30 Jun 2023

Deathwatch Veterans - Done!

Hello one and all,

Its been a while since I registered any 'complete' squads, so here one is!

To add to the Deathwatch force, a 5 Marine firstborn Veteran squad, with support from a 5 Marine terminator squad. The scheme is exactly like the previous units, with metallic black base, and similar light/dark blue lenses trying to add a little light source glow to them.

A couple of the terminators are armed with the additional melta gun with the power fist, as per the Salamander character in the Cassius squad. These were converted years ago when the option was allowed. However I like the look, and haven't removed them. The meltas were spare from the centurion squad. Also included is a teminator with a converted combi melta. I thought serg's could have these, however this isn't the case. I retained the weapon just incase I opt to use him as a Captain.

 Cheers for stopping by! LH (15pts) 

26 Jun 2023

Adeptus Mechanicus - Secutarii Peltasts - Squad #2

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping by. The second of my Commissioned Adeptus Mechanicus Secutarii Peltast Squads. I have had these Titan Guard painted in the scheme of Legio Astorum, blues and yellow helms to mimic the God-Engines they protect. I had an Omnispex added to the squad to negate the benefits of cover for the enemy.
The Alpha with yellow and gold pauldrons and 'command hand' pointing...
Secutarii Peltasts use their flexible galvanic casters to engage all manner of enemies. This electro-galvanically driven, multi-function projectile launcher has a variety of firing modes, each suited to a different target. 
Peltasts may fire Flechette Burster (Rapid Fire2, 24in St3, Dmg1, AP0); burn concealed infiltrators out of cover with retina-searing Ignis Charges (Assault D3, 18in, St3 Dmg1, AP0 but don't need LoS); or pick off elite combatants with supersonic armour-piercing Kinetic Hammershot (Heavy1, St4, 30in, Dmg1, AP-2). They can also once per game  confuse and disorient heavily-armed combatants with a canister of blinding chaff meaning instead of shooting they can be -1 to Hit for ranged weapons - ideal when manoeuvring into a firing position.Cheap troops, Titan Guard units can be attached to Battle Forged Adeptus Mechanicus forces without affecting their Forge World Dogma, but these Secutarii don't benefit from the Dogma.

I have three more Peltast Squads to finish off, just adding my flock mix in patches to the base to match all my armies and re-doing the base rims with my standard Calthan Brown as Mournfang Brown is slightly darker.

Cheers, Siph.

23 Jun 2023

WIP - Primaris Desolator Marines

 Desolators.. the great Marmite of the Primaris range.. love them, hate them.. they definitely split the camps.

For me, I was't keen. They reminded me of the t-shirt launchers seen at events, and also sdome versions of the Nerf guns.. Thus a change was needed.

I had a plan the moment I saw them, and have now completed the squad of 10 - however I thought I'd see what feedback is of them.

I've used the heavy bolter from the HH heavy set, with the main gun removed. The missile pods have been modified either by bending in two for the 4 rocket version, or shorted for the serg launcher, or cut in two and reset for the 2 launcher version.I'll post a 'how to soon' based on feedback..

These are for my Deathwatch force, and have various 3D shoulder pads added.





Thanks for looking! C&C welcomed! LH

19 Jun 2023

Imperial Knights - Vassal Knights of Legio Astorum - Knight Errant #2

Welcome Readers, thanks for dropping by. My latest addition to the growing Vassal Knights Banner for Legio Astorum, a Questoris Class Knight Errant.
Meet Sir Maximilian riding 'Pride of Lucius'
I used a number of decals from the Baneblade sheet and Imperial Guard sheets to depict the personal heraldry of Sir Maximilian over the existing stripes, the only panels I left from the original scheme. The yellow was FW Clear Sigsmund Yellow over a white base, with Citadel Yellow wash in the recesses to darken them.
The rear Pauldrons is where the Vassal Knights of Astorum show their loyalty to the Imperium.
The base was modelled with some ruins, I added some sand and gravel, grass tufts and reinforced the feet with some sand piles and painted to match my own forces. The Reactor Housing got my customary brass finish.
Here you can see the hazard stripes that caught my eye, and the replacement Heavy Stubber. Decals were from the OOP FW Legio Astorum decal sheet. I also repainted the toes to match my other Knights.
This was the eBay rescue, not a bad job and magnetised arms. The blue was a lighter blue and I had to repaint extensively with the exception of some trim pretty much. I liked the two tone scheme, the heat staining on the Thermal Cannon and the price (about a 1/3 RRP). I had a missing chest plate which I don't mind and a missing Heavy Stubber I replaced using a Primaris one.

That's now 19 Knights and Armigers... still have that box of Renegade to start and another Questoris Knight to complete...

