1 Apr 2015

Shadowsword - Iron Warriors

Hi guys - I have a new toy to share with you today; a Shadowsword super-heavy tank.

Its hard to tell now, but this is actually Siph's Shawdowsword that he converted back in 2009, but never got around to painting it - so I kindly re-purposed it for my Iron Warriors (not that I can really use it in games other than Apoc or 30k as Tormentor).

Siph had done some awesome work converting the tank to be 5 out of the 6 Shadowsword variants, although I ended up gluing the hull in the rear position, so its now not 100% accurate as the Banehammer and Doomhammers - but close enough for me.

I filed off the filthy imperial aquilas from the sides of the tank and anywhere else I could find them (other than the tracks - because...just no) - so it fits in with my Iron Warriors, although there is now heraldry on there.
 I actually started working on the tank back in Autumn last year - but got interrupted by a Titan, so promised myself that this would my next priority to get finished.
I treated the paint job in exactly the same way I would a normal Iron Warriors tank - just like a giant Rhino really. Which was fine until I got round to painting on all the edge highlights/scratches - which admittedly took me ages.
I'm pretty happy with how the weathering came out - I was a little concerned about the sheer flat expanse of some of the surfaces; even as detailed as they are, painting them as bare steel left it looking very sparse, but that wasn't really a problem after all the mud had gone on.

I hope you like - I can't wait to get it in a game and start blasting holes in Siphs Titans.


  1. That is 'dirty good' (excuse the pun).

    I was sceptical on first glance of the weathering, but when I blew up the photos, the effect suits it perfectly, and is right there in the Iron Warriors ethos.

    The general wear of the metal is also really well done.

    Good job mate - a tank to be proud off.

  2. It's really nice, though I must admit that, to my taste, you have been too generous with applying rust. Though an ancient war machine should be rusty and worn, it shouldn't be the dominating colour on an Iron Warriors vehicle. Still that's just my opinion. The paint job is really well done!

  3. It might have taken ages to do all those scratches and weathering, but it looks fantastic!

    I do agree a bit with Revan, bit excessive on the mud/rust effects, but hey, its your style and can't be faulted. (just a personal opinion). I feel it covers up a lot of your hard work.

    I still think it looks fantastic!

  4. I like it, the Iron Warriors are not going to care about painting their war machines during the long war, they've been fighting for 10,000 years, thats gonna attract some grime and dirt!

    I like it, glad you got to use it and paint it!

  5. Cheers guys - re. the rust, I think it's probably the lighting making it look more orange/rusty than it actually is. IRL it's a clay/muddy brown.

    My thinking is that Iron Warriors would take loads of care of their equipment - although not aesthetically, so all of the dirt you see would have been acquired right there and then mid-battle (a theme I've tried to carry through to the rest of my army).

  6. Very very very well done :)

  7. Beautifully done, man! Looks like it's been on campaign for sure!

  8. stunning! awesome looking tank 6th! will be interesting to see how it fairs verses loads of knights..

  9. Cheers LordH - let's think...D weapon shots vs Knights...would be interesting... Wouldn't fancy my chances with more than 2.


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