30 May 2014

Terrain and Scenery - Quake Cannon Craters

Hello avid readers, I am away again earning the cash to buy more weemen. This is scheduled to pop up so the blog lives on! To complement the new Games Table, I purchased some terrain, the new-ish GW Quake Cannon Craters. They are much better detailed and of sturdier plastic than the vacuum formed moonscape craters previously released.
As they are two part and four designs, you can make 4 unique craters. I glued with plastic cement and once dry, strengthened with liquid greenstuff into the join. I painted the details of dead guardsmen to match my long forgotten squad of guardsmen. Great kit - I recommend it, and make 2014 your year for doing something about that grey plastic scenery - it is so much better battling over cool painted stuff. Scenery is quick, you don't have to be precise and drybrushing is king!

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20 May 2014

Necron Annihilation Barge

Here is the latest offering for the now growing Necron Legion I have. Some very much needed firepower in the form of a Necron Annihilation Barge. Twin-linked Tesla Destructors and a 2 shot AP3 Gauss Cannon or 2 shot Tesla Cannon.
I've always loved Annihilation Barges since being on the receiving end of three at BlogWars owned by Sons of Sanguinius Venerable Brother. When you hit with a six, you gain two additional hits - with a re-roll TL gives you plenty of chances to hit at St 7. So the possibilities to glance AV12/13 Imperial Knights to death becomes a reality with a couple of these and some Night Scythes.
Quantum Shielding keeps them around for a while, acting as AV13 until Glanced which is great as I am sure these will be prime targets with there primary weapon being so destructive to troops and lighter vehicles. I chose a Gauss Cannon for the secondary armament as it can also glance on a 6 being Gauss.
This won't be the last one of these, a couple more in the pipeline!

16 May 2014

Forgeworld Necron Acanthrites - Fast Attack

These are the latest addition to the now growing Necron army, these are a great addition, a Fast Attack choice, Heavy Infantry and Tank killers and jump troops too.  The have a high toughness and multiple wounds so are survivable too.
 The construct is based on an insect body, perhaps a Mosquito, but the GF thinks they are 'prawns', lol.
They are armed with a short range Heat Ray, a melta gun basically and when they close in for combat they have multiple attacks and Voidblades, so Rending Power weapons with Entropic Strike. Nasty.  The only downside is the Necron low initiative so they have to survive the first round of combat, which the high toughness, MEQ WS and multiple wounds help do.
A great looking addition to my forces, great minis from Forgeworld, went together like a dream and rightly feared by expensive Terminators and Tanks alike. Can't wait to blood their Voidblades!

12 May 2014

Necron Night Scythe #2

Howdy readers, here is my latest offering, another Night Scythe for my growing Necron force.  I have used the same colours as before, a nice Necron Abyss blue with reddish Gauss energy and my oily looking metals with Platemetal Army Painter spray washed with Nuln Oil and Devlan Mud..
I wanted the base to be a feature for this new flyer, rather than a big expanse of nothing - so using some spares from the Obelisk kit, I made it look like part of the Necron Tomb world or a vehicle was rising above the surface from beneath the plains.
The only variation from the first Night Scythe was the tips of the croissant were painted blue, an easy way of differentiating between the two craft. The next one will probably have a few more panels blue, whilst I think the Doom Scythe I'll eventually do will be completely blue.
I do love the lookof these flyers, they look more dangerous than they actually are! They do look cool when they enter the battlefield, and at only 100pts I may get a few more yet.
And to prove it is not just a re-post! ;)

9 May 2014

Necron Canoptek Spyder

This is my latest offering in my now growing Necron Army. A heavy support choice, a Canoptek Spyder. These are fairly cheap, come in groups of up to three and can be fitted with a variety of options although the only one worth it in my eyes is the TL Particle Beamer to give this monstrous creature some ranged firepower.
I love this model, I can't help making insect noises when I look at it. I am getting fonder of my colour scheme too. I think it works well on this model, hopefully the other Necron vehicles will look as good too. I definitely like the contrasting red gauss energy now too.  The bronze head is a nod to the Canoptek Guardians on the external surface of the Obelisk and works well with the blue.
The greatest strength of these Spyders is running them with Canoptek Scarabs, the armour and vehicle eaters, which when partnered with these Spyders will last longer and grow in numbers each turn.
It is nice to paint something that is not Relictor Grey, but I still have around 2000pts of Necrons in the to-do pile!

5 May 2014

Battle Report - Relictors Vs Necrons 1000pts

With the installation of my new Games Table, I was graciously asked by the GF if I wanted a cheeky inaugural battle on the table to break it in. I leapt at the chance, and got two forces together. The Necrons consisted of Imotekh, 2x Warriors with Night Scythe, 2x Immortals, Canoptek Spyder, 5x Canoptek Scarabs and a Destroyer Lord w/ Warscythe.

