16 Apr 2013

Iron Warriors - Chaos Lord

Hi all – today I am showing off my newly finished Chaos Lord for my Iron Warriors.
It is another model from Hi-Tech Miniatures and is obviously a Perturabo counts-as (the model is actually called Proturbo...) and I will be using him as my primary Lord until Forgeworld get around to making a Perturabo model for the Heresy series. He would also probably be suitable as a counts-as Abaddon if I were ever to play in a tournament that required special characters.... ;)
The model is a bit of a beast – he is a good size larger than a Terminator, but given his Primarch/Lordly status, still fits nicely in the army.
The model isn’t packed with as many details as the Obliterator counts-as models from Hi-Tech, but is still a nice sculpt. I guess my only criticism is that the cape is very static and lifeless on the reverse.
To help it fit in to the utilitarian theme of the army, I tried to keep the painting toned down (I would have liked to go a little crazy on my primary HQ model – but it wouldn’t fit in with the rest of the army) and just focused on the features around the models head as a central focus.
The model comes with a scenic base – which is nice, but stands him an inch even higher...seeing as I am going to be using him in games and would like a cover save every now and then, I magnetised the scenic base and also knocked together a simple GW base for him to swap out to.
I feel like the army is really coming together now and the 1850pts list I have had in my head since last year is now only missing two models to be complete (hint – they both fly and are the bane of most MEQ players lives).


  1. Nice work. Good call keeping him toned down to fit with the army lore. If you want to get fancy you can always paint up one of the Phoenician's pansies ;)

  2. You are a lean mean painting machine 6thdegree!!

  3. very pretty - looks even better in "real life"


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