30 Mar 2020

Chaos Daemons - Plague Drones of Nurgle #2

Hello All, thanks for dropping by. Following on from last week's Plague Drones, I have finished the final three, an offering as blessings for Papa Nurgle to ward him away in these times, so now I either have two squads of three, or one big blob of six which can be fielded together for a more survivable and threatening board presence.  I have a couple of GUO to paint, perhaps this is the time for them... wish you all good health!

These three used the long Prehensile Proboscis, for a look like Elephant Rot Flies, I added some Nurgles Rot dripping out  of these disgusting proboscis.
The carapace and exoskeleton was done the same using Skeleton Horde and the wings the same as the first three, however the bodies of these three were blue and washed again Agrax, Sepia and Biel Tan. This Plaguebearer has the Icon of Chaos for the hopeful 'reality blinks' roll of a one...
I love the look of these Rot Flies, I'm tempted to buy a single one to make a Daemon Prince of Nurgle using it's thorax and wings and the torso of the Nurgle Champion with Axe.
The third of the Plague Drones has a Plague Sword for the re-rolls to wound and I used some Nihilakh Oxide to show the aged weapon.
And here is a shot of all six together, quite an intimidating look and presence on the battlefield, perhaps that is their secret weapon, I am yet to try them out so I look forward to that soon.

Thanks for dropping by, Cheers, Siph. (15pts)

27 Mar 2020

Legio Crucius - Reaver No.2 - WIP

Hello one and all!

Weemen should really be renamed titanmen for the number of titans on here! I've started the build on my second Reaver - name to be asigned soon!
The model has been washed and scrubbed, and then prepared for the build. I spent an evening cutting away all the flash, then the same evening to add all the various pins to help hold the model in place. The next phase is to add the magnets to the torso, and then to fix the joints to place. I am in two minds about the pose- whether to have her striding forward, or to have a fixed stance like my other Reaver.

More to come soon..

Stay Safe everyone LH

23 Mar 2020

Chaos Daemons - Plague Drones of Nurgle #1

Hello All, thanks for dropping by, I hope Papa Nurgle hasn’t blessed your house with COVID, but for people with all this time WFH or in isolation, I thought I’d give something back to Papa Nurgle in the form of some Nurgle Daemons, these are my first 'fast attack' options for the Nurgle Daemons, some Rotten Riders on Rot Flies... these are 10in moving, fly keyword, mainly melee with cavalry attacks along with the riders attacks, they also have a short range shooting attack in the form of throwing diseased 'death's heads' which are Assault 2 12in effectively Bolter shots.
These are painted with mainly contrast paints then washed and drybrushed to bring out the details like the wing filaments, and the skin tones. The harder exoskeleton was Skeleton Horde, whilst the wings Magos Purple then drybrushed Ulthuan Grey and washed thin layer of Skeleton Horde to look diseased.

This Plague Drone has the Instrument of Chaos, a doom bell, for the plus one to Advance and Charge rolls.
Once the main block colours are down I added a wash to each to differentiate, one Agrax, one Sepia and one Biel Tan Green. The guts were Screamer Pink and Pink Horror with liberal use of Blood for the Blood God and Nurgles Rot in places.

The Rotten Riders are Plaguebearers with Plague Swords and the Death's Heads missiles, and the Rot Fly has a Prehensile Proboscis for additional attacks and trying to suck the innards out of wounded foes.
I have another three Plague Drones to finish, so a nice addition to the growing Daemon Incursion, fast plentiful attacks and wounds - they should give the enemy something to worry about, a little, not much as a 5++ and a disgustingly resilient roll isn't the best, but can sometimes be a pain to get through.

Cheers, Siph (15pts - 3 'Dreadnought' size)

20 Mar 2020

Deathwatch - Primaris Captain - WIP

Hello All,

I thought I'd better add some characters to my Deathwatch force - up first is my current WIP, a Primaris Captain of the Imperial Fists. This was a captain from GW stores birthday events.
The model has been painted like the vehicles, with a base metallic black, then highlights. I opted to have a yellow cape to enforce the IF background. The model had a IF shoulder pad from Forge World added to complete the look.
I've spent time to blend the yellow of the cape, and I am happy with the look, I also sought to get the face right, as normally I'd to a base/wash/highlight and done - this time I've gone all in to get the eyes right.
Thanks for looking! Cheers, Lord Halfpenny.

