25 Nov 2022

Deathwatch Captain - Geigor Fell-Hand - Done!

 Hello All!

Another week, (another Captain.. :) another completed model.

This time, is my 'slight; converted Geigor Fell Hand, from one of the original HH box sets. I've changed the left should pad so that the centre was filled down, to then apply a Deathwatch 'I' symbol in place. 


The model was painted a kin to the others, with a metallic black base, highlighted up to thunderhawk blue. Details were picked out to match the theme in my force. 

I opted for a yellow coloured bolter - as per early space wolves images. The claw was painted in the same blue style as all my power weapons. Pretty happy with the results! 

Next, more troopers! LH (10pts)


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