22 Apr 2013

Relictors Space Marine Scout Bike Squad Finished

Here is my latest offering at long last, they have taken longer than expected, but the sheer amount of little details on these guys slowed me down, I know, even slower than normal! I'm not the fastest painter in the world by far.
These are a great kit, plenty of additional details, that said, I've only used a few on each, these are my light reconnaissance squad, the other squad will be made of the old metal scout miniatures and some 'normal' SM bikes loaded up with plenty of saddlebags, fuel cans etc etc. They are WYSIWYG so I had to add Shotgun Holters to all the bikes - but the rules are 2 shot Assault, the TL Bolters are Rapid Fire and bikes are relentless? So, why bother with Shotguns?

The Shotgun wielding scout above has an empty bike holster, because he's holding his shotgun! The bikes have plenty of screens, buttons, weapon options (TL Bolters or Astartes Grenade Launchers), bandoliers of Grenades, ropes, Shotgun shells, roll mats (I've painted to match the Camo Cloaks on my previous Scout Squads seen here).
The Biker Helmets are from Pig Iron, and are their Heavy Infantry Heads.  These two bikers show the Astartes Grenade Launchers - who is not to like Rapid Fire Frag and Krak out to 12/24in?
Finally, the Sergeant, he wears a Respirator head from the Scout Biker kits, echoing the other Scout Squads on foot, they have SM Respirator Heads. He also has a grenade and rope at his waist and a FW combi-flamer for a nice template weapon before the charge...
Thanks for reading, I hope you like...


  1. They are looking pretty awesome - I love all the extras you've added.

  2. Excellent stuff. I like the weathering and 'cobra viper' helmets. Nice red effect on them. Did you gloss the control panels and helmet visor? One nice little trick I tried with my bikes was drilling the exhaust pipes in a similar way to drilling bolters. Would highly recommend it as it gives a nice bit of detail.


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