4 Nov 2011

New Project - Swarmlord.

My current WIP (as well as painting up the never ending supply of gaunts and making some rather spiffy Mycetic Spores) is creating a Swarmlord. Like anything useful in the ‘Nid codex – there is no model, so I’ll be converting my own.

The Swarmlord is essentially an uber-Tyrant with four bonesabres – so it is obviously going to be based on the Tyrant model and I have already sourced the four boneswords required.

Rather than going for a static pose similar to the Tyrant, I have decided to go for a much more dynamic/fluid pose that befits its WS9 stats. Imagine Achilles from Troy – or Leonidas from 300; powerful but precise. And 20 feet tall with four arms...

I think this is where Finecast really comes into its own; I have been modifying almost all of the Tyrant limbs by cutting, reshaping and pinning and now the model will stand on a single hyper-extended leg (as if in mid leap). With the old metal models – I would have never been able to do this.

Over the last few nights I have been prepping limbs and getting them into the correct positions to match the pose I have in my mind:

The next job is to customise the limbs and greenstuff the gaps. Pics of the finished limbs and a dry-fit pose to come soon!


  1. Pin the second 'air' leg too or have a bonesword touching the base somewhat, a little rod perhaps - you saw how the Turkey Daemon (Fateweaver)wobbled... still held your swarmlord in CC for a few turns tho. Ha Ha.

    I've just got a Proteus and Caestus turn up - infiltrating Landraiders and heavy speeders anyone?

  2. Yeah - I will need to pin that mother right the way up!

    Lol...Turkey Daemon! I'd like to point out that yes, it held up the Swarmlord deathstar, but only because pornstar managed to make somewhere in the region of two dozen inv. saves in a row....

    I still think his dice are loaded.

  3. I will be watching this, I am close to finished with my own Swarmlord.


    How are you planning to make the 4 claw thingies around its mouth?

  4. Hi Warfrog - yeah I've been watching your progress on your blog - its looking good!

    I've not thought that far ahead yet - I am just trying to get the pose nailed first. I'll prob use some spikey bits from the bitz box...then got to sort out the split tail.

  5. Nice to see someone else taking the time to build these models.

    They are looking good matey, can't wait to see them painted up.

    What colours are you choosing for the Nidz?

  6. Siph- Turkey daemon? WTF LOL


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