23 Jun 2023

WIP - Primaris Desolator Marines

 Desolators.. the great Marmite of the Primaris range.. love them, hate them.. they definitely split the camps.

For me, I was't keen. They reminded me of the t-shirt launchers seen at events, and also sdome versions of the Nerf guns.. Thus a change was needed.

I had a plan the moment I saw them, and have now completed the squad of 10 - however I thought I'd see what feedback is of them.

I've used the heavy bolter from the HH heavy set, with the main gun removed. The missile pods have been modified either by bending in two for the 4 rocket version, or shorted for the serg launcher, or cut in two and reset for the 2 launcher version.I'll post a 'how to soon' based on feedback..

These are for my Deathwatch force, and have various 3D shoulder pads added.





Thanks for looking! C&C welcomed! LH

1 comment:

  1. I think they look a lot better than the standard build. I absolutely loathe them, so I'm looking forward to seeing how you did these.


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