So with a little tutoring we had a 1000pt battle - Necrons vs Relictors, Relic, 3VPs for relic, secondary objectives Slay Warlord, Linebreaker and First Blood. Necrons won first turn. The scenario lent itself to an epic struggle in the ruins of the Chapel of the Aquila ruins in the centre of the board.
The Relictors set up opposite the cathedral ruins containing the Relic. They comprised of a Captain, 4x Tac Squads with Missle / Plasma Gun / Melta Gun and Flamer, Stalker, Dreadnought with DCCW and Lascannon.

Turn 1
The Necrons advanced accross the board, Imotekh opened up with the Lightning Storm striking the Dreadnought 6 times! and the Stalker 5 times! Great start, the lightning torn through the Dread killing him outright claiming First Blood and destroying one of the Icarus Stormcannon's and shaking the crew. The Canoptek Spyder opened fire on the Captain's Tac Sqd with the Particle Beamer but failed to penetrate the marines power armour.

The marines opened their turn with missile and bolter fire from the Mechanicum building toward the Scarabs removing a base. The meltagun armed Tac Sqd opened up on the Gauss Immortals slaying one only to see it reanimate at the end of turn. In the centre the Terminators advanced past the wreckage of the Dread gunning down a Tesla Immortal but the assault cannon went wild missing them. The Captains Tac Sqd opened fire on the Canoptek Spyder trying to bring it down with weight of fire but failed. The Plasma Gun armed Tac Sqd in the chequered ruins opened fire on the Canoptek Spyder but also missed. The Whirlwind faired better striking the Spyder indirectly taking a wound.

Turn 2
The Destroyer Lord moved up the flank towards the Whirlwind, along with the Scarabs. One Night Scythe arrived from reserve, gunning at the Missle Tac Sqd felling one marine and the Gauss Immortals also felled one marine leaving that Tac Sqd 3 members. Imotekhs Lightning storm was less effective this turn not striking any Relictor units. The Tesla Immortals in the centre opened up on the Terminators striking them 6 times but not penetrating the Tactical Dreadnought Armour. The Canoptek Spyder continued his advance toward the chequered ruins and Stalker but missed with his Particle Beamer.

The Relictors answered the Necron advance with heavy fire - striking the Destroyer Lord with missile fire and bolter fire but failed to wound his toughened exo-skeleton. The Whirlwind opened fire on the Scarabs sheltering behind the Oil Storage Tanks but scattered wide. The Melta Tac Sqd fired the meltaguns and combi-melta at the Gauss Immortals killing one. The Captains Tac Sqd and Terminators open up with massed fire striking the Tesla Immortals 20 times and destroyed them outright. The Stalker opened fire on the Night Scythe penetrating once but the living metal shook off the result.
Turn 3
The Necron Warriors used the wormhole from the Night Scythe to disembark and along with the Gauss Immortals struck the Melta Tac Sqd killing two. The Night Scythe zoomed over the Terminators concentrating Tesla fire on the Captains Tac Sqd but even with extra Tesla shots failed to penetrate power armour. The Canoptek Spyder opened up on the Plasmagun Tac Sqd hitting two with his Particle Beamer but failed to wound before charging into CC - killing 3 and narrowly avoiding the Sergeant's Powerfist and then ran the rest of the squad down as they failed their morale check. The Destroyer Lord ripped open the Whirlwind with ease using his Warscythe.

The 3 Marines in the Mechanicum Building opened fire on the Necron Warriors but failed to take down any of the warriors. The Melta Tac Sqd opened fire on the Destroyer Lord in their rear lines and failed to wound the construct. The Terminators seeing the Canoptek Spyder heading toward the Stalker opened fire on the bug, ripping him apart with rending Assault Cannon fire.
The Stalker open fired on the Night Scythe ripping it apart and sending the flaming wreckage down to fall amongst the Terminators killing one. In the centre, the Captain's Tac Sqd advanced into reach of the Relic in turn 4.
Turn 4
In the rear of the Relictor flank, the 2nd Night Scythe enters the board and strikes down one Melta marine. Necron Warriors gauss stripped the Melta Sqd further to one marine. The Destroyer Lord charged into the surviving members of the Missile Tac Sqd scything two in half easily leaving one remaining marine whilst the scarabs prepare to surround the remaining Melta marine. In the centre, the Gauss Immortals open fire on the Terminators killing one.
The remaining Melta Sqd marine opens fire on the Scarabs wounding one base and the Stalker see's a fleeting glimpse of the Night Scythe through the Cathedral ruins and strikes it 3 times but fails to glance. In the Mechanicum ruins, the Destroyer Lord easily scythes the remaining Missile Marine.
Turn 5
In the centre the Night Scythe wormhole unloads his Warrior cargo to prevent the Marines claiming the Relic - warriors shooting the Captain Tac Sqd tono effect but the Immortals enter the Cathedral and shoot up the same, killing one marine. Imotekh fires his Staff of the Destroyer but again falls short. The other Warrior Squad outside the Cathedral ruins open up on the Stalker trying for a lucky glance but failing. In combat the final Relictor on the flank is stripped to atoms by the Scarabs, the Destroyed Lord advances unimpeded towards the Stalker.
The Relictors claim the Relic in the centre and all open fire on the disembarked Warrior Squad, wiping them out. The Stalker again open fired on the Night Scythe striking it twice but failed again to glance (needing four's but failing again).

