28 Mar 2022

Relictors Space Marines - Sternguard Razorback

Hi all, thanks for dropping by, I have finished a much needed transport option for my recently completed Sternguard Squads, an Assault Cannon armed Razorback.
This was an eBay purchase from previously Death Company Blood Angels, so the wonky barrels on the Assault Cannon turret are not my doing. Hardly noticeable until pointed out.
The doors and headlamps were 3rd party Resin kits I believe, the resin colour was green when I scratched the surface so not original, but a nice addition to my Relictors force, similar to the Whirlwind Artillery tanks I have done previously with Arcane Ruins big skulls on the doors (HERE).
I used my usual go to for heat staining the barrels, Nuln-Drakenhof Nightshade-Leviathan Purple-Sepia washes. Easy to do and looks effective.
The naming of my tanks continues, this time after a Tom Cruise film - great film. The Company number is also 1st Company to show it is attached to the Sternguard Veterans.
The front plough was from Forge World (I added to the eBay tank) I had been waiting for an opportunity to add it to a tank for years, I think its even OOP now! - and decals also from FW. The Chains were from the Chaos Rhino kit, accessories sprue - why buy a Rhino when you can get loads of spares for Relictors vehicles with a few Chaos Rhinos...
A fine addition to the Sternguard armoury and my ever growing Battle Company+

Cheers, Siph (5pts)

25 Mar 2022

WIP - Deathwatch and Terain

 Hello all! 

This week has been a little mental, thus not as much progressed on the hobby table as planned, however here is a quick update;


I am working through a squad of 9 Intercessors, all about about ready for highlights and final details as well a resin bases. I am looking to add a few decals to these for the chapter symbols, at the moment I haven't got these planned. 

I am also working on 3 Inceptors and 3 Outriders. All have had the deathwatch shoulder paldrons added. These will be following the same scheme as my other deathwatch.

Food Shack?

I've recently bought some MDF terrain to try, and to model. I am planning on having a built up imperial world with some sizable buildings to fight over and in between, The first one I've built is this 'food shack' which I will convert to house a weapon seller, with weapons on the back wall on frames, as well as helmets etc.

I've recently bought a texture spray to base the model once primed to add depth to the model - one of the complains I've seen with regards MDF terrain is that its very 'flat'. hopefully this texture, plus the additions to it will make it pop! I also may look to add an LED or 2 to it as well! LH

21 Mar 2022

Relictors Space Marines - Sternguard Squad w/ Combi-Plasma


Hello All, thanks for dropping by. My latest offering (scheduled as I am away) is my Sternguard Squad armed with Combi-Plasma Bolters, a fearsome Squad to drop down in a Drop Pod or out of a Rhino/Razorback.
These complement my existing Sternguard Squads, Special Issue Bolters and Heavy Bolters seen HERE, or my crazy burning braziers ten man Combi-Melta Squad HERE
The Sergeant is made from the Limited Edition Thunderhammer/Storm Shield veteran from a while back, I used his Storm Shield on my jump Captain with Teeth of Terra (HERE)
I put an Iron Halo on one pad with some decal chequers. This was a FW Combi-Plasma Bolter, hence the compact size.
The Powerpack was from the old metal Cypher  model, it was sold in packs of ten with a Fabius Bile manipulating arm back pack years ago, I picked one up for these and my Apothecary.
The Chainsword from the Sternguard plastics
These two Sternguard were painted in 2009! The cloaked one in May 2009, re-armed with a Combi-Melta in June 2011 and again converted to Combi-Plasma some time ago...
Good to finally see the back of them after all these years (pun intended!) Haha
The newer additions to make up numbers, a mix from mainly Sternguard plastics
Feels good to finally get these off the overdue to-do pile!

Cheers, Siph (3pts - two from 2009)

18 Mar 2022

Deathwatch Lieutenant from the Rainbow Warriors - Done

 Hello All!

Another week past, another model complete! This time is the humble Lieutenant hailing from the Rainbow Warriors Chapter.

This was a kit bash with several parts added the model, with a slight conversion of the left arm to have the gun pointing from a straight arm - the gun was cut away from the original arm with the arm bent, and the strap removed (purity seal to hide the sins of the chop) and then added to the arm thats out straight. The head is from the Hellblasters kit. Again I used a resin base as per all my Deathwatch marines.

The scheme follows the same with all Deathwatch, metallic black and a deep red for the weapons. The helmet on his waist has had the lieutenant White/Red stripe added.

I also added a dash of colour to the left knee to denote links to the rainbow warriors based on old imaging found online and from index astartes. I did try to free hand the symbol.. not the greatest at all, however I am happy with it. I also added the word 'Rainbow' to the right shoulder pauldron. 

