31 Jan 2012

Warmachine – Khador Widowmakers

Here we have a completed unit of Khador Widowmakers. These guys are a long range sniper unit and are pretty infamous in Warmachachine for their ease of picking off enemy infantry units from afar and damaging specific Warjack components.

I have tried to take inspiration from Assassins Creed by giving them white cloaks (I never want to paint white again!!!) which also fits with their fluff and will make them stand out in a predominantly red army.

I’m pretty happy with these guys – it’s the first time I have had to paint glasses/lenses and the colour white; it’s been a great way to start picking up some new techniques.

…still need to make a decision on the bases…

25 Jan 2012

Warmachine – Khador Man O War Shocktroopers

Its been a while since I’ve posted anything on here – mainly down to how busy I’ve been over the xmas period and getting burned out painting a ton of ‘Nids for Blog Wars 2 back in December.

Since then I have started playing Warmachine (and also picked up Dreadfleet – but more on that at some other time) and me and GreyLamb from Sheep of War picked up the two player battle box – with him taking the high-and-mighty (read ‘douchebags’) Protectorate of Menoth and me taking the glorious forces of Khador.

I’m really liking Warmachine (not that I am thinking of dropping 40K) and my initial thoughts are:

  • models are roughly the same price as GW but the armies are typically smaller, so less investment up front and you can play a game in much shorter times if you want (we’ve had games last around 45 mins),
  • a change to a single Warcaster or unit can completely change the feel of your army,
  • the game system works and has regular releases/updates - which is nice (where's my 2nd 'Nid wave GW???!!!),
  • I get to play with toys that are unavailable to ‘Nids (like big robots and guns!!!!).

The models are also really nice and I’ve really enjoyed painting them…so first up is a unit of Man O War Shocktroopers.

I am trying to give the army a bit of a cartoony feel although I was tempted to paint in a little battle damage or weather them slightly, but ultimately I get the feeling that the Khador government would prioritise military equipment maintenance over silly things like public welfare...

I'm not decided on the bases yet either; they look nice but a bit dull - I have some decent snow flock I think I will try adding to a test base.

Thoughts/comments/criticism are welcome as always.

23 Jan 2012

Legion of the Damned Multi Melta Legionnaire

Before I had the Legion of the Damned Squad posted here, I had purchased the Heavy Weapon Multi-Melta Legionnaire to take advantage of the Legion's Slow and Purpseful/Relentless ability and Deep Strike (with re-roll if needed) to get rid of any pesky heavy tanks - looking at you Ultramarines! The problem was then to match the wicked paint scheme. So with a little experimentation and a lot of checking the other members as I went along, I painted this fella to match.

The hardest part was to do a convincing job on the armour flames, but I think they match the rest of the squad quite well. The bone pieces were simply Graveyard Earth base with Bleached Bone and Skull White highlights dumbed down with a Devlan Mud wonder wash. The flames from the base were taken from a spare set on the original Flamer armed Legionnaire, nice 'cos it means they all get some! Metallics were tarnished with Devlan Mud and Badab Black washes, and some Tin Bitz on the MM nozzle. Here they all are together, ready to deep strike and be a thorn in Pornstarjedi's or 6thDegree's flanks! I've scheduled this post whilst away at sea, hope the other two have been posting to keep you avid readers amused...

9 Jan 2012

Black Library - Catechism of Hate *EDIT

The aptly named book, Limited to 1500 copies, £30 is already sold out...

I am feeling nerd rage as I wanted one yet Black Library has sold them all to greedy gits who are now flogging them on ebay for £90 or more... one seller had more than 10 copies, a tidy profit! One seller is selling a copy for £169.

Is this just sour grapes 'cos I didn't get one or more, or should Black Library perhaps ask its registered users first divs on a single copy before selling multiple ones...

RANT over. Back to painting now I've nothing to read at sea... see you in May...ish. Have a lovely easter folks.


Edit* I emailed Black Library and got a response which at least sounds a little more positive:

"It is not Black Library's policy to actively support re-sellers. As it stands there is nothing legally we can do to stop them. That said, I agree with you - the situation is less than ideal. We are currently looking at ways to implement limited supply, which should in turn reduce the amount of re-sellers. This should hopefully be in place for the next limited edition book. Thanks again for sending us your thoughts on the matter"

Right, off to sea in a few hours... see ya, and Admiral Drax, thanks!

3 Jan 2012

Relictors Marneus Calgar - Marneus Relicgar

Happy New Year all, thought I'd start the year with a long overdue miniature which I've had as a WIP for sometime. Nothing like a factory line of 4 drop pods to get you distracted by something less boring... may I present you all - Marneus Relicgar, God Of War, Eternal Warrior and a whole big can of whoop-ass.

I converted the Mareus Calgar model slightly to undo all the Ultramarine goodies, skulls were added to the leather straps hanging from the waist, a big 'U' shield was substituted for a spare Skull and Crossbones one on his right pauldron, the Ultramarine symbol on his right gauntlet was filed off and a terminator crux added instead. The 'U' inside the Iron Halo was substituted for a grimacing skull. Only the belt buckle remained,but I just painted the surround gold as well to mask the upper edge. I used a spare MKIII helmet to further differ him from normal Marneus' minis. I think it works well in Grey. The green power cables and the bone colour weapons echo those throughout the rest of my force. Finally a nice purple leaf pattern was added to the edge of the cloak to add some interest. Hope you like.
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