27 Apr 2015

Rapier Laser Alternatives WIP

A quick update, now that I am working on the hobby front again, whilst I was away I see that FW 'nicked' my idea ;)  Here are my Space Marine Rapier Laser Destroyers made from a Kickstarter project 6thDegree and I sponsored. He produced a decent Iron Warriors Laser Rapier in no time at all, I sat on mine...

That was until I bought a Damocles FW Command Rhino and decided to glue the back door shut, giving me two seats and sitting down marines to use... 'ding' great idea, I'll use them as gunners to man the Rapiers, I already have a FW Heavy Bolter one for size comparison, so I'll put these Kickstarter ones to good use.
Nowhere near as detailed as FW, but a decent tabletop equivalent. And then FW did these for the Solar Auxilla... sit on and ride Rapiers, great stuff!


  1. Those are looking great, man! I dig 'em!

  2. I like the alternatives, except that the front plates look a bit clean. Some dirtying up (or weathering up with a knife), might make them look a bit less factory fresh. From a scale and look perspective though, they are great!

  3. They are pretty cool :)

  4. Cheers Greg. These are work in progress, the finished article will have dirt and grime. This is just a base coat on the dozer blade


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