Another addition to the force.. hopefully next some troops! LH (10pts)

14 Mar 2022

Legio Astorum - Forge World Lucius Warhound Titan - WIP #2

Hello Titanseers, Princeps Siph returns with news on the Warhound construction. I thought I'd show the step by step process of basing Titans. I believe the base on Forge World Titans makes for a stronger and more stable build, the base acts as a third side of a triangle (Leg-Leg-Base) making the stance and pose stronger, less likely to topple over or splay.

I firstly cut a base from 5mm MDF board using a jigsaw, the uppermost edges are then sanded smooth and after I have lined up with the Titan feet and marked holes for the screw attachments, I can use PVA glue and sand mix to coat the base, garden slate chips make nice additions to break up the base and useful if like mine you have a toe that does not sit flush to the base due to previous construction.

The Titan is affixed to the base using wide headed screws, these designed specifically for plastic, a Forstner-bit is used to cut a depression on the underside of the base so when screwed and tight, the base still sits flush. The Titan is glued to the base using two-part epoxy as well as these screws forming a super strong attachment. (I also did this stage before apllying the sand and stone mix - just easier)
The base is painted Mournfang Brown leaving patches to ensure a proper glue bond to the base, these can be tidied up when the Titan is glued in place.
The previous build for this Titan meant this toe did not sit flush to a flat base, so a slate chip was inserted to allow a perfect surface area for gluing and also linking the Titan to the base rather than just standing atop the base.
There you have it, the base can now be drybrushed and have tufts and debris applied whilst I paint the rest of the Titan. Once all done, I will glue the Titan legs to the base and screw in the wide-head screws, providing the strong and stable base for the rest of the Titan build.
Dubious chaotic arm in the colours of Relictors and seal of Inquisition?
Some Ultramarine debris, in honour of Lord TITANium Halpenny's largest force

Cheers, Princeps Seniores Siph

11 Mar 2022

Deathwatch Jump Pack Chaplain - Done

Hello All!

This week had seen the completion of another member of my Deathwatch force - a Chaplain with a jump pack. The moment I saw this model I knew somehow I would have to include at least one of them in a force - and with the Deathwatch I have that ability! 

I've not changed anything on the model, as I feel the pose is very dyanmic. I painted the base colour the same as all the others, however I picked out the Blood Angels aspets with Red and Gold to denote his status as a Chaplain. 

The jump pack was painted with red wings, highlighted with a bright orange against the red, which had a wash of Agrax to dull the colour slightly. 

The eyes were picked out in the same blues as the helmet lenses, with a cooler, lighter blue used to add a hue around the eye sockets. I used the same blues to add to the jet pack engine.

Again, really happy with the finish, now time to add some troops! LH (10pts)

7 Mar 2022

Relictors Space Marine Vanguard Biker Detachment

Hello All, (a bit of a filler post but no apologies, its a worthy sight) - after a successful Squaduary painting pledge of a Space Marine Bike Squad, I thought I would show off the entire Bike Vanguard contingent of my Relictors Battle Company. Now five full squads, Scout Bikes, Attack Bikes and some Characters. 
The Attack Bikes can be found HERE. The Scout Bikes HERE and the Master of the Forge HERE 
The Characters for the Biker contingent, Chaplain, Captain on a Jet Bike and a Librarian

Now, just need a battle to let them rip! Cheers, Siph.


4 Mar 2022

Deathwatch NovaMarines Watch Master - Done!

 Hello all!

Another week, another completed model - this time, my Deathwatch Watch Master. 

I did a slight conversion on the model with an arm swap with Inquisitor Corteaz' left arm, to include the double headed eagle - based on the eagle on the banner for Talasa Prime banner shown in the codex. I was able to add parts of the original left arm so that the Watch Master is armed with the clavis.
The armour and trim has been painted as per the rest of my Deathwatch - however I opted to have a deep green effect for the guardian spear instead of the blue I've used on other power weapons, just so that the model stands out more. The green effect was done with several layers of green highlighted up to white,  then washed with a camo green and the tesseract glow, then white highlight reapplied. The model has a white/blue cheques on his right pauldron to denote links to the NovaMarines. 

 I spent some time on the head to get the right skin tone, and then the same with the beard, with several layers of grey up to pure white. His cape I kept simple, with a red outer, highlighed up, and a deep purple inner. The 'I's' were picked out in White to contrast against the deep red. 

The base selected is also slightly higher so that the model isn't lost in a group of Primaris Marines.. can't have the main man missing! 

The model faces - his head, the skull and the left eagle head are all looking in the same direction -with the right eagle head looking into the Watch Masters face - I feel this adds character to the final results. 

Thanks for stopping by! LH (10pts)

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