21 Apr 2023

WIP Update

 Hello one and all,

Quick  update..

I'm slowly working on another Belicoa cannon for my Warlord in preparation for the next Titan Owners Club walk - current to finish is the gold trim wash, and then highlights.

Also I've started working on my battle table terrain, this is some of the ttcombat buildings I purchased some time ago. For these pieces I started with a textured spray can to add texture to the buildings, with a heavier coat around the base, and any damage. This was left to dry, then given a grey base. This was then had several layers of browns, blacks and greys to add contrast. Again, the base of the buildings and damage was focused for darker tones.

I've got a couple more buildings to paint, as well as the mdf roads- really happy with how these are looking! LH

1 comment:

  1. Belicosa's looking good! Your Warlord is going to be packing a decent punch with that.


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