We roll for a turn 6 - as it is the Relictors would win if the game ends now - claiming the Relic (3VPs) against the Necrons Linebreaker and First Blood (2VPs). But, the game continues for a 6th.
Turn 6
All the action centres in the Cathedral, the Immortals and Imotekh fire on the Tac Sqd claiming the Relic and charge them slaying two marines. The Warriors move to get Linebreaker and open fire on the Captain hitting him 8 times with Gauss fire but the saves were all made.  Elsewhere, the Destroyer Lord charges the Stalker cleaving it in half and survived the ensuing explosion.
In the Relictor turn 6, the Terminators and Captain charge into combat with Imotekh and the three remaining Immortals but in a flurry of fluffed dice one Immortal and Imotekh survive the onslaught striking down the marine holding the relic.

At the end of turn 6 we roll to see if the game ends - as it stands the Relic has been dropped and all units are in CC so it is lost. The Necron's would win on Linebreaker and First Blood. The dice is cast and the game ends - a Necron Victory.
After thoughts - After a great first turn with Imotekh's Lightning Storm he was pretty ineffective but worth his high points cost! Six hits on the Dread and 5 on the Stalker halving the Stalker guns and killing the ancient machine, glanced to death - not a glorious end for a Chapter hero. Again his Staff of the Destroyer fell short - 2D6 range below 6in again. Turn 5 was a marine win, however it went to a sixth and the Necrons won. In the seventh it would of swung back to the marines favour with the inevitable loss of Imotekh - but alas it was not to be - Necron's won!

Battle Report - Necrons Vs Relictors 1000pts - Re-Match

So my gorgeous GF and I had a re-match of the first game, this time I was playing Relictors and it was 3 Objectives, diagonal deployment, 1000pts each with the Relictors gaining first turn and the Necrons failing to seize the initiative. The Necrons had an objective at the door of the Shrine of the Aquila, the Relictors one in the Round Tower ocupied by the Scouts w/ Bolters and the final objective lay in the centre in a Quake Cannon crater.

Relictors Force comprised of a Chaplain with Jump-pack and 5 man Assault Squad with Powerfist, 2 5-man Tac Sqd with Plasma and Grav/Combi Grav. 2 5-man Scout Sqd with Bolters/Hvy Bolter and Sniper Rifles/Missile Launcher. Rifleman Dread, Dakka Pred, Stormtalon with Heavy Bolter, Stalker and Razorback with Assault cannon.

