17 Sep 2017

Spartember - Week 3 - Construction Forges Ahead

So after a period lost in the Warp, this past week has seen some progress in Spartember, the Spartan Heavy Assault Transport build. I had previously trimmed 2/3 of the vents, so I got back to speed, preparing the bits and gave them a good soak and scrub to remove the mould release agent.
I checked all the bits were there, somehow I mislaid a sponson armoured cowling, so I will leave off the other side, just a small rounded plate hidden against the sponson and tank side - not a great loss.

Now the hardest part - this was a frustrating and painful half an hour of holding and squeezing and dropping and glue on fingers - why oh why! I'm an experienced FW builder, but this has to posively be the worst construction ever! Not sure if it was my very slippery 2-part epoxy resin or the fact that the pieces just wouldn't stay in one place as I maneuvered to put the doors in place...
Eventually after much cursing, the body superstructure was elastic banded and clamp-fested! Hopefully it dries in place and solid.... time will tell.
Using 'normal' superglue, I fixed the sponsons together, a little heat bending of power cables was needed but relatively simple.
And then the fact that this is an OLD kit, the tracks - I started to fix the tracks in place, using a tip from my good Blogger Buddy Mordian7th, started on the top and will work around, this will be a slow process, but slow and steady wins the race - 24hrs drying time for each piece. I'm on piece three of 12.

My fellow Techmarines progress continues:
Turkadacytl has forged ahead to the undercoating stage! Brilliant work, can't wait to see this getting its grey Carcharadons colours.
Temple of Thutmos has applied his reds for the Red Corsairs and metallics, the tracks and weathering will be next.
NafNaf at Objective Secured is lost to the warp this week, and no Tech reports have been filled with the data scribes, but he is still ahead of me! Darn those pre-fabricated tracks!

Kharybdiss is also lost to the warp this week, but the Astropaths sense progress continues slowly.

Thanks for dropping in and checking the progress out. Cheers, Siph.


  1. I also glued skin to model. The Spartan is not pleased with the time left on the shelf.

  2. @ Turkadactyl, it's the Shark Machine Spirit, needs blood. Mine's getting sweat and tears.... fecking tracks!

  3. I no longer want to build one of these but you have my utmost respect.

  4. Looking good, man - Slow and steady process is the way to go. Definitely don't want to rush the beast! Keep up the great work!

  5. @ Monkeychuka, the newer kit is a lot asker I reckon, go for it, don't let my fat thumbs put you off...

    @ Mordian7th, thanks mate, it's incredibly slow at mo doing these f£@king tracks! :(

  6. Good going Siph! Looks like you are doing a cracking job on those tracks. Good luck :)

  7. Some models demand sacrificing skin to it seems. Wel played on getting it this far though. Looking forward to the progress.


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