29 Nov 2011

‘Nids Blog Wars 2 list

So this weekend I’ll be heading back to the homeland to enter Blog Wars 2 and I thought I would share the list I am taking.

Comparing it to the list I took to Blog Wars 1 (which you can see here), you’ll notice it’s much more functional and hopefully, competitive.



3 x Tyrant Guard


Tervigon (Catalyst/Adrenal Glands/Toxin Sacks/Cluster Spines/Scything Talons)

Tervigon (Catalyst/Adrenal Glands/Toxin Sacks/Cluster Spines/Scything Talons)

10 x Termagaunts (Fleshborers)

10 x Termagaunts (Fleshborers)


3 x Hive Guard

3 x Hive Guard


Tyrannofex (Rupture Cannon/Desicattor Larvae)

Trygon (Adrenal Glands)

So that’s 5 MCs, arguably the best CC unit in the game, a bit of anti-tank and the ability to (*hopefully*) spawn a shed-load more troops (60+ in my last game).

I’ve played a few games with the list and they have gone very well – with target prioritisation being a key factor for my opponents (what are you going to try and take down first and can you afford to let the rest of the army live while you are doing it?).

Despite taking a meaner list this time, I am still going with the intention of having fun and am really looking forward to meeting other 40K bloggers…I just also aim to be less of a walk over this year :)

Somehow, despite deciding on the list some 2 months ago and already having almost all of models, I still have 3 x Hive Guard, the Swarmlord, a Tyrant Guard and 19 Gaunts to finish painting and only 4 nights to do it in….how does this always happen???

28 Nov 2011

More Weemen Birthdays!!

just a quick Happy Birthday to both the6thdegree and Siph- November is a very busy birthday
month! 6th turned 30 over the weekend, (Happy Birthday!) and Siph turns @% in a couple of days time! guys hope you had/have a fantastic birthdays, and will do celebratory battle/drink soon!

23 Nov 2011

PornStarJedi's Suprise Birthday Cake

The rumour's are correct, and I turned 30 a few weeks ago- to mark the occasion, Mrs PornStarJedi baked 2 cakes, one for the day- and the other for my party... I was shocked to see that she made me a Thunderhawk Gunship!! In your face Duff Goldman! (of charm city cakes..)lol

Below are a couple of pictures... Thanks Lady HP!

18 Nov 2011

The first weemen 3way- Battle Report

A world will die....

A tyranid invasion on the world Colcha has created a chain reaction- the once industrious planet is now a waste land- of death and destruction. Space Marines of the Relicitor chapter were deployed to stop the invasion- however the Relictors also had a secondary objective. To rescue a newly discovered Chaos Relic, found at the site of a chaos temple.. little did they know that another force was on the hunt for the relic...


3 objectives were deployed in each 'zone'. The Relictors objective was deployed

Relictors- The Relictors deployed within the fortress, the Tryanids positioned themselves as forward as possible. The daemons were split into 2 waves- the luck of chaos was on my side as I rolled for wave 1 to appear first.

Tyranids had first turn, followed by the Relictors- then the Daemons...

Turn 1

  • Tyrannofex stunned the Relictors Vindicator
  • Terrigon 'pooped' out 11 Termagaunts- however it 'pooped' itself out!
  • Land Raider takes 2 wounds from the Tyrannofex via Lascannon
  • Tyrannofex wounded by autocannon fire from the Rifleman dreadnough- saving 3 shots though!
  • Marneus Calgar unleashes an Orbital Bombardment-scoring a 'hit' and killing the 2 venothropes and a Prime!
  • Missile Launched at the Warriors- taking a wound
  • Deep striking across the battle field
  • Pink Horrors killed 10 Termagaunts with Warpfire
  • Both Soul Grinders fail to cause damage with shooting
  • Blood Slaughter hits contemptor, immobilising the dreadnought, and dragging the noble dread towards him- short by 2 inches!
  • Flamers take a single wound off Marneus via Breath of Chaos
Turn 2

