyed by the end of Turn2.

We had discussed at the end of the battles, that if the  Imperator had a force of knights to suuport, or further Titans, would have changed things, however we wanted to see how resilient this guy could be to punishment, and to take 2 full turns from a 6 titan force was good going!

27 Nov 2022

Adeptus Titanicus - Terrain and Scenery - Imperialis Spires

Hello All, thanks for dropping by, away with work so this is scheduled. I previously finished these AT terrain pieces, and rather than the first drab Civitas Blocks, I thought I'd brighten up the scenery with some regal looking spires, the Imperialis Spires set.
The set gives you enough pieces to do two larger base buildings and two smaller ones with a mixture of spire or tower pieces and a set of flying buttresses on each of the two frames. This is the small building with flying buttresses.
This is the large building without buttresses and a shuttered tower piece.
The kit was built then sprayed Wraithbone and then the 1:1 mix of Lahmian Fluid (or Contrast Medium) and Skeleton Horde was applied, next the roof was painted Terradon Turquoise and then the base edges washed Agrax. A few details done and finished - all four in one sitting.
This is the small base building with the thinner tower piece and a dome instead of a steeple/spire.
This is the larger building with flying buttresses and two tower pieces, the grandest Spire so I added some Aquila decals and that was done. Nice easy and quick - good job too as I want to make some taller and wider pieces to obscure a Warmaster Titan, so I have a Civitas Imperialis Administratum Sector to build.
Here is what you get in one set of the Imperialis Spires set (plus a few more small spires and dome pieces which can adorn some of the flat roof Civitas buildings.)

Cheers, Siph (5pts Terrain Set)

25 Nov 2022

Deathwatch Captain - Geigor Fell-Hand - Done!

 Hello All!

Another week, (another Captain.. :) another completed model.

This time, is my 'slight; converted Geigor Fell Hand, from one of the original HH box sets. I've changed the left should pad so that the centre was filled down, to then apply a Deathwatch 'I' symbol in place. 


The model was painted a kin to the others, with a metallic black base, highlighted up to thunderhawk blue. Details were picked out to match the theme in my force. 

I opted for a yellow coloured bolter - as per early space wolves images. The claw was painted in the same blue style as all my power weapons. Pretty happy with the results! 

Next, more troopers! LH (10pts)


20 Nov 2022

Chaos Daemons - Greater Daemon of Nurgle - Great Unclean One

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping by, this is scheduled as I am away. I have a great offering to the Chaos Gods, a disgusting and resilient one, an embodiment of Papa Nurgle itself - a Great Unclean One.  
I used the You Tube WarhammerTV painting tutorial by Duncan Rhodes in his GW days, its a great tutorial and step-by-step which made it real easy to finish.
The Great Unclean One has a couple of attendants, a Nurgling chillin' on a rock at the front.
And a Flail wielding Nurgling at the rear.
I really enjoyed the warts and all, lol. The rips and tears to the skin were particularly gross and I finished with a slight gross Nurgle's Rot finish.
I really enjoyed this process, and have a Rotigus kit yet to do. I may attempt that following the same process, just changing the washes slightly for a different finish.

I really enjoyed the guts, bright pink innards, following the tutorial, screamer pink and pink horror with a Kislev Flesh finish.
The flail was also fun, I enjoyed the smoke trails, using Terradon Turquoise as a wash. Thanks for dropping by.

Cheers, Siph (10pts)

13 Nov 2022

Adeptus Custodes - Galatus Dreadnought

Hello All, thanks for dropping by. I have a new offering to the paint gods, a freshly painted Custodes Galatus Dreadnought. Introducing Brother Dreadnought Poxus. Hot on the heels of my rather larger Dreadtober pledge, I would have done this dreadnought however I had already built and sprayed him by the start so I thought that was 'cheating' a bit - and I'm pleased I didn't as now I have another huge Imperial Knight finished instead!
I opted for a dynamic pose, rather than hiding behind his Shield, I envisage he has just backhanded an enemy with the Custodes Praesidium shield and is stepping forward to the next enemy to dispatch.
I have chosen the same decal design as the Telemon Heavy Dreadnought (HERE) and painted the Galatus Warblade the same as the Custodian Spears.
The gold is Retributor Gold spray, brushed Retributor (for better wash adhesion), washed Reikland Fleshshade Wash 50:50 Gloss and Matt, drybrushed Reikland, drybrushed Auric Armour and finally highlighted Liberator Gold and on the ornate bits a quick light drybrush of Stormhost Silver, so quite a lot to avoid flat gold look - I quite like the finish.
The Galatus Warblade with inbuilt twin-linked Infernus Incinerator was finished with some soot staining and darkening of the gold section which I think works well.
I can't wait to get up close and in the face with this hopefully resilient Dreadnought. Getting close to a playable Custodes force already, (using the Exo Armoured Squat 'Custodians'...)

Cheers, Siph (5pts)

6 Nov 2022

Dreadtober 2022 Recap - Seven Years of Dreadtober

Hi Dreadtober-teers, thanks for dropping by, this week I thought I'd share a re-cap of my offerings over the years of participating with this fine friendly hobby event - as you can see from the photo above, the event has been fruitful and I am six Dreadnoughts, a Necron Construct and an Imperial Knight better off for my seven years of participation.

2020 - Relic Leviathan Dreadnought with Grav-Flux Bombards

2018 - MKIV Ironclad Dreadnought from Forge World

2017 - Modern Deredeo with Space Marine Casualty

2016 - Plastic Contemptor Dreadnought with re-posed legs

So thanks again, and great work to all the Dreadtober-teers this year, thanks for the inspiration and the Dreads! And thanks to Marc (Old School Gaming) for keeping the hobby event alive for another year! And thanks to the founder Greggles, and Joe B and Todd (Sincain40K) and Joel (Mordian7th) for their contributions through the years too. See you next year Dreadtober-teers!

Cheers, Siph - 7yr Veteran Dreadtober-teer ;)

4 Nov 2022

Fabulous Bill! Deathwatch Apothecary conversion - DONE!

 Hello one and all! thanks for popping by!

Another week, another offering.. this time, something a little more heretical! A converted Fabius Bile into a Primaris Apothecary! 

So you might ask 'why?' to which there is a simple, yet weird response. The first Autopsy I saw as a student was at a hospital, where the guy who was doing it looked just like Fabius, only difference was the lack of a skin coat, and he was holding a sandwich (no lie) thus, the moment I saw the new model, I knew I had to include him. 

I've converted the backpack to a more 'imperial' one, using an apothecary version, with the additions of Bile's equipment. The pack was cut and filed to allow the medical instruments to fit nicely. 

 For a giggle, I opted to make him from the Emperor chil... Spears, a little nod to his true background.. 

 I also added his minion, with a simple conversion to remove the syringe and drugs from his back. 

 Definitly a good addition to the force! LH (10pts)

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