28 Jul 2014

Relictors 4th Company Tactical Squad

Hello Reader, these are my latest offering to the blogosphere, and an addition to my growing Relictors Army, now burst beyond the 5th Company... too many squads done already, so I painted a box of the newest Tactical Marines as the 4th Company to accompany the 4th Company Vulkan Hestan I had already painted with green trim as a nod to the Salamanders.
I made the most of the new Grav Gun and Combi-Grav Weapons and the "up on aim" poses too. I love the green trim, adds a spot colour rather than the black on black trim I had for the 5th Company. I've also added green to the tactical marking on the bone coloured kneepads vice a black stripe on the 5th Company marines.
And finally the ubiquitous Missile Launcher for flexibility and the nice "re-loading my Bolter magazine" pose. I've also used a number of the 'Bolter round' honour decorations which add a nice touch.

I hope you like my latest addition, thanks for stopping by.

24 Jul 2014

Necron Warriors - Squad #2 - Warriors 5-10

Hello Reader, I am back from my oversea adventures for now and adding to the weemen 'done' pile, but the 'yet to do' pile doesn't seem to go down - darn you FW and GW!

Nothing fancy here, just another squad of Warriors to slowly add to the Necron Army - these will no doubt be transported in one of the Night Scythes already done. Lots more to do for this army, however I'm feeling the need to branch out with some Allies perhaps... hmmm... what to choose? I'm thinking some Tau maybe?

Thanks for dropping by.

21 Jul 2014

Iron Warriors - more MkIII Marines

These are another set of MkIII Iron Warrior marines that I though I would share. They have been finished for a while but I realised I never posted any pics of them and I am pretty happy with how they turned out.
I built these just before the MkIII Iron Warrior shoulder pads were released...which is a bit frustrating...
Managed to throw in a sly dig at the Iron Warriors mortal enemies - the Imperial Fists.

This unit actually won me best painting unit at my local gaming clubs painting competition.

17 Jul 2014

Myrmidon Destructors (as Obliterator counts-as)

Hi guys - today I am showing off my Myrmidon Destructors from Forgeworld. The second they were released I knew I had to have some as counts-as Obliterators for my Iron Warriors army - and if that accidentally leads to a small Mechanicum force...I can live with that.

The really fit my Iron Warriors aesthetic that I am going for, with the robes (not dresses!), cables and big-ass guns! I can really image them being inspiration for the first Obliterator experiments.

Being Forgeworld, the casts are great, although for some reason they were a beast to glue (I typically don't bother pinning any more as I find the glue I use up to the job with plastics and resins and metal minis are all but extinct now). I quite liked how FW supply the cables in straight rods and it is up to the modeller to bend them however they want. I now just hope they make a couple more variants.

14 Jul 2014

Nostalgic Nod to 2nd Edn - Trawling through the Closet of Doom

 So I was trawling through the 'closet of doom', underneath the new games table, and one of the boxes was the 2nd Edition Warhammer 40K, so Ipeeked inside to see what had escaped me all these years and I still stored. Much to my amusement, it was just rulebooks, counters and data cards. No miniatures - I've either sold them or used them over the years.
 The turn counter and 3in blast!
 An old Army List for Orks and Squats!
 A booklet on the Games Workshop Hobby World
 Classic Artwork
 When the GW empire was smaller
 And battles were always fought over 'green and pleasant lands'...
 I still have some of these!
 And a quite topical Ork Codex! Edn 2 though.
And some Orky 'Wargear Cards' I cut out of an old White Dwarf along with the card ones from the 2nd Edn Boxset.

Hope you enjoyed this canter (Kantor) down memory lane ;)

11 Jul 2014

MkIII Iron Warrior Marines

Hi all! You might have seen that I have a bit of a pre-Heresy related vision for my Iron Warriors; MkIII Iron Armour and Horus Heresy tech just looks stunning IMO and perfectly fits with a utilitarian army that is focused on its wargear. As such, I have been making efforts to integrate more HH-era minis into the army. The hope is that this will give me a small 30K army to start to play with and a larger 40K army mixed up of grizzled Heresy-era vets and more chaos-y new recruits.

So here are a squad of MkIII marines decked out with MkIII shoulders and Heresy era weaponry.
By now I have my paint schemes down, but even a standard marine squad can still offer something fun to paint - so I try and focus on making the bases interesting and do something different with Champions, Special & Heavy Weapons.

The unit has minimal conversions - just one quick head swap to break them up a little.

Given that 30K is pretty Troops heavy, I think I will be needing about 40 more of these guys...

7 Jul 2014

Iron Warrior Cultists (counts as)

So these guys are the Cultists I am using for my Iron Warriors. Evidently they aren't GW's offereing - which I like, but dont fit as well with my IW's aesthetic.

If you read some of the Black Library books that feature Iron Warriors, you'll hear about them picking up a variety of stragglers; from prisoners to militant fanatics - and very often they aren't given very glamorous tasks (like walking into enemy fire to identify where guns are mounted, or clearing a minefield by hand...). I like to think these guys were part of a worlds militia that was brought under heel and they decided to paint some hazard stripes on their armour and try and join the IWs.

The models themselves are from the Brothers of Iron Kickstarter and I got a couple of dozen guys and a tank for about £30. You can now get them directly from Ramshackle Games. Size-wise they are a bit smaller than a normal IG, but lets be honest, those models are out of scale really (if an SM is supposed to be 8 feet tall, that would make IG about 7 feet tall?) - so next to a CSM, they look great.

Quality-wise they are so-so... I quite like the poses, but the sculpts are relatively basic and casts leave a bit to be desired, but they can be cleaned up well and you do have to remember - they are coming from a small independent company and not GW. Still - for throw-away high-volume Cultists, they are fine.

2 Jul 2014

Iron Warriors Forgeworld Dreadnought

Today I am showing off another new addition to my Iron Warriors; a Forgeworld Dreadnought. I do like the new Helbrutes, but these Dread's definitely fit into my army much better and I had meant to pic one up for a while now when I saw this mini on eBay going for about a third of the normal cost - and it even had the weapons configuration I wanted...definitely fate!
The mini was already assembled, so I cant comment on the build, but it only needed a little cleaning up before it was good to paint.
Frustratingly, after painting it and being happy with the job, I applied some Purity Seal and got an annoying amount of frosting (not enough to start again - but more than I am really happy with...). Must have been too humid...

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