30 May 2014

Terrain and Scenery - Quake Cannon Craters

Hello avid readers, I am away again earning the cash to buy more weemen. This is scheduled to pop up so the blog lives on! To complement the new Games Table, I purchased some terrain, the new-ish GW Quake Cannon Craters. They are much better detailed and of sturdier plastic than the vacuum formed moonscape craters previously released.
As they are two part and four designs, you can make 4 unique craters. I glued with plastic cement and once dry, strengthened with liquid greenstuff into the join. I painted the details of dead guardsmen to match my long forgotten squad of guardsmen. Great kit - I recommend it, and make 2014 your year for doing something about that grey plastic scenery - it is so much better battling over cool painted stuff. Scenery is quick, you don't have to be precise and drybrushing is king!

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1 comment:

  1. I've been surprised no one has really been writing about these. Especially with the new crater rules, these look to really add some dynamics to the game landscape.

    Yours look great, thanks for posting about them!


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