Necrons Force comprised of Imotekh, 4x 5-man Necron Warrior Squads with 2x Night Scythes. Canoptek Spyder w/ Particle Beamer, Destroyer Lord w/ Warscythe, 3x Scarab Bases and 3x Acanthrites.
Relictor Turn 1
The Relictors started the offensive striking a Necron Warrior Squad with the dakka Pred, Scout Missile Launcher, Scout Heavy Bolter and Rifleman Dread determined to get First Blood and wiping them out. A Canoptek Scarab base was also destroyed and another wounded.
Necron Turn 1
Imotekh opened with his Lightning Storm striking the Dreadnought 6 times and the Scout Sniper Sqd 5 times and the Stalker once. The Dread lost one of his weapon arms and 2HPs and 3 Scouts died. The Stalker survived. Imotekh's Warrior Squad advanced and fired at the same scouts, but the building saved them from harm. The Spyder advanced and Particle Beamer shot hit two Scouts - slaying one leaving the Scout Sniper Sqd to one Scout with the Heavy Bolter - but he held his nerve. The rest of the Necron Legion slowly closed the distance.
Relictor Turn 2
Dakka Pred open fired on the Scarab Bases wounding another base, the Plasma Tac Squad fired at the Necron Sqd advancing into the middle objective and took down one warrior. The Scout Missile Launcher, Heavy Bolter and Grav Tac Squad concentrated fire on the Destroyer Lord but only took one wound. The Stormtalon arrived from reserve and stripped two wounds from the Canoptek Spyder. Assault Cannon Razorback fired at the Acanthrites but failed to wound the mosquito-like constructs. The Dreadnought sensing victory in the middle used his higher initiative to strike the Destroyer Lord but fluffed his attacks, being slain by the Lord's Warscythe!
Necron Turn 2
The Warriors in the middle advanced toward the objective firing at the Grav Tac Sqd in the Mechanicum building but failed to find their targets, the Acanthrites and Canoptek Spyder fired into the Assault Squad and Chaplain before charging - wiping the squad out with Melta and Particle Beams before finishing off the Chaplain in CC with rending voidblade stings. The Chaplain could only dent the high toughness constructs - giving Necrons Slay the Warlord. A Night Scythe came in from reserve and wiped out the remaining Heavy Bolter Scout with massed Tesla Destructor fire scoring 5 hits (6's give two additional hits!)
Relictor Turn 3
The Stormtalon, Razorback, Plasma Tac Sqd and Missile Scouts all targetted the Acanthrites taking one out and wounding another, but their high toughness, multiple wounds and 3+ save meant they were very much still a threat. The Stalker penetrated the Night Scythe twice and glanced once taking the flyer out.
Necron Turn 3
Imotekh's lightning storm struck the Scout Sqd holding the objective 6 times killing two, and the Razorback once but failed to glance. The Warriors in the centre fire at the Scouts also but fail to do any damage. The 2nd Night Scythe zooms on the board and Tesla Destructs the Stalker stripping 2 HP's and destroying one of the Icarus Stormcannon arrays halving its firepower shaking it. Both Warrior Sqds with Imotekh fire massed Gauss Flayers at the Stormtalon striking twice but failing to glance.
The Acanthrites at point blank range fire their Melta Lances at the Razorback but both miss, and the Canoptek Spyder  and Destroyer Lord charge the Grav Squad killing 3 but remain in combat.

Relictors Turn 4
The Plasma Sqd over by the ruined Landraider fire at the Scarabs approaching the Pred, killing one base and leaving a single base on two wounds. The Dakka Pred and Assault cannon Razorback finishes off another Acanthrite leaving one on one wound. The Scouts Missile the centre objective Warriors killing one Warrior. The Stormtalon weaves through the air in a dogfight with the Night Scythe scoring 3 rear armour hits but failed to glance. In CC the remaining Grav Tac Sqd fail to damage the Lord and Spyder and are both ripped asunder.
Necron Turn 4
The Warrior Squad in the centre maintain their hold on the objective whilst the Scarabs advance on the Predator stripping its AV values by 4 each side, the Destroyer Lord moved towards the Scouts and the marine objective whist the Acanthrite and Canoptek Spyder assault the Razorback destroying it in a fireball that takes the final wound from the Spyder. The Night Scythe rips the Stalker apart with Tesla Destructors.
Relictors Turn 5
All was to play for, if the Warriors in the centre could be dislodged it could be a draw. The Predator forgetting this priority opened up on the Destroyer Lord for an easy kill and toprevent him assaulting the Scouts on the objective but he made all his saves! Determined to get a kill and safeguarding the Scouts, the Plasma Tac Sqd fire at the Destroyer Lord finally killing him with Plasma fire. The Stormtalon opens up on the Night Scythe stripping it of its remaining HP's and it crashes into the desert floor.

Necron Turn 5
The Scarabs strip the AV values on the Pred b another 2 leaving the Pred vunerable but operational, the Imotekh Warriors and Acanthrite close the Scouts to try to kill them but only taking one scout leaving two scouts standing firm.
All is to play for if there is a final turn 6 - the Pred and Tac Sqd will kill the Necrons on the Objective in the centre and the Scouts will hunker down in the ruins but alas, the die is cast and a two is rolled - no turn 6, as it stands - Relictors hold one Objective and First Blood. The Necrons hold two objectives and Slay the Warlord. 2:3 a Necron Win and another great battle on the new Games Table!

2 May 2014

Terrain and Scenery - Games Table - Dedicated Weeman Room

Hello avid readers, I thought I'd post some shots of my new games table - constructed from the modular furniture that I use to store my Weemen. The top is made from a bed frame and slats and the surface hardboard sheets and a Gaming Mat from Terrain Maps. Above you can see my entire Relictors Battle Company - hmm, maybe I should take a photo with them all out...
Fricken awesome huh? It is 4.5ft by 6.25ft (ahem... double bed sized) so great sized for 40K. Apoc will be a little squeeze but I reckon it will be possible. As it is made from 4 cupboards, there is plenty of hidden storage underneath for all of the to-do pile and carry cases.  It's also fitted with lights to display the weemen, however I fear leaving them on would perhaps melt them - so I'm not taking any chances, it can be on to show people but then they get turned off!
Where the cupboards used to stand I put the work bench next to the window for plenty of south facing light (and three lamps). Guests can sleep on a blow up matress - weemen come first, lol.

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