27 Sept 2021

Relictors Space Marines - Primaris Impulsor Transport

Hello all, thanks for dropping by, my Primaris reinforcements to my Relictors Battle Companies continue to arrive. I painted this Primaris Impulsor transport in my usual way, Codex Greay (Dawnstone) washed Nuln Oil and highlighted Fortress Grey (Administrum Grey).
From the previous WIP Post you can see I magnetised the Missile Launcher and the Shield Dome. 
It also has a 3rd party resin upgrade kit on the rear compartment making it enclosed like a Rhino, which I much prefer. The enclosed kit is from Models and Minis for a good price too. Seems that it's a one-man business and he has a massive backlog of orders so expect possible delays but he comes through!
A better look at the rear compartment. Very Chimera-like.
The Skulls from the Primaris Vehicle sheet make great proxy Relictors badges, I have always used the facing skull rather than the official side-skull as decals are easier than freehand and I'm not going back and changing 1000+ skulls now!
The chains are from the Chaos vehicle sets, my Relictors have dubious background...
I quite like this kit and can't wait to get some of the 'grav-Predator' Gladiator Primaris tanks...
Cheers, Siph (5pts)

20 Sept 2021

Warlord Macro Gatling Blaster - WIP

Hi Titan fans, and all. I am busy working my way through some boxes of minis and stopped by the Macro Gatling Blaster, of which I have two awaiting an eventual Warlord Titan no.2, but thought it was a nice day and I was tired of painting the fiddly details on a piece of scenery (to come) so thought I would do the prep work on this beast! Its been sitting around since Dec 2019, like many other projects...
My usual method for a strong yet easily rotated to remove arm join, rod magnet 8mm diameter by 30mm. Ample pull to keep firmly in place.
I love the thought out design of this piece, the barrel rotating mechanism on the lower left, the ejection port for spent casings underneath.
A close up of the barrel rotating mechanism shows it actually has a cog for rotating the gearing mesh of the round cylinder.
What's more is the rotating assembly is the ideal hiding place for the resin vent of the cylinder piece - great design!
The ammo hopper
The two armoured cowlings can be left off to paint last, a great design too.
The feed tube from the ammo hopper goes into the gun assembly, where I can see a piston assembly rams the shell into the breach of an emply barrel, it rotates clockwise, fires at the bottom of the arc and ejects the spent casing underneath, using the upswing to swab, cool etc the returning barrels ready for the next load.
A size comparison from the Battle Titan Gatling Blaster, I hope these are made Warlord Carapace option too, like in Adeptus Titanicus, otherwise I will have to convert two of these into shoulder mounts.
Box o' resin joy.

The link to the whole Warlord Titan Construction process can be found HERE.

Cheers, Siph

13 Sept 2021

Batrep - Imperial Knights vs Imperial Knights 1750pts

To christen Lord TITANium Halfpenny's new WeeMen Room we set up a quick Knights vs Knights 1750pts battle on the Forge World resin terrain set up. Siph chose a Dominus Valiant, a Paladin, a Crusader and an Armiger Warglaive. Lord TITANium Halfpenny a Gallant, two Errant and a Crusader.
We were playing the Engine War Knight specific scenario which had the Imperial forces attacking a besieged hive city breach. The Vassal Knights of Legio Astorum was playing the Imperials, and went first.
Knight Crusader Sir Selwyn in "Honour Intractable", Paladin Sir Greigor in "Oathkeeper", Knave Izrael in Armiger "Bane of Iron" and the mighty Countess Jocelyn in Dominus Valiant "Iron God". 
Errant Sir Davros Ger'kan III in "Fire Eclipse" in the centre golden Knight, Lady Emilia Fox in "Kingslayer" the red Errant on the right, Baron Tiberius Kirk in the Gallant "Karn's Fury" and Sir Sicarius Ka'to in "Vengeance" in the Crusader at the back.

