22 Apr 2015

### Transmission Resumes ### New Games Room

Hello Readers, long time no speak. I've been in the process of moving and the weemen have been boxed up for over 5 months, but now they are back and unpacked in their new home. I proudly show off the new Weemen Room - I know it is, the sign says so! Here's the Black Library...
The Weemen Room MKII is bigger, more spacious and the new desk project/WIP area is brighter and now with added shelving for the paints, freeing up creative space on the desk. I've yet to improve the desk top itself, I will add a bigger top to increase the desk further.

The major change from the MKI room, is now the scenery has dedicated storage, dust free and easily got to. Plus I doubled the display capacity of the glass cabinets by sourcing another through a well known bidding auction site. The Necrons are growing, and as such have free reign in the new glass shelving. Up on the walls are Black Library framed prints and a First Edition White Dwarf No.1 from 1977 (plus a dodgy picture of me at the North Pole).
And finally, the games table itself, same as before but now I can get to all four sides during a battle - and the addition of the 25th Warhammer 40K print on the back wall below the classic Horus Vs The Emperor from an ancient double page White Dwarf spread - the best version I reckon, Horus looks deranged - I prefer this print from the colour one, it was a shame the FW Horus model didn't have 2x Lightning Claws imho.

Anyway, I digress, hope you like the new man cave, normal (albeit disrupted by work) service will resume... Just need to sort out where the Warlord Titan is going to go?!   :)


  1. Looks awesome dude. I am in the process of dismantling my man room as we have a baby due in July and unfortunately it can't sleep in the garage :D. I am being relegated to a corner in the bedroom (which I am still grateful for) so will have to be alot smarter with my stuff

  2. Wow. Nice setup. I'd love to have the room for something like that.

  3. So we having a game at yours then? Be a shame to let a dedicated room and painted terrain go to waste...

  4. It looks awesome, I wish I had space like that still (my original man cave desk had yours beat, but no space for a table unfortunately).

    Similarly to NafNaf my current desk space is being removed so we can move our first-born out into the spare room to allow space for the second, due in September. I keep trying to persuade the wife to go for a loft conversion but she's not convinced yet.

  5. Thanks for your comments,
    NafNaf/Nick sorry to hear you lose your mancaves but I guess it's for a good enough reason... you'll just have to get bigger houses like I did especially for the Weemen ;)
    6th, I'm sure there's plenty of time in the future for another trip South.

  6. That's a great room! Wow! I love how the titans are overseeing everything :)

  7. I agree with Greg- those Titans *make* the room. I have my own bat-cave, but it's not nearly as awesome. Nice!!!

  8. Impressive man cave man. Painting table and gaming table in one room... talk about the living the dream! :)

  9. Cheers Greg, Agemmanjw and Garfy. I know I’m a lucky sod.


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