16 Mar 2020

Imperial Knights - Dominus Class Valiant Knight

Hello fellow Knight Scions, thanks for dropping by. Whilst I was painting last week's Dominus Castellan from my friends Terryn to now Vassal Knights of Astorum, I worked on the Dominus Class Valiant Knight, the short-range brutal killer Knight 'Countess Joscelin' riding 'Iron God'.
The scheme is very similar to the box art Terryn Knight but adapted to Legio Astorum by liberal use of FW Legio Astorum transfers, and yellow instead of cream/white panels. The trim is the same as my Titans and the blue is Kantor Blue, again the same as my Titans.
The bases follow my usual recipe of Mournfang Brown, Karak Stone and Ushabti Bone with the addition of some slate pieces from the garden, drybrushed and sealed to blend in.
I quite like the exposed gubbins and the dual reactor cores on the rear of the Knights, I chose to keep this one standard build, no extended legs, its a short-range bruiser, its immense yet smaller bulk compared to my Castellan makes sense to me.
The Astorum star constellation decals are quite effective on these, and I've since added heat staining to the top cannon barrels, always miss something until you see it in photos!
As usual with all my Knights so far, the viewport is silver with Soulstone Blue technical paint, easy and effective looking without blending. Can't wait to use this Knight in battle, I think he'll be bruising!
And finally a shot of both the Dominus Knights together, a hefty pair - until compared to my Titans! Of course... nothing beats a Warlord Titan! lol ;)
Thanks for stopping by, cheers, Siph (20pts Knight)

13 Mar 2020

Legio Crucius - Titan Weapon Upgrades - WIP

Hello One and All,

Another week flies by, another hobby week complete. This week I have been working on the Reaver  Astramos weapon upgrades I have waiting to finish.

Probably one of the most sought after weapons, this one I found in my bitz box - no idea when I picked this one up!
This has been painted like the fist, with Legio Crucius Black and White stripes with a gold trim. I need to add a wash and then a final highlight to complete. The pose was done to match the fist for a close combat monster.

'Dreadfire' Reaver
The second and third weapon arms are the Apocalypse Missile Launcher pods. I've finished the basecoat of the trim and again need to wash/highlight the trim to complete. I will also need to spray the missiles white, and add to finish the arms off.
Getting there, nearly done with these upgrades, the 2nd Reaver will probably get the Dreadfire loadout amongst other arms I have, all interchangeable as seen HERE.

Cheers, Lord Halfpenny.

9 Mar 2020

Imperial Knights - Dominus Class Knight Castellan

Hello Knight Scions and Princeps all, here is a mighty addition to the Vassal Knights of Legio Astorum that support my Legio Astorum Titan Maniple. I bought this part painted from my good friend and fellow Legio Astorum Princeps John. His trim colour was different from mine, however the blue panels and endoskeleton were very useable and match my existing Knights and Armigers.
First job was to deconstruct the Knight to add leg extensions and toe armour from Shapeways. These knee joints give an extra inch of height to the already larger Dominus Knight, I wanted this Castellan to be the High King of my Vassal Knights so he will even tower over the planned Knight Valiant.
Here is the toe armour, reminiscent of the Warlord Titan, I like this little addition. It also has Heraldic Shields like the Warlord Titan.
Meet 'High King Lucius Darius' riding 'Adamant Wrath'.

And here is the completed Knight after a week of re-trimming, applying the decals for Legio Astorum and rebuilding and re-basing. I touched up the metal pistons with a line of grime with Chestnut Ink, the barrels with heat staining washes Nuln Oil / Asurman Blue / Purple / Sepia. I also drybrushed the black on smoke stacks and muzzles. Painted up some wires and copper pipes etc, plus finished off the main arm weapons and all the AdMech cog and skull icons.
The heraldic shields were also Shapeways additions, I added suitable Astorum decals from the FW decal sheet on a base of yellow.
The slate on the bases was from the garden, washed and dried and glued down. I drybrushed these with the highlight colours of the base to blend in.
Here is four of the AdMech icons, there is another two on the  Plasma Decimator.
As an added bonus, John had also magnetised the cannons and Sheildbreaker Missiles so I can swap them out for eachother. I'm currently working on my own Dominus Class Valiant Knight so will be able to do a height comparison soon, but for now have some Titan / Knight comparisons!
And here is the largest Knight with the much larger Warlord Titan, the Knight Castellan looks tiny!
And lastly, a comparison to the much smaller (compared to the Warlord) scout class Warhound Titan. Very pleased with the Knight from John, hopefully he is happy it went to a good home and is now incorporated into the Vassal Knights of Legio Astorum.

Cheers, Siph. (10pts, half points for part painted)
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