29 Apr 2015

Relictors Rapier Laser Destroyer Battery Alternatives

Following on from the WIP shots I posted Monday, here are the finished weapon platforms. I have tried to convey the weapon platforms are manned by grizzled veterans, those marines with bionics and maybe not fit for frontline fighting, so put in a support role until they are back to good 'health' or used to their implants/grafts etc.
As Greggles suggested in his comments Monday, he will be pleased, I have dirtied up the dozer blades and worn the paintwork, I was going to do chevron patterns but in the end opted for plain Relictor grey, they already look far too much like Iron Hands/Iron Warriors with all those bionics!
Here is a close up of the grizzled veterans, two bionic leg swaps were from Kromlech Miniatures, the bionic arms from FW and the 'pilot' standing getting used to his new bionic leg also from FW Space Marine Character Converion Set. The seated marines were from a FW Damocles Command Rhino interior with a Rhino door as the platform the seat is attached to.
Here is a different view of the platforms, not as detailed as the FW ones, but they are decent enough for the tabletop.
I've also used the FW Phobos pattern bolters and all the crew have Mechanicus Icon breastplates.

Thanks for stopping by and reading our humble corner of the interwebsphere....

27 Apr 2015

Rapier Laser Alternatives WIP

A quick update, now that I am working on the hobby front again, whilst I was away I see that FW 'nicked' my idea ;)  Here are my Space Marine Rapier Laser Destroyers made from a Kickstarter project 6thDegree and I sponsored. He produced a decent Iron Warriors Laser Rapier in no time at all, I sat on mine...

That was until I bought a Damocles FW Command Rhino and decided to glue the back door shut, giving me two seats and sitting down marines to use... 'ding' great idea, I'll use them as gunners to man the Rapiers, I already have a FW Heavy Bolter one for size comparison, so I'll put these Kickstarter ones to good use.
Nowhere near as detailed as FW, but a decent tabletop equivalent. And then FW did these for the Solar Auxilla... sit on and ride Rapiers, great stuff!

24 Apr 2015

New Tournament; Fluffageddon! - Sept 5th 2015

Hi guys - a quick shout out for Matt, friend and occasionally poster on From the Fang, who is organising a new tournament in September.
The catch is that all lists should be fluffy and are only allowed to repeat a unit once (so no Wave Serpent spam!).

I'm sure he will be taking some points from Blog Wars on how to run the tournament smoothly and there will be prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Fluffiest lists and Best Painted - although it will probably be worth going just to see Alex not stressing between games.

Unfortunately I wont be able to make it, but if you want to join in you can find more information here: http://fromthefang.blogspot.co.uk/2015/04/community-support-fluffageddon-sept-5th.html

22 Apr 2015

### Transmission Resumes ### New Games Room

Hello Readers, long time no speak. I've been in the process of moving and the weemen have been boxed up for over 5 months, but now they are back and unpacked in their new home. I proudly show off the new Weemen Room - I know it is, the sign says so! Here's the Black Library...
The Weemen Room MKII is bigger, more spacious and the new desk project/WIP area is brighter and now with added shelving for the paints, freeing up creative space on the desk. I've yet to improve the desk top itself, I will add a bigger top to increase the desk further.

The major change from the MKI room, is now the scenery has dedicated storage, dust free and easily got to. Plus I doubled the display capacity of the glass cabinets by sourcing another through a well known bidding auction site. The Necrons are growing, and as such have free reign in the new glass shelving. Up on the walls are Black Library framed prints and a First Edition White Dwarf No.1 from 1977 (plus a dodgy picture of me at the North Pole).
And finally, the games table itself, same as before but now I can get to all four sides during a battle - and the addition of the 25th Warhammer 40K print on the back wall below the classic Horus Vs The Emperor from an ancient double page White Dwarf spread - the best version I reckon, Horus looks deranged - I prefer this print from the colour one, it was a shame the FW Horus model didn't have 2x Lightning Claws imho.