The Imperial guns opened up and "Fire Eclipse" was on the receiving end, a little too far forward allowing the Valiant "Iron God" to unleash the Conflagration Cannon 'Traitors Pyre' and the Thundercoil Harpoon - that harpoon alone took 10 wounds off after an unsuccessful CP re-roll for Shields!  ENGINE KILL!
The 'Traitor' lines responded with swift and brutal shooting to soften up the Valiant and both the Gallant "Karn's Fury" and the Errant "Kingslayer"...
After some less than impressive close combat, the Valiant "Iron God" withstood the raw Engine combat standing on 11 Wounds
In the Imperial second Turn the Armiger "Bane of Iron" on the right flank took the opportunity to bring down the Errant "Kingslayer" with its Thermal Lance and Melta Gun - ENGINE KILL! 
In the Combat phase, the Paladin "Oathkeeper" and the Armiger charged the Gallant "Karn's Fury" and the brave Knave Izrael in "Bane of Iron" took its second ENGINE KILL!
The Traitor line was now in disarray, the Crusader "Vengeance" stepped back and away from the ranged guns of the Valiant "Iron God" and to seek revenge targeted all at the Armiger "Bane of Iron" then I combat laid low to the bravest of Knaves ENGINE KILL! - Knave Izrael survived the Battle and will have earnt a Questoris Knight ride for his next mount.
The Paladin "Oathkeeper" closed in on the Crusader "Vengeance" and bought the traitor Engine low in close combat. ENGINE KILL!

A really fun and quick battle to bloody the new Games Room, unfortunately not yet a win for the Lord TITANium Halfpenny, but it was great to finally throw down some dice and hear the echoes of ENGINE KILL! in the WeeMen room at last after a few years of Nurgles Rot...

Cheers, Siph and Lord TITANium Halfpenny

10 Sept 2021

Legio Crucius - Warbringer Nemesis Titan - Röntgen Walks!

Hello All!

As you might remember I had a task on my hands to get the Warbringer ready for the Titan Owners Club walk during August, Well apart from the missing parts that I am still waiting on, the titan is 95% complete, with only some details left on the weapons.
I've added my homebrewed decals, and will be adding more to complete the Warbringer.
The Belicosa and generators are converted, from the Warlord weapon, and 2 plasma generators. I feel this add more to the rear of the titan, I am planning to add cabling to connect the parts.
So why Röntgen? Firstly as a diagnostic radiographer, I am paying homage to the founder of Ionising Radiation - X-rays, also, with the fact I've opted for the reactor draining 3 Volcano Cannon configuration (known as a Wingrove set up after our pal at Titan Owners Club who always catastrophically meltsdown!) which are likely to result in some serious reactor damage caused by shooting them all!

Will post more once the titan is fully complete! But as it's FW small pipe pieces we are waiting for, we call this Complete, LH (60pts)

6 Sept 2021

Relictors Space Marines - Sicaran Omega Tank Destroyer

Hi All, thanks for dropping by. The latest addition to the Relictors Armoury is a Sicaran Omega Tank Destroyer, a completely oversized Plasma Array. When it first came out I wasn't so keen, however its sheer sillyness has grown on me and I quite like the ludicrous nature of the turret!
Retrofitted to allow the Sicaran hull to carry heavier firepower, the Omega is a formidable tank hunter. It utilises the speed provided by the Sicaran’s engines to apply overwhelming short range firepower in battle, racing forwards to ambush and obliterate the lumbering siege tanks of enemy columns.
I bought this on eBay as a World Eaters Sicaran, missing a few bits, sensor on the turret and ammo magazines on the Heavy Bolters. I added some spares from the bitz box and the sensor on the turret doesn't really notice as there is a huge sensor box on the front of the turret regardless!
I painted the turret black to match my Sicaran Battle Tank and the power cables my usual green, plus Plasma bright Blue and White, the Heavy Bolters are magnetised and I decided to echo the turret black on the armoured cowlings.
I do think Sicaran's are my favourite looking Space Marine Tank, its a good looking beast.
This was added to my extensive 5th Company... well, what's ANOTHER tank between friends!
And here they are both together, the Sicaran Battle Tank from 2015 and the newest addition, the Sicaran Omega Tank Destroyer.

Cheers, Siph (5pts)
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