11 Nov 2011

"Engine Kill!"... ... Legio Astorum will walk

Please spare a quick thought on this Remembrance weekend for the fallen, whatever Country or ideals they fought for.

Rather poignantly perhaps, or perhaps not (not to make light of it though, I am only too aware of our Forces sacrifices and duty being a serving member still), 'Honorum' will walk again. "Engine Kill, a sad siren sounded like a mourning bell..." at least that's how I felt back in April when I came home to a Reaver in about 30 pieces after a fall. I blogged about it back then (here) but now I am happy to report that mighty Reaver Class Titan 'Honorum' of the Legio Astorum will walk to do the Emperor's will once more.This time it is Pinned and Araldited to the max... and glued at the waist now. I have foregone the ease of transport 2 piece option after it failed at the waist last time, this thing will get it's own travel box made and padded before it leaves my house again! Carapace, Head shell and magnetized arm Fist/Gatling Cannon all removable. Banner by Ron at FtW.

If you like Titans, I recommend Titanicus by Dan Abnett - published by Black Library.


  1. Great to see him back in working order. I remeber reading awhile back about the accident. Also have to say that this is probably the best titan paintjob on the internet.

  2. Thanks Snake, can't claim the painting rites - it was Richard Gray from www.richardgraycreations.com top fella and he painted both my Warhound and Reaver to do them justice! I am saving for a second Warhound at the mo and will commission Rich to paint again. He has a Warseer plog too under name Demonrich.


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