29 Nov 2011

‘Nids Blog Wars 2 list

So this weekend I’ll be heading back to the homeland to enter Blog Wars 2 and I thought I would share the list I am taking.

Comparing it to the list I took to Blog Wars 1 (which you can see here), you’ll notice it’s much more functional and hopefully, competitive.



3 x Tyrant Guard


Tervigon (Catalyst/Adrenal Glands/Toxin Sacks/Cluster Spines/Scything Talons)

Tervigon (Catalyst/Adrenal Glands/Toxin Sacks/Cluster Spines/Scything Talons)

10 x Termagaunts (Fleshborers)

10 x Termagaunts (Fleshborers)


3 x Hive Guard

3 x Hive Guard


Tyrannofex (Rupture Cannon/Desicattor Larvae)

Trygon (Adrenal Glands)

So that’s 5 MCs, arguably the best CC unit in the game, a bit of anti-tank and the ability to (*hopefully*) spawn a shed-load more troops (60+ in my last game).

I’ve played a few games with the list and they have gone very well – with target prioritisation being a key factor for my opponents (what are you going to try and take down first and can you afford to let the rest of the army live while you are doing it?).

Despite taking a meaner list this time, I am still going with the intention of having fun and am really looking forward to meeting other 40K bloggers…I just also aim to be less of a walk over this year :)

Somehow, despite deciding on the list some 2 months ago and already having almost all of models, I still have 3 x Hive Guard, the Swarmlord, a Tyrant Guard and 19 Gaunts to finish painting and only 4 nights to do it in….how does this always happen???


  1. that really isn't a bad list. I'd have split the hive guard down to 3x2 instead of 2x3, but that is personal preference more than anything. also, I'd prefer two tyrannofex instead of a Trygon for some redundancy, but i suspect that is an 'available model' thing, so fair play.

    still, good list, i hope i get to play you as i very rarely play nids, and it could be fun against my ridiculous drop list!

  2. Cheers Atreides - its a fairly standard tournament list at its core - other than the single Tfex/Trygon combo and thats mainly down to the fact I haven't converted a second Tfex yet. Plus I dont want it to be too spammy.

    I was tempted by 3x2 rather than 2x3, but tbh - I've never been very lucky with Hive Guard...I would rather have 6 shots going into a target than 4...

    I'm looking foraward to seeing what you are taking - an entire drop list will be fairly insane to see in action.

    I've never played against 'Nids before. Not entirely sure how it would go...

  3. Looks like a solid list mate. Be interested to see your Tyrannofex conversion.

    See you tomorrow!


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