9 May 2014

Necron Canoptek Spyder

This is my latest offering in my now growing Necron Army. A heavy support choice, a Canoptek Spyder. These are fairly cheap, come in groups of up to three and can be fitted with a variety of options although the only one worth it in my eyes is the TL Particle Beamer to give this monstrous creature some ranged firepower.
I love this model, I can't help making insect noises when I look at it. I am getting fonder of my colour scheme too. I think it works well on this model, hopefully the other Necron vehicles will look as good too. I definitely like the contrasting red gauss energy now too.  The bronze head is a nod to the Canoptek Guardians on the external surface of the Obelisk and works well with the blue.
The greatest strength of these Spyders is running them with Canoptek Scarabs, the armour and vehicle eaters, which when partnered with these Spyders will last longer and grow in numbers each turn.
It is nice to paint something that is not Relictor Grey, but I still have around 2000pts of Necrons in the to-do pile!


  1. Awesome looking scheme mate. It suits the brutal look of the kit.

    And once you pointed it out, I started doing the chittering/mandible clacking noise I'd expect one of these to make.

  2. I love non standard necron schemes. The blue works quite well. Lovely model.

    Would suggest maybe taking photos of him in the future on a non white background. I feel it's washing out some of that detail you spent so much time on.


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