20 Mar 2020

Deathwatch - Primaris Captain - WIP

Hello All,

I thought I'd better add some characters to my Deathwatch force - up first is my current WIP, a Primaris Captain of the Imperial Fists. This was a captain from GW stores birthday events.
The model has been painted like the vehicles, with a base metallic black, then highlights. I opted to have a yellow cape to enforce the IF background. The model had a IF shoulder pad from Forge World added to complete the look.
I've spent time to blend the yellow of the cape, and I am happy with the look, I also sought to get the face right, as normally I'd to a base/wash/highlight and done - this time I've gone all in to get the eyes right.
Thanks for looking! Cheers, Lord Halfpenny.


  1. That's coming along nicely mate, good job on the face so far, a tiny highlight of Kislev flesh on the nose and cheekbones would finish it off nicely. That desk needs a hoover of all that Reaver dust!

    1. But, but Reaver dust gives the model texture...

      BTW, why does everyone's 'WIP' minis look like my 'finished' ones?

  2. The model looks just fine to me.


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