  • Doom of Manati arrives via deep strike by Pink Horrors, Carnifex behind a Soul Grinder, and Trygon by the Nid Objective. 2 squads of Genestealers are flank marched, and enter behind the Whirlwinds within the Fortress
  • Carnifex scores 1 Penetrating, and 2 Glancing hits against the Soul Grinder- resulting in destroying all weapons!
  • Trygon fails to wound the Daemon Prince.
  • Doom of Manati uses the 'aura' spirit leach on the Pink Horrors- reflected back at the Mystic Pod due to the changeling- DoM increases strength to 10!
  • Termagaunts charge the Pink Horrors, wiping them out!
  • Genestealers assault the 2 Whirlwinds, scoring several rending hits- destroying both!
  • Vindicator fails to Penetrate the Blood slaughter
  • Land Raider wounds another Warrior
  • Raifleman dreadnoughts open fire, killing gaunts, and Flamers
  • Marines on the fortress kill more flamers- leaving 3 remaining
  • Screamers killed by the combined efforts of Land Raider Redeemer and Rhino
  • Combined fire from the Scouts, Assault Squad, Land Speeders (Speeder killing 9 with Heavy Flamer!) reducing the number of Genestealers to 2- which are killed in Combat
  • Assault Terminators assault the Blood Slaughter- Wrecking the Daemonic engine.
  • Marneus kills 2 Flamers in CC
  • Army is reinforced, with further units deep striking.
  • Fateweaver, and Skulltaker along with 6 bloodcrushers deploy deep within the nid deployment area
  • Only the Blight Drone scatters into the Relictors- Siph places unit within the Tyranid lines..
  • Blight Drone kills 2 warriors with autocannon, and phlegm fire
  • Daemon prince charges the Carnifex, causing a wound- but losing 3 wounds in the process!
  • Seekers kill the Tervigon with rending claws in CC.
  • Marneus kills the remaining flamer
Turn 3

  • Doom of Manati attacks the Terminator Assault squad- killing 3! (Siph rolled 3 1's for invulnerable saves)
  • Hive Guard inflict a wound on Fateweaver- he passes LTD test
  • Trygon and Gu'Kath in CC, taking one wound from the Nurgle Greater Daemon
  • Carnifex is reduced to 1 wound by Daemon Prince in CC- both now on 1 wound each
  • Land Speeder kills 5 Plague Bearers with Heavy Flamer fire
  • a further Plague Bearer is killed via a Rhino
  • Rifle Dreadnought shoots at the Hive Guard, saves made from cover
  • Land Raider fires God Hammers at the Doom of Manati- instant kill!
  • 3 Termagaunts killed by fire from the immobile Contemptor and Land Raider

  • 2nd Blood Slaughter arrives via deep strike
  • Soul Ginder kills 4 Termagaunts
  • Ku'gath takes another 2 wounds from Trygon in CC
  • No wounds in the CC between Daemon Prince and Carnifex
  • Bloodthirster kills 2 Termagaunts in CC, in responses the Bloodthirster loses a wound!
  • Seekers charge into Hive Guard and Swarmlord- all are killed
  • Daemonettes assault Assault Terminators- losing several of their number
Turn 4

  • Tyrannofex takes further wounds from Fateweaver- who is now on 1 wound
  • Swarmlord suffers 1 wound from perils of the warp
  • Carnifex fires 20 shots at Skulltaker- no wounds though!
  • Hive guard Immobilises the Rifleman Dreadnought
  • Ku'gath takes the remaining wounds from the Trygon, after 3 rounds of combat
  • Carnifex kills the Daemon Prince, again after 3 rounds of fighting!
  • Bloodthirster kills another 2 gaunts
  • Redeemer immobilises the 2nd Blood Sluaghter
  • Land Raider fires God Hammers at Tyranofex, taking a wound, Heavy Bolter fire also takes out 2 Hormagaunts
  • Terminators wipe out the daemonettes
  • 2 Land Speeders, and 2 Rhinos fire at the Plague Bearers- reducing them to 2
  • Bloodletters arrive via deep strike on the Tyranid Objective
  • Fateweaver takes a wound from the Hive Guard and Swarmlord via Breath of Chaos
  • Soul Grinder kills gaunts with its harvester gun
  • Ku'gath kills the 'dakka'carnifex in close combat
  • Bloodcrushers charge into the 2nd carnifex and mystic spore- taking all the wounds, and killing both.
  • Bloodthirster and Skulltaker killed the remaining 7 gaunts- and moved closer towards the Swarmlord
  • Plague Bearers stun the Rhino
  • Fateweaver manages to make 9 saves against the swarmlord- including re-rolls and re-rolls..
Turn 5

