12 Jun 2023

Terrain and Scenery - Big Crane

Welcome readers, thanks for dropping by. I have a rather large a$$ crane this week! This will form part of the terrain we use at Titan Owners Club UK Walks, converted from a child's toy.
The base is hidden under a trimmed down Aquila Landing Pad I had as it was a miscast with one panel of the four half formed which I converted into battle damage.
The mid gantry is protected by a Heavy Bolter wielding Servitor
The controls deck was made using some terrain and cutting away the drivers seat. Here I placed a second Servitor.
The counterweight on the rear I simply added some gubbins to look less toy and a little grimdark.
The basic hook was replaced with the Ad Mech scenery totally impractical skull grabber thingy...
And a Warhound Titan for scale... its BIG...
Really BIG!

Here is a shot of the toy in all its fun colours glory.
The paint job was a simple but effective black, patchy sprayed Leadbelcher and washed with a watered down Calthan Brown wash and left to dry, this ages the look. A few details were picked out and a few working parts were drybrushed Iron Hands Steel to show some use. I even used the original cardboard sleeve and added some decals.

Cheers, Siph (10pts... its really BIG (Aquila Landing Pad and Crane...))

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  1. ooooooh. I love the shiny toy; that is quite wonderful and I want one. Also, I really like the carapace mounted vulcan bega molter. It looks seriously kool and I agree with your comments about the brutalist aesthetic.

    honking the horns on my titans as I stroll about.


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