28 Apr 2023

Legio Crucius - Warlord Titan - Belicosa Volcano Cannon - Done!

 Hello one and all!

This week has seen the completion of the additional Warlord Belicosa weapon, ready for the weekend walk... (where could that be... (cough, section 6 at Fest..))

This has been painted akin to the other Warlord weapons, utilsing a metallic black, and white for the colours for Legio Crucius. The weapon end has been finished with different washes to demonstrate the hear effect.

Lets see how many engine kills I'll get over the weekend! LH (10pts)

Here is the family pic before they get packed up  into transport.. 

24 Apr 2023

Adeptus Mechanicus - Secutarii Hoplites 'Titan Guard' - Squad #2

Hello All, thanks for dropping by. Here is the second squad of Secutarii Hoplites. These were also part of the painting commission I had ordered. More Infantry choices for Ad Mech, and more Titan Guard to protect my God Engines!
Another ten Secutarii Hoplites sworn to protect the living embodiment of the Omnissiah's might, a Titan!
5 Arc Lances and Mag-Inverter shields at the ready stance...
And five backing them up or moving into the gaps as the front rank fall.

Cheers, Siph

21 Apr 2023

WIP Update

 Hello one and all,

Quick  update..

I'm slowly working on another Belicoa cannon for my Warlord in preparation for the next Titan Owners Club walk - current to finish is the gold trim wash, and then highlights.

Also I've started working on my battle table terrain, this is some of the ttcombat buildings I purchased some time ago. For these pieces I started with a textured spray can to add texture to the buildings, with a heavier coat around the base, and any damage. This was left to dry, then given a grey base. This was then had several layers of browns, blacks and greys to add contrast. Again, the base of the buildings and damage was focused for darker tones.

I've got a couple more buildings to paint, as well as the mdf roads- really happy with how these are looking! LH

10 Apr 2023

Relictors Space Marines - 4th Company Veteran Sergeant Aurelius - Gamesday 2005

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping by. The latest addition to the Relictors ranks is for the growing 4th Company, a Sergeant for the next Tactical Squad (currently just two, RTB01 Tactical Squads and a few Dev Sqds). This is a long overdue miniature, Veteran Sergeant Aurelius from Gamesday 2005!
I added a banner and a larger 32mm base using a TTAdapters 25-32mm ring.
He will lead a Tactical Squad I have procured from my mate Goddenzilla at Kaiju Country blog as he was shifting some Relictors he had painted in the far distant past and needed to make room for more projects (he has made a magnificent Imperator Titan). He also let me have 18 more Casteferrum type Dreadnoughts which I will slowly re-do some bases etc.
I was rather pleased with the face, it was the first time I used Guilliman Flesh contrast over Kislev Flesh. He has tons of detail, from sculptor Juan Diaz, the apex of GW's metal casting before failcast and expansion of plastics...

Cheers, Siph (10pts Character)

3 Apr 2023

Adeptus Mechanicus - Secutarii Hoplites 'Titan Guard' - Squad #1

Hello All, thanks for dropping by. After last week's Secutarii Peltasts offering, here is the first squad of Secutarii Hoplites. These were also part of the painting commission I had ordered. More Infantry choices for Ad Mech, and cheaper than Secutarii Peltasts I haven't added an Omnispex.
As Forge World say - Secutarii Hoplites were developed in the lost and ancient days long before the birth of the Imperium. The Secutarii Titan Guard were created as the honour guard and protectors of the Titan Legions. Sheltered by a harmonic Kyropatris Field Generators, it is their sacred duty to eliminate saboteurs who would approach the God-Machines by stealth and hunt down those that flee the Titans' wrath.
Charged with guarding the Legio Titanicus against lesser engines of war, the Secutarii Hoplites go into battle armed with arc lances and mag-inverter shields - wargear perfectly suited to driving off enemy vehicles and war machines. Akin to the arc mauls wielded by Skitarii Alpha and the far larger shock lances of the mighty Cerastus Knight Lancers, the Arc Lance can unleash blasts of coruscating energy in melee or at short range, allowing the Hoplites to burn out even the most heavily armoured tanks. Mag-inverter shields use a sophisticated inversion generator to turn aside mighty blows that would otherwise instantly slay the bearer, converting it into the copious power required by arc lances.
The Arc Lance is a 12in, S6, Assault 1, AP-1, Dmg1 weapon, but when damaging vehicles is D3 damage. In melee it is also S+3, so S6, AP-1, Dmg1 and against vehicles D3 damage.
I painted the Mechanicus symbol on all of them and added gold to the epaulettes to mark out the Secutarii Alpha. They can have Omnipex or Datatether but lose the Inverter Shield, so I left these off. Just like the Secutarii Peltasts, these Hoplites also have Kyropatris Field Generators so have a 5++. Where the Shield comes into force is in melee, it gives a 4++ against melee weapons and if an unmodified save from a melee weapon hit is a six - that inflicts a mortal wound on the attacking unit after the attacks have been resolved. So they can be quite tough to remove and can if hit by tough opponents, dish out some mortal wound hurt back in the attackers phase bypassing things like Terminator Armour!
A shot of the Titan Guard doing what they should, defending the God-Engine Reaver 'Honorum'

Cheers, Siph.

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