30 Jul 2011

Relictors Contemptor Dreadnought - WIP

As soon as I saw this on the FW website I knew I was getting one, I love it. Some people say Meh, but I went Yeah!!! It is a Heresy Era build but my Relictors were not formed until after that from Ultramarine and Dark Angel gene stock way later in the Age of Apostasy, one of the 20 or so Chapters drawn up to defend the Eye of Terror, the Astartes Praeses Chapters. (Fluff)But I am sure the Relictors would have come across Relics (its in their name!) to put to use against Chaos. Maybe this was a reclaim from one of the fleeing Traitor Legions... might have to include one of the Legions markings on a knee or shoulder or something along those lines? Suggestions welcome.

The kit is very multi part, feet, greaves, upper legs, knees, elbows, hands, waist, hips, torso, engine, etc all poseable. Great for modelling in dynamic poses - hopefully i've captured a charging pose as this Dread gets Fleet as well as twin DCCW's if you want! Plus an 5++ save from Shooting and Explosion attacks.

Two sets of feet are included so toes can be straight or bent on either leg and Hvy Flamer and Storm Bolters are included with the arms. Ive pinned him to the base for strength, him being all on one foot.

Anyone else getting one of these?


  1. Absolutely, I'm getting one. Going to represent Bjorn for my Wolves seeing as he is a character that hails from the era of the Heresy and was interred in a Dreadnought sarcophagus not long after.

    Sounds like its a good model for posing as well if if comes in so many pieces. Just waiting for the other arms to come out.

  2. Love the model- I will defo be having one or two for my Ultramarines!

    Love the pose Siph, I've got a spare Bloodletter head if you need one for the base?!? LOL


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