30 Sept 2017

Adeptus Custodes - WIP


Thanks for popping over.

I've recently been working on a small unit of Custodes, the first 5, plus the Event model I started to use the last 7th battle with Siph at WHW. however I've decided to finish them off, as well as an addition 5 with sword and shields.
I've gone for a basic scheme, with gold sprayed as a base coat, then washed with Reikland flesh Shade then a few dry brushes of gold and silver to highlight.
The sword/spear tips I've tried something different by using soulstone blaze over a silver base layer which adds a nice finish to the blade.
Thanks for looking! Cheers, Lord Halfpenny.

28 Sept 2017

Dreadtober 2017 - Deredeo Dreadnought Pledged

So the highlight of the hobby year is here again! (Other than Spartember, Squaduary and Monster March) I love these motivational group hugs, and found last year's Dreadtober very rewarding, made some new Blogger Buddies and added some fine blogs to the Blogroll. And not forgetting my plastic BatC Contemptor I completed for last years pledge, seen above!
Here is this year's pledge, a FW Resin Deredeo Dreadnought with Missile Pod and dual twin Autocannons, and Heavy Bolters too! Lots of lovely firepower. Shame I didn't wait out and get the Heavy Lascannon variety but who knew in 8th that the humble Lascannon would return to be king.
So there you have it, Greg Todd and Joe have done a fantastic job this year and set up a dedicated Dreadtober Blog. Click on the LINK or the picture in the sidebar and get onboard with your unfinished Dreads, Large Creatures, Dreadknight, or similar....

Cheers, wish me luck, have a Spartember Spartan to finish up first!  Siph.

26 Sept 2017

Spartember - Week 4 - Finally Making Progress

Hi All, thanks for dropping by to check up on my progress. So, it seems like I am at where NafNaf and Turkadactyl were on Week 2... so I finally got the track units fitted and shaped.
I am rather pleased with my labourious endeavours, a seamless track on both units, so glad I took the time to trim and fit over and over again.
I've left off the exhaust towers so I can paint separately and get them weathered nicely before adding to the engine unit.
Then came the fitting of the sides to the hull, looking at Turkadactyl's efforts, I took the tip and made sure the track units fitted and were parallel, before clamping in several places to ensure a tight fit. I roughed up the adjoining surfaces to provide a better bond.
And the next day I had the fruits of several frustrating weeks, a solid straight tracked Spartan!
Next up was the start of the Rites of Colour, as this is a Relic Spartan, I decided not to spray completely Relictor Grey, I fancy a two tone Black and Grey scheme, so the outside of the track units were masked off and sprayed Grey, the main body will be black and I'll drybrush the tracks. I am thinking of painting the Aquila Red, to symbolise that the tank was once 1st Legion Dark Angels Black and Red colours, adapted by the Relictor Techmarines when recommissioning the long lost relic (Relictors were founded from DA and UM geneseed).

So, good progress has been made, I am happy if this is as far as I get with Spartember, it's built(!) but progress will continue this week, I've still a few days of Spartember left!

My fellow Techmarines progress is also continuing:
Kharybdiss is advancing with his Salamanders Typhon, it's looking great, metallics down and just looks like details to do.
Turkadactyl has his first Carcharadon Greys down and is advancing with his scheme too. Looking great!
Thutmos has also advanced some of his scheme for his Typhon but progress slowed due to visiting AdMech emissaries visiting the Forge.

NafNaf is lost to the warp - his Navigators are struggling with the Warp Storms created by the rift, so will report back when able. In the meantime, the forces of Space Wolves are amassing for Dreadtober perhaps?

Thanks for dropping in, more progress soon I hope. Cheers for looking, Siph.

23 Sept 2017

Legio Crucius - Reaver Titan - WIP #10 - Pistons

Hi one and all,

A quick Reaver update- I've made steady progress with the pistons for the legs/pelvis joint. Before fitting I added 6 pins drilled into the ball joint, and then pinned in place. These holes are hidden under the pistons. 
 The pain was having to cut 3 of the pistons to allow them to fit under the joint due to the leg position- Something I hadn't foreseen before building the legs, however due to the shape of the join you can't see where I've cut at it.
 Hopefully there will be some paint added to the body for the next post..

