25 Jan 2012

Warmachine – Khador Man O War Shocktroopers

Its been a while since I’ve posted anything on here – mainly down to how busy I’ve been over the xmas period and getting burned out painting a ton of ‘Nids for Blog Wars 2 back in December.

Since then I have started playing Warmachine (and also picked up Dreadfleet – but more on that at some other time) and me and GreyLamb from Sheep of War picked up the two player battle box – with him taking the high-and-mighty (read ‘douchebags’) Protectorate of Menoth and me taking the glorious forces of Khador.

I’m really liking Warmachine (not that I am thinking of dropping 40K) and my initial thoughts are:

  • models are roughly the same price as GW but the armies are typically smaller, so less investment up front and you can play a game in much shorter times if you want (we’ve had games last around 45 mins),
  • a change to a single Warcaster or unit can completely change the feel of your army,
  • the game system works and has regular releases/updates - which is nice (where's my 2nd 'Nid wave GW???!!!),
  • I get to play with toys that are unavailable to ‘Nids (like big robots and guns!!!!).

The models are also really nice and I’ve really enjoyed painting them…so first up is a unit of Man O War Shocktroopers.

I am trying to give the army a bit of a cartoony feel although I was tempted to paint in a little battle damage or weather them slightly, but ultimately I get the feeling that the Khador government would prioritise military equipment maintenance over silly things like public welfare...

I'm not decided on the bases yet either; they look nice but a bit dull - I have some decent snow flock I think I will try adding to a test base.

Thoughts/comments/criticism are welcome as always.


  1. Nice! - I think your right about the bases - considering your winterguard/Widowmakers will look awesome with snow bases it might be better to include it on the Man-O-War. You are putting me to shame painting these though, i need to get on with my ALMIGHTY Menoth

  2. Absolutely loving the Men O' War, looking great! Though I think you've misspelt "appalling". As in "I took the appalling forces of Khador" :P

  3. Cheap words coming from a Cygnar sitzpinkler!


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