17 May 2021

Relictors Chapter Space Marines - Primaris Librarian

Hi all, thanks for dropping by, a small addition to the ever growing Relictors Chapter Space Marines, not only do I have an extensive (!) 5th Company, a growing 4th Company, a huge armoury and 1st Company Veterans... I also expanded into Primaris reinforcements.
This was a very decent eBay lot, then adapted from Ultramarines to my Relictors with the subtle changing of shoulder pauldrons to a black field and my skull decal. Rebased to match my existing forces.
Other than that, I contrast painted the Force Sword with some Magos Purple, love the effect that gives, added some Skeleton Horde to parchment and shaded recesses of cloak and done. A nice easy addition to the force and no delay, I'm busy with AT Titan at the moment but never like leaving my Relictors without some attention.
Here he is next to the other eBay purchase adapted to fit also, a nice contrasting pair, the Primaris Librarian looks positively ostentatious next to the muted Phobos Librarian, exactly as they should be. It's only right the Chapter reinforcements have Librarians to watch over the flock - those pesky Relictors get up to some shady stuff and need the psychic protection of Librarians!

Cheers, Siph.


  1. Impressive stuff! I may need to get these guys someday for my own marines...

  2. He's looking sharp! Great work as always. I love the contrast between the "stealth" librarian and the more standard version. Great stuff!!


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