7 Sep 2017

Necromunda Gang - House Escher

Hi All,

I've seen the news that Necromunda is due to return, so I thought I'd better get my old Escher gang out from the vast WIP pile, and hopefully have them ready for the launch!

I've got a few other 'members' from 3rd party sources which I plan to build into the force to have options for load outs. The unit includes the original Escher Gang Leader (1 I think..) 3 gangers and 2 Juves, as well as a heavy stubber ganger.
I've also got the model for 'Mad' Donna (If I remember rightly..) who will be added to the group. I've then got a few Kabuki and Maulfaux models that I plan to add to the unit. I think for the scheme I'm going to have to go for bright and colourful.. its escher after all!

Thanks for Looking! LH


  1. I'll be working on a similar project - getting a few old Escher ready so I can hit the ground when the new Necromunda comes out. I do think that the new minis will be a bit bigger though, so I guess we'll see how that works out! (worst comes to worst, I might use some of them as Juves!)

    Time to practice your hazard stripes!

  2. Oooh, looking forward to seeing those.

    I might starting posting my gangs up


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