  • Warriors shoot everything at Skulltaker, killing him by taking 3 wounds
  • Vindicator destroyed by Hive Guard
  • Hormagaunts charge the Bloodthirster-and destroyed the beast of Khorne in combat
  • Fateweaver and Swarmlord continue CC
  • Landspeeder's Multi Melta takes care of the Blood Slaughter
  • Second Land Speeder takes account for the plaguebearers
  • Land Raider and Master of Forge fail to destroy the immobilised Soul Grinder
  • Marneus and Redeemer move into position to assault the Gaunts on the center objective- if there is a next turn...

  • Mamon finally appears- deep striking in the heart of the Relictors lines- however he suffers from a Deep Strike mishap having landed on the Scouts. Siph moves Mamon as far as possible from anything!
  • Gu'Kath kills the mystic spore
  • Fateweavr is finally bested by the Swarmlord
Siph rolls to see if we go into Turn 6- a '1' game over


Obj 1- Relictors
Obj 2- Contested Relictors & Tyranids
Obj 3- Daemons


Tyranids- 10
Relictors- 15

A win to Siph, and the Relictors!

~~~Marneus Relicgar marched from his Thunderhawk directly towards the Inquistor-
"do you have the Relic for Me Space Marine?" asked Inquisitor Tiberius,
"I do Lord Inquisitor- we were successful against the Tyranids- and Daemons.."
"Indeed- a daemon invasion host"
"Why Inquisitor? and why did you not discuss the potential for a daemon invasion!"
"let me see the Relic..."
Marneus handed the blade over to the Inquistor....
"you are a fool Marneus..."
the Inquistors eyes turned a bright yellow colour- as he swung the blade at Marneus- who saw the swing at the last minute ducked, suffering a glancing blow- his honour guards weren't as lucky, as Tiberius beheaded two!
"the powers of Chaos will always win Relicgar" - the Inquisitor imploded, leaving a giant Daemon Prince in his place...

Seeing more Relictors charging towards them, the Chaos Prince took flight, and smashed his way out of the Imperial Fortress... I will have your head Relicgar!!!

16 Nov 2011

Blog Wars 2 Test Game - 'Nids vs. Grey Knights

Ahead of Blog Wars 2 in December, me and James from The Sheep of War blog tested out our prospective 1750pt lists and a custom mission.



3 x Tyrant Guard (Lash Whips)

2 x Tervigon (AG/TS, Catalyst, Scy Tals)

10 x Gaunts

10 x Gaunts

3 x Hive Guards

3 x Hive Guards

Trygon (AG)

Tyrannofex (Rupture Cannon/Dessicator Larvae)

Grey Knights


5 x Grey Knights (Psycannon, 3 x Halberds, Daemon Hammer, Psybolt Ammo)

Razorback (H. Bolter, Psybolt Ammo)

5 x Grey Knights (Psycannon, 3 x Halberds, Daemon Hammer, Psybolt Ammo)

Razorback (Lascannon)

10 x Paladins (4 x Psycannons, 2 x Daemon Hammers, Halberd & Swords, Psybolt Ammo).

Stormraven (TL Lascannon, Typhoon ML)

Dreadnought (Assault Cannon, CCW)

The game: Blog Wars 2 custom mission 3; 5 objectives with set deployments.

GK's won the roll off and chose to be the defenders and let me come to them. I deployed first with the Swarmlord and TFex in the middle of the board screened by Gaunts.

The Trygon, a Terv and one brood of Hive Guard took the left flank and the remaining Terv and Hive Guards took the right flank, screened by a brood of Gaunts.

The Stormraven deployed in the middle carrying Draigo & 5 Paladins and the GKs in Razorbacks took a flank each. The Dreadnought went on the right flank. The remaining 5 Paladins went into reserve.

Turn 1

The Nid’s went first and each Terv spawns around 10 Gaunts without pooping out. FNP went on the Swarmlord and Trygon. Everything pushed forwards across the board. In shooting the TFex rolled snake-eyes to hit the Stormraven, the left Hive Guard were out of range, but the right Hive Guards managed to hit the Dreadnought and remove its Assault Cannon.

All the GKs disembarked but stayed put apart from the Dreadnought and opened fire; the Swarmlord unit and TFex lost a wound and a brood of screening Gaunts were wiped out. The Dreadnought charged into a nearby unit of Gaunts, killing two. There was no point in the Gaunts even swinging back….

Turn 2

