31 May 2021

Necron Dynasty - Lokhust Heavy Destroyer w/ Enmitic Exterminator

Hello All, thanks for dropping in, I completed a little project I had prepped whilst away with work, so on my return I sent it straight to the front of the painting queue, a nice little mini to add to my Destroyer Force - I'm not sure what is in the Codex as I have not yet bought it, however I have 9 Destroyers, 2 Heavy Destroyers and a Destroyer Lord - I hope theses are still playable!
I opted for the rule of cool when it came to the weapon, the Gauss Destructor I guess is a replacement for a Heavy Gauss Cannon and the chosen Enmitic Exterminator is like a couple of Autocannons for horde clearing, but looks far superior so it stays, I'm sure my older two converted Heavy Destroyers can be counts-as Gauss Destructors.
I followed the same scheme as the previous Destroyers, a plain upper torso and blue shell. Red gauss energy effects.
I like the chips and dents the new sculpts have, makes them look a little more weathered and beaten.
'Tis a mighty fine looking behemoth of a gun - even if 3D3 shots at S7 -1AP D1 is a little lacklustre compared to a single S10 -4AP D-3D3 tank killer shot, but two different roles, just that Necrons don't have a problem clearing Hordes with the mainstay weapon being a Gauss Flayer.

This shows the size comparison between old and new 'heavy' destroyers - the older shell is actually considerably bigger but the new sculpt has a lot more mass. I like the addition of the non-flying stand base too, a nice update miniature, I just hope the old ones are playable!
Thanks for checking my latest addition to the Necron Dynasty,
Cheers, Siph (2pts)

24 May 2021

Adeptus Titanicus - Legio Mortis Warbringer Nemesis Titan

Hello Titan fans, a slightly smaller Titan than I am used to, but I have completed my second Adeptus Titanicus Titan, a Warbringer Nemesis Titan armed with the mighty Mori-Quake Cannon and twin Battle Titan Volcano Cannons.

I took inspiration from the box artwork and added black and white stripes on some of the panels, but followed loosely the same scheme as my Mortis AT Reaver, a red carapace and black and gold body.
I added some heat staining to the muzzles of the mighty Battle Titan Volcano Cannons, and chose black for the armour panels, some weapons I have done red armour plates.
The rear of the Titan, all the armoured plates are pretty much forward facing, this is a longer range artillery support Titan rather than a brawler like a Warlord or Reaver, as such I will probably field as long range weapon choices rather than a Titan Power Fist or Chain Fist.
That said, the armour panels are an improvement over the venerable Reaver with more interlocking plate and armoured thighs, the Reaver lacks armour in the thigh and upper arm area.
I added decals from the AT Legio Mortis Titan transfer sheets. 
And finally a shot showing the arm armaments, all magnetised, as are the Icarus AA flak guns, no idea why really, but the magnet slots were already pre-drilled so a simple 5mm x 1mm disc neodymium magnet was easy to fit.

Cheers, Siph (5pts AT Titan)

17 May 2021

Relictors Chapter Space Marines - Primaris Librarian

Hi all, thanks for dropping by, a small addition to the ever growing Relictors Chapter Space Marines, not only do I have an extensive (!) 5th Company, a growing 4th Company, a huge armoury and 1st Company Veterans... I also expanded into Primaris reinforcements.
This was a very decent eBay lot, then adapted from Ultramarines to my Relictors with the subtle changing of shoulder pauldrons to a black field and my skull decal. Rebased to match my existing forces.
Other than that, I contrast painted the Force Sword with some Magos Purple, love the effect that gives, added some Skeleton Horde to parchment and shaded recesses of cloak and done. A nice easy addition to the force and no delay, I'm busy with AT Titan at the moment but never like leaving my Relictors without some attention.
Here he is next to the other eBay purchase adapted to fit also, a nice contrasting pair, the Primaris Librarian looks positively ostentatious next to the muted Phobos Librarian, exactly as they should be. It's only right the Chapter reinforcements have Librarians to watch over the flock - those pesky Relictors get up to some shady stuff and need the psychic protection of Librarians!

Cheers, Siph.

10 May 2021

Relictors Primaris Firestrike Servo-Turret

Hello All, thanks for dropping by. The Primaris Force I have is slowly growing, and this was a nice stocking filler I picked up for myself, done in a couple of sittings and is really nice addition.
I chose the Las Talon weapons as some decent strength and AP can't do any harm, the Accelerator Autocannon are double the range S7 -1AP and 2 Dmg, whereas the twin Las Talon is a short range Lascannon.
I love the fact the Techmarine Gunner is fused to the machine, seeing through its auspex and data spike plugged in one side and the other loose, and his bionic arm plugged in too.
I chose to do my Techmarine's red armour to honour Mars but grey arms and helmet to honour the Chapter. Its a scheme replicated across the three Thunderfire Techmarines with various grey and red sections.
There is a lot of detail in this kit even though its a push-fit kit, you can't really tell and its done well.
I've also raised the platform slightly on a clear perspex stand so the Gravatic Ventral Plates hover just above the ground.
A view the enemy doesn't want to see, I've chosen Heavy Support chevron, it's primarily a defensive weapon, the Firestrike Servo-turret lays down withering volleys of fire to secure flanks or the Space Marines’ base of operations and can move position on the gravatic ventral plates to gain better positions as the fires rage on.
The perspex mount fits nicely into the base.
A nice effect achieved with minimal work, not sure why they didn't include a rod - maybe the push-fit compromise?

Cheers, Siph (5pts)

3 May 2021

Hobby Update - Whilst Away Working - Survival Kit

Hi all, thanks for dropping by, I often have to work away from the WeeMen Room and all my hobby goodness, so when I have to go away I take a little hobby with me. This is my simple set up at work, during downtimes at sea I can get the chance to get out the hobby - just so I don't forget why I work!
Manage much? Nope, but that's not the point - the point was to chill in the evening and take 5mins out of the day to forget the ship and duties and focus on something a little smaller. This is about all I managed to construct of a Warbringer Nemesis Titan for AT. I sprayed the sprues black before deploying so it was a case of trimming and filing and a little gluing.
This is my little hobby kit, few brushes and tools in a biscuit tin, some paints - limited but enough to progress a Titan if needed.
I also managed some of the prep work for some weapons, a Warlord Macro Gatling Blaster and a Mori Quake Cannon ready now for scrubbing and then painting.

I also was sent in the mail a small Necron kit to have, so I took advantage of the time to get that ready for painting when home.
Now home for a bit, I can hopefully get more done, here was the progress with the WBNT, ready for some sub-assembly painting at this stage.
And just so I could justify taking all those paints with me - I painted a Reaver Chainfist arm for my Mortis Reaver.

Not much, but all progress is good progress on hobby projects! 

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