24 Jul 2015

Relictors Space Marine Sicaran Battle Tank Finished - 6MMRPC

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping by. Here is my latest offering to the painting gods, an awesome FW Space Marine Sicaran Battle Tank! I absolutely love the brutal compact aesthetic of this tank. It screams destruction and 'da business'. No frills, just pure Astartes killing power.
Midway between the Predator and a Landraider, this tank sacrifices any transport capacity to mount the rapid firing Accelerator Autocannons, which Render and track skimmers - negating Jink saves.
Along with that the model comes with either Heavy Bolter sponsons or Lascannon sponsons, I went against the rule of cool (I love drum magazine Heavy Bolters) and went for the specialised role of Anti-Tank and mounted the Lascannons - but this gave me a chance to try out 6thDegree's OSL without an airbrush (tutorial here) and the end result is pretty cool, so maybe rule of cool prevailed after all...
Nothing special, just the rear, showing this Relic Sicaran has been seconded to the 5th Company Relictors. The grey is my usual recipe of Dawnstone (Codex Grey, or AP Uniform Grey Spray), with a Nuln Oil Wash (with a tip of the large tank brush dipped in Lahmian Medium to prevent the wash pooling and getting tide marks - I often get asked how I avoid streaks on larger vehicles), then a drybrush of Administratum Grey (Fortress Grey) and then 500 Boltgun Metal rivets later...
I've kept the transfers and embellishments at a minimum to show off the blue-glow effect. Transfers were applied over a gloss varnished patch, applied with Micro Set (sticks) and Micro Sol (melts the edges to look painted on) and sealed with gloss varnish. Once finished, the whole tank is sealed with Purity Seal matt varnish to protect and knock off the gloss effect, then the lenses/view ports are re-done with Gloss 'Ard Coat.
The top down view, shows off the ammo hopper feeds into the Accelerator Autocannons.
And if you were unsure of the size comparison between Landraiders and Predators, a useful photo comparison for you.
Can't wait to get this out on the new battlefield GameMat!

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed and found the tips useful. Cheers. Part of the 6 month mountain reducing painting challenge pile done! (6MMRPC)


  1. Looks great. Love the OSL you have done too. Draws the eye nicely

    I am going to have to try the medium trick with my washes when I do my tanks. It works very well

  2. I love sicarans. Yours looks fantastic!

  3. Nice. Loving the homogeneous look for the Relictors.

  4. I like that you manage to keep the model interesting with small bits of various colours. I find this very difficult with large grey and black models. Well done.

  5. Beautifully done, man - that looks fantastic!

  6. Looks fantastic! I received your email, and the pics have been added to the gallery that the judge(s) will be reviewing!

  7. Thank you everyone.

    @NafNaf, yes give it a go, the Lahmian fluid works wonders breaking down the surface tension of the water in the washes.

    @Greg, I know you are fond of them, when you getting your 'looted' Sicaran? Lol

    @Zzzzzz, thanks man. The little touches like the bone accents on muzzles and a few black choice panels keep them looking the same force.

    @daveb, thanks, I think the blue OSL really helps break up the sea of grey, along with the bone accents, that's why I originally chose bone accents for the boltgun casings all those years ago.

    @ Mordian7th, @Spiderweb of History, thank you very much for your kind words.

  8. Ha! I have one for the fists/templars...just gotta finish orks first!

  9. Nice to see relictors stuff. I need to get me one of these.

  10. Fantastic looking tank, and the weapon glow is very nicely done.
    Interesting to see the three tanks together for a size comparison. I hadn't seen that before and hadn't quite realised just how big the Scicaran is.


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