FNP went back on Swarmlord and Trygon and the Tervs managed another 10 or so Gaunts each without pooping out (score!). The TFex and Swarmlord slowed their advance to allow a brood of Gaunts to screen them. The left and right flanks advanced and the Terv got into a position to charge the Dreadnought.

The TFex rolled snake eyes again to hit the Stormraven but the left Hive Gaurds successfully managed to remove the Lascannon and immobilise it and the right Hive Gaurds wrecked a Razorback. In combat, the Dreanought managed to kill a single Gaunt, but was then wrecked by the charging Tervigon.

The Paladins in reserve Deep Striked behind the Swarmlord, but scattered into a nearby pyramid. The subsequent roll on the mishap table saw them all destroyed (woot!). The GKs retaliated by mass-firing at the TFex – killing it with Psycannon rends and also inflicted a wound on the Trygon.

Turn 3

FNP went on the Trygon and Hive Guards and the Tervs managed another 10 Gaunts each but both finally pooped out after birthing around 60 Gaunts between them.

The Trygon tried to get into a position where it would be able to charge the GKs on the left flank – but had a pitiful run roll. By now, the right flank had a Tervigon, Hive Gaurds and four Gaunt broods, which enveloped the entire right side of the table and got into a postion where they could sweep to the middle of the board. In the middle, Swarmlord and the screening gaunts moved forward to get into position for charging Draigo and his Paladins next turn. Shooting from the Hive Guards wrecked the Stormraven.

In the GKs turn, the Paladins moved out towards the Trygon and the objective on my left flank – wiping out a brood of Gaunts on the way. The GKs from the left flank consolidated towards the middle of the board to hold the central objective. The GK’s on the right flank moved into cover and shot at the advancing Gaunts – killing all but two of a brood.

Turn 4

By this point I am winning 3-0 on objectives and the GK’s are seriously hurting from losing their second Paladin squad.

Knowing it would only take a lucky wound and Ld test from the Paladins to kill both the Trygon and Tervigon and take my right flank, I retreated them both to just out of the Paladins charge range. I moved the Swarmlord to get into the Paladins charge range, but made sure I kept the Gaunt screen between me and them – I wanted to make sure it was me doing the charging.

On the right flank, the decimated Gaunt brood ran back to hold my objective and the remaining broods got into a position where they could wipe out the nearby GK’s next turn. Two of the GK’s fell from Fleshborer fire from nearby Gaunts. Swarmlord tried to Paroxysm Draigo and the Paladins but failed and so did the Hive Guards attempts at dropping them.

In the GK’s turn, all the GK marines shots were focused on the Gaunts screening the Swarmlord so that the Paladins could get the charge in – but failed and two Gaunts were left standing. Being unable to charge the Swarmlord unit, Draigo and the Paladins opened fire on them, but the combination of cover, wound allocation and passing saving throws meant that a single Tyrant Guard died and the Swarmlord lost a wound.

Turn 5

On the right flank, the Gaunts wiped out the remaining GK marines and every other available shot went into Draigo and the Paladins in the centre…which did nothing. I decided to risk the GK forceweapons and charged the Swarmlord and its last Tyrant Guard into Draigo and the Paladins – but not before casting Paroxysm on them and giving itself Old Adversary. The Swarmlord and Halbard Paladins struck at the same time – but the combination of being WS1 and St4 meant that no GK attacks got through, but four Paladins were killed by the Swarmlord. In a last ditch attempt, Draigo attacked the Swarmlord, but was unable to do any damage.

At this stage the GK’s conceded the game having only 5 marines & Razorback Draigo with a Paladin left (with my Tyrant Guard still to attack in combat).

Summary – a great game for the ‘Nids! I love this list as it really makes your opponent think about target priority…however about a quarter of my list never did anything – I’m looking at you TFex and Trygon! To be fair – I guess if they weren’t being shot at, then it would be the Swarmlord taking the fire instead…

