30 Jul 2011

Relictors Contemptor Dreadnought - WIP

As soon as I saw this on the FW website I knew I was getting one, I love it. Some people say Meh, but I went Yeah!!! It is a Heresy Era build but my Relictors were not formed until after that from Ultramarine and Dark Angel gene stock way later in the Age of Apostasy, one of the 20 or so Chapters drawn up to defend the Eye of Terror, the Astartes Praeses Chapters. (Fluff)But I am sure the Relictors would have come across Relics (its in their name!) to put to use against Chaos. Maybe this was a reclaim from one of the fleeing Traitor Legions... might have to include one of the Legions markings on a knee or shoulder or something along those lines? Suggestions welcome.

The kit is very multi part, feet, greaves, upper legs, knees, elbows, hands, waist, hips, torso, engine, etc all poseable. Great for modelling in dynamic poses - hopefully i've captured a charging pose as this Dread gets Fleet as well as twin DCCW's if you want! Plus an 5++ save from Shooting and Explosion attacks.

Two sets of feet are included so toes can be straight or bent on either leg and Hvy Flamer and Storm Bolters are included with the arms. Ive pinned him to the base for strength, him being all on one foot.

Anyone else getting one of these?

28 Jul 2011

WIP pornstarjedi new army


its been a while since I've blog'ed anything, due to a number of reasons- however, like a Necron lord- I'm back!!

I've been pretty busy with a number of projects on the go, however I'd thought I'd share my current project, which had a run out over the weekend against Siph's Relictors.

SO the new force---- daemons!!

The decision was made a while ago to try something new, and to see how the force develops, I also wanted a force with lots of flexibility, whilst having the autonomy to be able to paint/convert as I felt fit. I did consider Chaos Space Marines, however having spent years painting power armour I decided not to go in that direction (yet)

I've gone headstrong into the army, and built a sizable force- (2670 points) some of these have been purchased via eBay, thus will need stripping, and starting again.

Below are some of the WIP, and I'll post as I complete these.....

Daemon Prince, undercoated 2, of the 6 flamer squad, all in finecast. 5 bloodletters, of a 20 man squad- including a 'chaos icon' of a Relictors marines helmet...3 Bloodchrusher units3, of a 15 man plaguebearers squad. These were given to me by Siph...Soul Grinder number 1, Soul Grinder number 2- additional 'claws' given to bulk the model up further.5 man Seekers, I've also got a 10 man unit of pink horrorsSkulltaker on Juggernaught of Khorne- I also have the Skulltaker model in finecast on foot2 Bloodthirsters, the model on the right has 2 axes, and can be used to represent Skarbrand

The last few images are the eBay purchases- the plan is to re-paint these, and pin the wings/skulltaker into place. There are also 5 fleshhounds.

The force is developing quickly, so its time to start painting.. I'll post as the army develops!

26 Jul 2011

Warriors of Chaos update – Chaos Hero

Hi all! I thought I might help Siph by throwing up a few posts about what I’ve been up to recently.

Back in March, I wrote a post about starting a WFB Warriors of Chaos army. Well with Blog Wars a few months back and friends starting Grey Knight armies, my focus has mainly been on 40K, but I have recently got round to painting up some more WFB…et voila!

I am sticking with the Red/Gold theme for the entire army. In my head, it is Chaos Undivided, but it also doubles nicely as a Khorne dedicated army if needs be. It’s a nice change not having to paint tons of gaunts – although I do have a box with a couple of dozen Marauders that I need to get through.

Chaos Hero

More to come soon!

22 Jul 2011

Relictors Assault Squad pt5 - Marine

Progress on the last 5 Assault Marines for the Battle Company is somewhat slower than I'd like however I seem to have a mental block when it comes to Jump Packs, they just don't interest me but are a large part of each Assault Marine... anyone else have this block?

This is Marine 6 of Squad 2. His other squadmates can be found here.

18 Jul 2011

Magnetizing Drop Pods - WIP

I am currently basecoating a number of Drop Pods however, one drop pod I want to be for a Dreadnought. So, to make it different from the normal drop pods I will leave out the central column and harnesses. However, this gives me an opportunity to use the same Pod as a Deathstorm Drop Pod if so desired.