Anyway, I digress, hope you like the new man cave, normal (albeit disrupted by work) service will resume... Just need to sort out where the Warlord Titan is going to go?!   :)

20 Apr 2015

Plasma Obliterator Unboxing - Terrain and Scenery

 Hello Readers, just received my Plasma Obliterator through the mail, and I thought I'd show pics to any of you still waiting? I'm afraid it does indeed look like a short splash release, again, manufactured in China and made of a plastic more lightweight and brittle than the 'normal' GW plastics. Very similar in weight and sound to Pegasus Hobbies snap-fit buildings, if any of you have those. But not polyfoam cast like the VSG.
 The pieces came pre packed into bags and bubble wrap and all have been removed from the sprues (if at all), with some very minor clean up required, not bad at all. The sharp points even have poly stoppers to prevent injury/damage. Below is a revese shot of the pieces, showing the marks where it was snipped from the extruding machine.
 The detail on the pieces is quite sharp, but not as sharp as GW plastic kits such as the new SM Tactical Squad, again, very akin to the Pegasus Hobbies range of terrain.
All in all, a decent buy I reckon, although sadly many people will have to pay over the odds from unscrupulous ebay sellers... shame. I'd like a VSG, but I'm not paying £200 for one!!

I'll look forward to constructing this one after I've finished a few other minor projects...
What's a nice touch was in the package was a free Pin Badge and car sticker set, one of which is on my car already!

18 Apr 2015

Iron Warriors (another) Rhino

Hi everyone, here is another mini that was finished before the Warhound project began but I didn't want to break up my project series for a lowly Rhino - so here it is!
This is now the army's 3rd Rhino, with a 4th counts-as so that all my CSM squads currently have their own armoured transport.
Obviously the Rhino has all of the obligatory FW doors to fit in with the rest of the army.
Not much more to say really...

15 Apr 2015

Forgeworld Visual Feed teaser? FW Warlord Titan coming?

Original from FW Visual Feed, used without permission. Courtesy of aracersss in the comments from Faeit212

Are FW doing the same as GW and hiding the future in plain sight? This was shown during the visual feed from FW just emailed to subscribers and on the Warhammer App. Lord H just sent me the picture and asked the same question?

The video pans up through a Warhound, then a Reaver and on to a Warlord Titan. Reminiscent of the release order perhaps?

This is the best rendition of a Warlord Titan seen so far, echoes from the Imperial Knight in the head design, and when questioned back in 2012 at Gamesday, Will Hayes FW designer behind the Reaver Titan did say it was on his to-do list...

Am I just wish listing like SoB or Squat/Hrud rumours? We'll see... I'm getting one, whenever that'll be I will attempt to paint it myself and match Slayer Sword Winner Richard Gray's style who painted my Reaver and Warhounds!

9 Apr 2015

Iron Warriors Contemptor Dreadnought

Hi everyone, here is another new addition to the Iron Warrior ranks - the Iron Warriors Contemptor.
This is yet another mini I have had lying around for ages - the moment Forgeworld released it, I knew I had to have it, but then the Warhound got in the way and the Contemptor was relegated for a few months.
For the loadout, I went for a combination of weapons; twin linked Lascannon, Chain Fist and twin linked Heavy Bolter - all magnetised so I can swap them out. In practice I will probably run a Lascannon/Chain Fist combo so that I have both anti-tank and CC options.
The Havoc missiles were a given - even if I don't use them, they look pretty cool.

Just need to get it into a game now!

1 Apr 2015

Shadowsword - Iron Warriors

Hi guys - I have a new toy to share with you today; a Shadowsword super-heavy tank.

Its hard to tell now, but this is actually Siph's Shawdowsword that he converted back in 2009, but never got around to painting it - so I kindly re-purposed it for my Iron Warriors (not that I can really use it in games other than Apoc or 30k as Tormentor).

Siph had done some awesome work converting the tank to be 5 out of the 6 Shadowsword variants, although I ended up gluing the hull in the rear position, so its now not 100% accurate as the Banehammer and Doomhammers - but close enough for me.

I filed off the filthy imperial aquilas from the sides of the tank and anywhere else I could find them (other than the tracks - because...just no) - so it fits in with my Iron Warriors, although there is now heraldry on there.
 I actually started working on the tank back in Autumn last year - but got interrupted by a Titan, so promised myself that this would my next priority to get finished.
I treated the paint job in exactly the same way I would a normal Iron Warriors tank - just like a giant Rhino really. Which was fine until I got round to painting on all the edge highlights/scratches - which admittedly took me ages.
I'm pretty happy with how the weathering came out - I was a little concerned about the sheer flat expanse of some of the surfaces; even as detailed as they are, painting them as bare steel left it looking very sparse, but that wasn't really a problem after all the mud had gone on.

I hope you like - I can't wait to get it in a game and start blasting holes in Siphs Titans.
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