5 Jun 2023

Legio Astorum Forge World Reaver Titan - Carapace Vulcan MegaBolter

Hello all and thanks for dropping by. If you are as old as me, and own Titans, you will also be disappointed that a kit from 2006 still only has one carapace weapon option, and the AT versions have plenty... come on Forge World, where are my Titan Weapon options?
This was made using an old Lucius Pattern Warhound Titan Vulcan MegaBolter, I liked the simplicity as the armour shielding is symmetrical whereas the Mars version is asymmetric and would need the modelling skills of my Titan buddy Rob Wolters to look decent.
I added various gubbins on the rear and a set of inner Land Raider doors to hide the shaved off arm socket.
Dakka Dakka
What I found the most useful is a stack of 5mm magnets in the centreline strut was strong enough to affix to my magnetised Apocalypse Missile Launcher mount (the reason I chose to magnetise that bit).
Here it is on Reaver Aquila Occulus, ready to strip the voids on the Traitor Titans
I quite love the low profile and stubby barrels, looks brutal.
Here was the converted stage, I used a landing gear strut and cog mechanicum piece from the StormTalon Gunship, a sponson side from the same, a couple of doors from the internal Landraider doors and the landing struts made the hingles, gap filled and finished off with a couple of eyebolts from a Leman Russ (I think).
Hope this inspires some of you Titanseers to re-arm your Engines!

Cheers. Princeps Siph (5pts)

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