It also shows how hard it is for ‘Nids to kill Paladins and I was really lucky that I didn’t have to manage two squads of them (thank you god of Deep Striking mishaps).

I liked the mission and didn’t feel like the attacker had too much of an advantage – Alex, if you are reading this, you could make it that the player with the most TPs going into the game is the defender; giving the underdog the advantage?

14 Nov 2011

WeeMen hits 200 folks... Thank-you

Dear Bloggers,

Thank-you for your continued interest in our humble goings on. We've just hit the 200 mark with you folks following what we've been up to - not bad for a blog set up so me and Pornstarjedi could keep tabs on eachothers doings.

Thank-you for your support and comments over the few years we've been blogging. Here's to more.

Siph is back on Relictor's and has several drop pods to plough through whilst away at sea... although the Chapterhouse Studio's kit for a TRUscale Stormraven has turned up.
Pornstarjedi is finishing basing and painting the Daemon army... before attempting a Reaver or Caestus Assault Ram.
6th Degree is edging closer to completing the Swarmlord... and other gribblies.

We thank you.

11 Nov 2011

"Engine Kill!"... ... Legio Astorum will walk

Please spare a quick thought on this Remembrance weekend for the fallen, whatever Country or ideals they fought for.

Rather poignantly perhaps, or perhaps not (not to make light of it though, I am only too aware of our Forces sacrifices and duty being a serving member still), 'Honorum' will walk again. "Engine Kill, a sad siren sounded like a mourning bell..." at least that's how I felt back in April when I came home to a Reaver in about 30 pieces after a fall. I blogged about it back then (here) but now I am happy to report that mighty Reaver Class Titan 'Honorum' of the Legio Astorum will walk to do the Emperor's will once more.This time it is Pinned and Araldited to the max... and glued at the waist now. I have foregone the ease of transport 2 piece option after it failed at the waist last time, this thing will get it's own travel box made and padded before it leaves my house again! Carapace, Head shell and magnetized arm Fist/Gatling Cannon all removable. Banner by Ron at FtW.

If you like Titans, I recommend Titanicus by Dan Abnett - published by Black Library.

10 Nov 2011

Relictors vs Ultramarines Dreadnought Heavy - 1750pts

This was a Dread heavy list from both sides, randomly, as we had no idea of what forces each other would bring. Relictors had a Master of the Forge with Conversion Beamer (but purely for Dreads as Heavies option), 5 Dreads (2xRifleman, 1xVen, 1x Contemptor, 1x Normal) and a squad of Assault Termies n Godhammer Land Raider. Tac squad w/ TLLC Razorback and some Sniper Scouts. Turn 1 set up for Relictors shown above, waiting for the inevitable Drop Pod assault. The mission was Dawn of War (which we forgot about Night effects but shooting was rubbish anyway), Killpoints (*edit 12 available on Relictor Side, 15 on Ultraside), Scouts spreadout on LandingPad to avoid a Pod landing.

Ultras had a MotF on foot, Sternguard in Pod, 4 Dreads (Ven in Pod, Chaplain in Pod, Ironclad in Pod, Normal in Pod) and some Tac, Scout and Assault Termies in Redeemer Land Raider. Podfest. The first 3 Pods were Lucius Pattern, enabling Assault on Deep Strike arrival - nasty but expected.First turn saw 3 Ultras arrive (he chose 2nd, so Relictor turn was purely movement and lame shooting at only visible target some scouts in bolstered defences) and 3 charging Dreads killing the Relictor MotF and immobilising Relictor Ven Dread (re-rolled a 6 to a 4!) but nothing with Contemptor which was charged by Ultra Ven Dread. Ironclad was short on charge due to Drop Pod scattering (but rules wise we have now decided that actually he may have been in range due to 2" Disembarkation rule from pod edge to back of base giving a few more inches). The picture above shows the result after the Relictor Turn 2 - all deepstriked Dreads dead. Ultra Turn 2 saw deepstrike Dread (in the "Deathwind" normal