Thanks for popping by! LH

21 Sept 2017

Spartember - End of Week 3 - Tracks Nearly Derail My Progress

Hi All, thanks for dropping in. So, tracks progress... yes. What a git. Every piece needs filing both ends, a few mm here and there just to have them fit. The track links on each piece need reducing in size, snipping and filing a few mm...
This is the front top link, it needed a little chopping and bending and clamping into place.
And the other end of each piece has the same treatment, a few mm removed by removing a little from where it is not seen.
This is the difference a few mm makes, the top picture is before, the bottom once adjusted and fits...
And then the obligatory elastic bands to hold the tracks in place whilst they bond.
I did a little more on the main body, Engine Block and Exhausts now in place.
And onto the next few track pieces - each one of twelve needing a minor adjustment or two... what a complete pain in the butt. But, getting there!

This is the problem, without the trimming and snipping, the tracks are just too long for the vehicle hull, maybe mould shrinkage in the larger hull pieces or incorrect design? Either way, I'm glad the newer kit has addressed this error and the tracks now come already moulded in place. I'll be glad when finished!
And another four end links trimmed to fit, the single link was attached to the angled piece, but with careful hobby saw and trimming, it will be the final link to be put in place! As this is on the rear of the tracks, it will not be immediately noticed, only under careful examination of every track link can you see the smaller narrower links, by spreading the error along the entire length of track, its far less noticeable.

Wish me luck, thanks for checking my progress out. Cheers, Siph.

17 Sept 2017

Spartember - Week 3 - Construction Forges Ahead

So after a period lost in the Warp, this past week has seen some progress in Spartember, the Spartan Heavy Assault Transport build. I had previously trimmed 2/3 of the vents, so I got back to speed, preparing the bits and gave them a good soak and scrub to remove the mould release agent.
I checked all the bits were there, somehow I mislaid a sponson armoured cowling, so I will leave off the other side, just a small rounded plate hidden against the sponson and tank side - not a great loss.

Now the hardest part - this was a frustrating and painful half an hour of holding and squeezing and dropping and glue on fingers - why oh why! I'm an experienced FW builder, but this has to posively be the worst construction ever! Not sure if it was my very slippery 2-part epoxy resin or the fact that the pieces just wouldn't stay in one place as I maneuvered to put the doors in place...
Eventually after much cursing, the body superstructure was elastic banded and clamp-fested! Hopefully it dries in place and solid.... time will tell.
Using 'normal' superglue, I fixed the sponsons together, a little heat bending of power cables was needed but relatively simple.
And then the fact that this is an OLD kit, the tracks - I started to fix the tracks in place, using a tip from my good Blogger Buddy Mordian7th, started on the top and will work around, this will be a slow process, but slow and steady wins the race - 24hrs drying time for each piece. I'm on piece three of 12.

My fellow Techmarines progress continues:
Turkadacytl has forged ahead to the undercoating stage! Brilliant work, can't wait to see this getting its grey Carcharadons colours.
Temple of Thutmos has applied his reds for the Red Corsairs and metallics, the tracks and weathering will be next.
NafNaf at Objective Secured is lost to the warp this week, and no Tech reports have been filled with the data scribes, but he is still ahead of me! Darn those pre-fabricated tracks!

Kharybdiss is also lost to the warp this week, but the Astropaths sense progress continues slowly.

Thanks for dropping in and checking the progress out. Cheers, Siph.

15 Sept 2017

Legio Crucius - Reaver Titan - WIP #9 - Update

Hi all!

The WIP on the Reaver has slowed recently, however I've got the model out again to start working on it again!

I've started to add the pieces needed to secure the leg armour plates to the legs, and its a nice fit around the leg. It starts to look like a titan with these arm plates in position, rather than a Reaver that skipped leg day.
There area also pistons for the armour that attaches to the leg/foot. I've opted to paint these first before I glue them into place- as I think it'll be easier to position them onto the titan once finished.
I've positioned and glued into place the pistons around the torso and knee joins, next is to glue the hip pistons in place- but first I'm going to drill a couple of rods into the hip through the pelvis- with these holes hidden under the pistons. This will also prevent the hip joint moving and causing the hip joint to break.
The Knee pistons needed to be cut to size- thankfully there wasn't an issue of cutting too much off.. so a nice fit..

I've also decided on a paint scheme, and the paints are ready to use- Hopefully there will be some pictures of a painted titan up soon..
Thanks for popping by!

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