To enable the swopping of such a large Missile Launcher Assembly, the pod will have to come apart. Above you can see the magnets for the five 'fins' and magnets drilled into the floor for attaching the central Missile Launcher Assembly. The FW Deathstorm pod comes with a sensor assembly for the deckhead and 5 sensors that go into the deck slots - both of these can remain when the pod is a Dreadnought Drop Pod and differentiate it from a standard troop Drop Pod. The magnets I am using are quite strong, but the resin is quite heavy so 5 were needed to hold it firmly and also for asthetic reasons when absent, the magnets on the decking will be equally spaced.
Above you can see the magnets in the fins. Number one tip for magnetizing things is check the polarity of the magnets. Every fin magnet is the same polarity so the final assembly can be attached any which way. The slots on the base where the fins attach also need a little filing so the fins are not such a snug fit - the magnets will do the holding together, not the plastic parts and I want to be able to put together and take apart with ease.

The magnets were glued into place and for extra security, spare pieces of sprue were glued on the underside of the deck, therefore providing another surface to glue onto.

Slowly does it with this project, drop pods have a bigger surface area to paint than a Landraider I reckon! These are currently at the undercoat / basecoat stage. I have some Assault Troops to do first...

11 Jul 2011

Relictors Devastator Squad in MK3 Iron Armour Finished

This is the MKIII Iron Armour Devastator Squad complete. Here is the Sergeant and the heavy weapon troopers. I have used two FW Heresy Era Missile Launchers as well as two modern ones.

There are a number of little conversions throughout these troops, namely wrist guards and such like. The photos below show these a little better. Firstly, a MKIII Wrist Guard on a MKVII plastic arm, simple but effective.

Next, the two FW Missile Launchers and the Trigger Guards I added to MKIII forearm and the MKVI shoulder/elbow that come with the MLs to get the correct angle. The left arms have also had MKIII wrist guards added.

Here is my version of a Devastator Backpack, only one vent moved unlike the FW double vent swop.

Then the Missile Silo Devastator Backpack added to a MKIII pack. Here the frosting is noticeable, but as it is Iron Armour, I will live with it. Simpe Green and Fairy Power Spray would not get off Army Painter Primer. And he has an extensive rebuild of a modern ML and power cable onto a MKIII arm and shoulder pad. You wouldn't have noticed if I didn't point it out - but look at the above marine with modern ML - he has the only MKVII pad in the squad.

And finally, the Sergeant has a FW Boarding Marine Helmet, a Capt Relic Blade (just Power Wpn), a Banner and again MKIII Wrist Guard added. He also has a Signum added to the banner top.

Hope you like and feel free to comment - except about the frosting - honestly I tried to get rid, but unless I scrapped 5 marines and started again, it was here to stay.

9 Jul 2011

Relictors Devastator Squad - First Five

This is the first half of the Devastator Squad now finished (well working on last Missile Launcher today), but I guess the more boring half... only bolters.

These are lovely sculpts from FW, but each marine has over 200 rivets and stupidly my army scheme means they are painted boltgun metal, not Grey like the armour - 2000 rivets later...

I chose MKIII Iron Armour for the first full squad of Devastators in my Battle Company as I thought it was awesome and too chunky for Assault, even though the fluff has it for just that - Boarding actions on spaceships. However, I figured as Heavy Weapon troops they deserved Heavy Armour.

They are 10 man squads to complete my Battle Company but will probably only be smaller squads for actual battles, the spare marines can 'counts as' Sternguard until I've finished a full squad of them. The second half of the squad has all the conversions and missile launchers talked about here. I'll be posting as soon as I've finished the last marine.

4 Jul 2011

Relictors Tyberos the Red Wake

Here is the latest addition to the Relictor HQ slots, Tyberos the Red Wake - an awesome Close Combat monster with either Lightning Claws or Chainfists, Furious Charge and Rage.

He is the FW model painted to match my other Terminators with a Black Templar icon on the top befitting of his status as a Chapter Master. He also gives the army wide benefit of Furious Charge and rage to any units if they assault and then win. Also a single squad of Lightning Claw Terminators can become a Troops choice.

I added a ripped Ultramarine pauldron to the base as I always get to battle Pornstarjedi's loyal lapdogs...
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