Pod above) and Sternguard by the Relictor Ven Dread. Sternguard shot a Termie then died horribly in Relictor Turn 3. Ultra Dread landed, shot ineffectively and died horribly to shooting, result shown above. Ultras retaliated by Thunderhammer Charging Landraider, but failed to damage. Ultra MotF was charged by remaining Relictor Termies and died in a flurry of Lightning Claws before they themselves died to the Ultra Termies counter charge. The Godhammer died to MM shot from Redeemer and Ultra Termies died to lots of Rifleman Dakka in turn 5+6. Only a Redeemer survived this end of table and MM was ripped off by the Contemptor ending its only real threat (AV13 dread). Drop Pods were popped to gain the Killpoints (Unit and Transport).

The other end of the table had the Ultra Scouts and Tac Sqd lurking in cover whole game doing nothing. Eventually tarpitting and slowly dying to Relictor normal Dread - no lucky Krak grenades I'm afraid.

So ended a Ultramarine massacre. Turn 1 charge by Ironclad would have taken out the LR, however the LR shooting was poor throughout and was popped later so doubt that would have changed anything. The Relictor counter to the first turn Dop Pod assault with some lucky damage rolls and again on the second turn Drop Pod assault won the game on Relictor Turn 3. I expected drop pods and they don't phase me. I think the points would have been better spent on some more dakka (265pts would have got another LR) and just walked on the edge on turn one. The Ultra Scouts in high building the other side of the battlefield and Tac behind a building did nothing but preserve 2 killpoints but were being whittled down in CC with a Dread. Then it was a case of mopping up... sry Pornstarjedi. Killpoint tally was 10 to Relictors, (Dread x 4/Pod x3, Sternguard, Termies and MotF), more if I could pop two more remaining Pods on turn 7 we didn't play as Pornstarjedi conceeded and 5 to Ultras (MotF and Termies, LR, Combat Sqd Tac and Razorback). Thanks to Skarvald for comments, edited to reflect. Trophy stays with Relictors.

7 Nov 2011

Swarmlord WIP – Part 2

I’ve had a busy weekend of pinning, greenstuffing and gluing – but the Swarmlord is built and ready to be painted.
The legs were already built, but I also had to tackle the mandibles and the split tail.
Starting with the mandibles; after digging through my bits box looking for some suitable spikes/horns, I finally settled on the spikes that were included in the Tyrant Lash Whip sprue (typical that it’s the last place I look). These are pretty much the perfect size to have a pair mounted on each side of the mouth – without looking stupidly large. At this stage I also noticed that the hooves have mini talons, so I found some more spikes (clipped from the gaunt armoured shell biomorph bit – ‘Nid players will know what I am on about) and added them.
Next up was the split tail… In my bitz box I managed to find a rounded-tube shaped sprue branch that was the same diameter as the existing tail. I then clipped the end of the tail off of a spare Carnifex tail and pinned that on. Some more spikes and a bit of basic greensuffing and the second tail was done. It was then just a matter of attaching it to the existing tail and using greenstuff to blend the join.
I’m not great with greenstuff – I can pretty much fill gaps and add a little detail, but I a pretty happy with the work here.
I am loving the pose – it looks really nimble and graceful; especially with no other models to give it scale. Put a marine in front of it…Draigo for instance (I bloody hate Draigo) and it looks like it could kill anything!
Everything managed to fit together and despite standing on a single leg – the centre of gravity is bang in the middle, so there is no problem with the models balance.
Next up – basing and painting.
Thought I would give a quick shout out – whilst I am modifying a standard Tyrant to be my Swarmlord; Warfrog is building an absolute beast of a Swarmlord from a range of ‘Nid parts and it is shaping up brilliantly (he's a lot more sklilled than me). Check it out on his blog.
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