2 May 2014

Terrain and Scenery - Games Table - Dedicated Weeman Room

Hello avid readers, I thought I'd post some shots of my new games table - constructed from the modular furniture that I use to store my Weemen. The top is made from a bed frame and slats and the surface hardboard sheets and a Gaming Mat from Terrain Maps. Above you can see my entire Relictors Battle Company - hmm, maybe I should take a photo with them all out...
Fricken awesome huh? It is 4.5ft by 6.25ft (ahem... double bed sized) so great sized for 40K. Apoc will be a little squeeze but I reckon it will be possible. As it is made from 4 cupboards, there is plenty of hidden storage underneath for all of the to-do pile and carry cases.  It's also fitted with lights to display the weemen, however I fear leaving them on would perhaps melt them - so I'm not taking any chances, it can be on to show people but then they get turned off!
Where the cupboards used to stand I put the work bench next to the window for plenty of south facing light (and three lamps). Guests can sleep on a blow up matress - weemen come first, lol.

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  1. Hmm...this makes me wonder how eveyrone handles their mini's. I tend to put mine on this giant ikea shelf thing (bunch of square sections), but its not sealed with glass, so they get covered with dust if I don't use them often (poor orks).

    I really like the setup you have here, puts everything in easy access of the gaming table. (Which has a great amount of terrain as well!).

  2. Cheers Greg, I find glass doors a must, the titans elsewhere (see hobby area label) are in an Ikea display but 'sealed' somewhat too. The terrain gets a cloth cover to prevent dust build-up. Keyboard air-in-a-can can clean the orks nicely tho.

  3. I really need to get a setup like this once I'm in a fixed housing situation. I wonder if my wife will mind me taking up a 6x4 spot in our future basement, lol.


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