13 Jul 2015

Relictors Hunter AA Tank

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping in again. Here is my latest addition to the Relictors Armoury, an Anti-Aircraft Hunter Tank, armed with the quite decent Skyspear Missile system.
This is based on a Rhino APC but with side panels containing hydraulic rams to steady the platform for missile release, I've painted it my usual Relictors Codex Grey (Dawnstone) over a black undercoat, washed with Nuln Oil and highlighted with Fortress Grey (Administratum Grey).
The Skyspear missile system allows you to shoot and damage most flyers easily with high strength and Skyfire but as an added bonus, if you miss, the missile has a 'Savant Lock' rule, so it is like a homing missile, it follows the target for the next turns and on a roll of +5, it hits the targets rear armour, unless the target leaves the battlefield, what a fun characterful rule I can't wait to try out!
I love the barrel muzzle of the Skyspear, it looks the business!
And a characterful shot on the terrain, for those who don't like plain white backgrounds ;)
And another shot next to the other AA tank, the Stalker I did previously, I know most people will probably magnetize theirs to do both options on one hull, but this was a present so I lucked in. The only part you only get one of which is needed on both kits is the triple aerial assembly - which you can live without on the Stalker turret.
And lastly, the Skyspear Missile token which you place next to the target if you miss it! The kit comes with a spare missile so you can make this token using some wire and a spare base, better than a coin as suggested by GW.

Thanks for dropping by. I hope you like my latest addition. I started this before my pledge to reduce my painting pile, so it doesn't quite count towards my 6MMRPC goal.


  1. looks fab. Love the little missile token, great idea

  2. Love the missile token. Adds character to the battlefield.

    Washing vehicles with acrylic based washes is hard. Tide marks are often an issue. How do you avoid this?

  3. Cheers guys. Col F, I use Nuln Oil straight from the pot, however first, I dip the Tank Drybrush tip into Lahmian Medium, just the tip, to break down the wash surface tension so it flows correctly.

  4. The missile token is AWESOME. What a great idea, love it!

  5. Great shading and hints of weathering. token is cool, but does it need the coin to weigh it down?

  6. No coin, the token is perfectly fine without weight in the base, the missile weighs next to nothing, the base has some green stuff to secure the paper clip wire underneath


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