Knight Seneschal: High King Lucius Darius riding Dominus Castellan 'Adamant Wrath'
Knight Baron: Baron Tybalt riding Questoris Warden 'Triumphal'
Knight Scion: Countess Joscelin riding Dominus Valiant 'Iron God'
Knight Scion: Sir Geraint riding Cerastus Castigator 'Heretics Bane'
Knight Scion: Alpha Augreus Vladimus riding Mechanicum Cerastus Atrapos 'Ryh-83'
Knight Scion: Sir Selwyn riding Questoris Crusdaer 'Honour Intractable'
Knight Scion: Sir Greigor riding Questoris Paladin 'Oathkeeper'
Knight Scion: Sir Olwyn riding Questoris Paladin 'Honoured Vigilance'
Knight Scion: Sir Taurus riding Questoris Gallant 'Carnivore'
Knight Scion: Lady Natanya riding Questoris Errant 'Gloria Fury'
Knight Scion: Sir Maximilian riding Questoris Errant 'Pride of Lucius'
Armiger Squire: Knave Izrael riding Warglaive 'Bane of Iron'
Armiger Squire: Knave Balthazar riding Warglaive 'Unalloyed Victus'
Armiger Squire: Knave Luxious riding Helverin 'Fury of Thaemar'
Armiger Squire: Lady Irmaa riding Helverin 'War Strider'
Armiger Squire: Lady Melandra riding Helverin 'Blue Jackal'
Freeblade: Gerantius riding Questoris Errant 'The Forgotten Knight'
Freeblade: Sir Hekhtur the Chainbreaker riding Questoris Preceptor 'Canis Rex'
Custodes Indentured Knight: Sir Hestor riding Questoris Errant 'Imperius Rex'

Cheers, Siph (20pts)

12 Jun 2023

Terrain and Scenery - Big Crane

Welcome readers, thanks for dropping by. I have a rather large a$$ crane this week! This will form part of the terrain we use at Titan Owners Club UK Walks, converted from a child's toy.
The base is hidden under a trimmed down Aquila Landing Pad I had as it was a miscast with one panel of the four half formed which I converted into battle damage.
The mid gantry is protected by a Heavy Bolter wielding Servitor
The controls deck was made using some terrain and cutting away the drivers seat. Here I placed a second Servitor.
The counterweight on the rear I simply added some gubbins to look less toy and a little grimdark.
The basic hook was replaced with the Ad Mech scenery totally impractical skull grabber thingy...
And a Warhound Titan for scale... its BIG...
Really BIG!

Here is a shot of the toy in all its fun colours glory.
The paint job was a simple but effective black, patchy sprayed Leadbelcher and washed with a watered down Calthan Brown wash and left to dry, this ages the look. A few details were picked out and a few working parts were drybrushed Iron Hands Steel to show some use. I even used the original cardboard sleeve and added some decals.

Cheers, Siph (10pts... its really BIG (Aquila Landing Pad and Crane...))

5 Jun 2023

Legio Astorum Forge World Reaver Titan - Carapace Vulcan MegaBolter

Hello all and thanks for dropping by. If you are as old as me, and own Titans, you will also be disappointed that a kit from 2006 still only has one carapace weapon option, and the AT versions have plenty... come on Forge World, where are my Titan Weapon options?
This was made using an old Lucius Pattern Warhound Titan Vulcan MegaBolter, I liked the simplicity as the armour shielding is symmetrical whereas the Mars version is asymmetric and would need the modelling skills of my Titan buddy Rob Wolters to look decent.
I added various gubbins on the rear and a set of inner Land Raider doors to hide the shaved off arm socket.
Dakka Dakka
What I found the most useful is a stack of 5mm magnets in the centreline strut was strong enough to affix to my magnetised Apocalypse Missile Launcher mount (the reason I chose to magnetise that bit).
Here it is on Reaver Aquila Occulus, ready to strip the voids on the Traitor Titans
I quite love the low profile and stubby barrels, looks brutal.
Here was the converted stage, I used a landing gear strut and cog mechanicum piece from the StormTalon Gunship, a sponson side from the same, a couple of doors from the internal Landraider doors and the landing struts made the hingles, gap filled and finished off with a couple of eyebolts from a Leman Russ (I think).
Hope this inspires some of you Titanseers to re-arm your Engines!

Cheers. Princeps Siph (5pts)

2 Jun 2023

Lord TITANium Halfpenny WIP updates - Deathwatch and Adeptus Titanicus

Hello all, here is a quick WIP update - load on at the moment!


Further progress on my Deathwatch force, with more Primaris and Firstborn marines, I've built 3 Eliminators with the Las Fusil, the plan is to also utilise some Reivers with the spare sniper rifles.

I've also built a few Primaris Marines utilising some 3D printed bodies - These are all going to be from the Dark Angels chapters, potentially as a DW honour guard for the Lion..
Further Vets and Terminators to the Deathwatch squad - these are all done as per the DW scheme I've used before.

Adeptus Titanicus

I've started building my AT force, currently I've got 3 Warhounds, 2 Reavers and a Warbringer under construction.. currently reviewing what magnets I need for all the weapon options!

Cheers for stopping by! LH
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