9 Apr 2015

Iron Warriors Contemptor Dreadnought

Hi everyone, here is another new addition to the Iron Warrior ranks - the Iron Warriors Contemptor.
This is yet another mini I have had lying around for ages - the moment Forgeworld released it, I knew I had to have it, but then the Warhound got in the way and the Contemptor was relegated for a few months.
For the loadout, I went for a combination of weapons; twin linked Lascannon, Chain Fist and twin linked Heavy Bolter - all magnetised so I can swap them out. In practice I will probably run a Lascannon/Chain Fist combo so that I have both anti-tank and CC options.
The Havoc missiles were a given - even if I don't use them, they look pretty cool.

Just need to get it into a game now!


  1. Though an awesome paintjob, the contemptor seems a bit miscast here and there. Especially the cyclone launcher and the shoulders. Could this perhaps be a recast?

  2. The helmet on this guy is awesome! Paintjob is good, but agree with Revan, some miscast issues here and there. I assume if not FW, then that's probably the price of saving some money, but if FW, you should have contacted them! They would have exchanged!

    Either way I'm sure it is something you can only see in photos!


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