24 Jul 2023

Adeptus Mechanicus - Secutarii Peltasts - Squad #3

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping by. The third of my Commissioned Adeptus Mechanicus Secutarii Peltast Squads. 
The Alpha with yellow and gold pauldrons and Galvanic Caster at the ready.
Secutarii Peltasts use their flexible galvanic casters to engage all manner of enemies. This electro-galvanically driven, multi-function projectile launcher has a variety of firing modes, each suited to a different target. 
I have two more Peltast Squads to finish off, just adding my flock mix in patches to the base to match all my armies and re-doing the base rims with my standard Calthan Brown as Mournfang Brown is slightly darker. I am enjoying adding these to my Adeptus Mechanicus Army, its growing quite large with troops now... and God Engines!

Cheers, Siph.

21 Jul 2023

Deathwatch Characters - DONE!

 Hello one and All!

Another week sees further additions to the Deathwatch force. 

 All three have had a similar base coat, using metallic black as the base, with highlights of Thunderhawk blue applied. Details were picked up with selection of colours to match the force.

Primaris Chaplain 

The shoulder pad was painted in the scheme of the Sons of Medusa, due the stock shoulder pad having a similar appearance of the chapter. I love how aggressive the model looks - stridding forward!

Terminator Chaplain

This is one of the limited edition Chaplains that was available a while ago - I have the updated version to build also from a warhammerfest during the lockdown. I've painted the shoulder pad in a Relictors grey style. Again painted to match the force with the over paint of the eyes to try to show them glowing.

Terminator Librarian 

This is another limited edition model - being the 'fest model from another lockdown year (they all rolled into one..) this guy is from the Imperial Fists chapter with a 3D printed shoulder pad.

Thanks for swinging by! LH (30pts)

17 Jul 2023

Necromunda - Cyber-Mastiffs

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping by. A little palette cleanser, a pair of Cyber-Mastiffs from the Necromunda 'Orlock Arms Masters and Wreckers' box. I was fortunate enough to receive it as a gift because the Good Boy's look like a little like Dachshunds... well 40K Cyber-Dachshunds!
The browns were a glaze of Rhinox Hide over Black, highlighted with Rhinox Hide, Doombull Brown, Calthan (Mournfang) Brown and Balor Brown.
Meet Kholin and Tryvor
I will use them merely as familiars for my Lord Relictor, Chapter Master of the Relictors Chapter Space Marines, no in game use, just a fun little project.

Cheers, Siph (2pts)

3 Jul 2023

Legio Astorum - Warlord Titan #4 - Work in Progress - Armour Plates

So  Warlord 'Dominus Victoria' (WLT104) was the first, Warlord number 2 might still be in the boxes getting clean up, and Warlord 3 'Ex-Noctia' (WLT10) was completed and repainted, well my fourth requisition came up for sale at a great price and a superb build standard and paint job so I couldn't resist and purchased Warlord 258 from Princeps Alan G. a Titan Owners Club member. He was selling as he wanted to move on to another modelling project. I was happy to take off his hands.

As you can se above, the paintjob and weathering is spot on. But me with numerous other titans have a little OCD and needed to address the different hue of blue and gold. I told Alan I might want to address these and he was still happy, as it was now my Titan. I am preserving the detail and hard work, just adding to make it my own and match my existing Titan force. This one is more weathered and battle worn, been fighting the good fight and the others have come to reinforce!
The blue hue was overpainted using my Kantor Blue and the power cables Green to match my existing schemes.
I preserved the weathering and added new weathering to the new blue panels to match the whites and yellows. You can see the updated gold with a warmer Reikland Fleshshade wash and a little brightening up in places using Vallejo Brass (my gold of the other Warlord trims).
Here is where I am, repainting the panels slowly, some have been made plainer removing some weathering and decals more to my taste but preserving the excellent job Alan did. I also added a Lucius Eclipse Sun to the knee and some yellow stripes to replicate those on my other Warlords on the chest armour. You can see the different original blue on the shoulders and shins yet to be addressed. The head may either get sold and replaced with a Mars Beta Head from WHW, or repainted yellow like my own Astorum Heads.

The link to the whole Titan Construction process can be found HERE.

The painting war continues... Cheers, Princeps Siph.
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