28 Aug 2023

Genestealer Cult - Brood Brothers Heavy Weapons Team w/ Mortars

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping by. My latest addition to the insidious Cult is another Heavy Weapons Team, this time armed with Mortars for some juicy indirect fire. These add to the weapons the Genestealer Cult bring, a Lascannon Team painted last year.
These were also found on eBay and fit in nicely with my Cult. I repainted them all except the fatigues which had a nice cookie camouflage in the same base colours as my Kommando Khaki fatigues.
I added some GSC upgrade frame bits and pieces, the icon on the Vox Caster set, the communication head. Here you can see the Imperial insignia has been replaced on the right shoulder armour with a Cult Insignia.
These have a Cult knife and grenade set on the waist (can't see)
These have a head swap, a Cult Knife set and an icon on the Mortar.

Cheers, Siph (6pts)

21 Aug 2023

Fallout Hobbies - Relictors Decals

Hello all, thanks for dropping by. I have gone and done it, eventually getting some actual Relictor decals - I said I wouldn't, but these looked great and a slow burn, easy to do project is nice to have the option to do - I just don't want to think of how many Relictors I may need to change over to the new design. 

From the very origin of the blog, I have Relictors - I now have a LOT of Relictors, all for simplicity and repeatability I used the standard white skull decals supplied with Space Marine kits and Imperial Guard Vehicle sets. These have served me well, but now companies like Fallout Hobbies and Pop Goes the Monkey are producing quality alternatives to the Chapters Games Workshop do not support.
Here is my Thunderhammer Terminator squad, first painted in March 2009, still looking great.
And sporting the new decals from Fallout Hobbies. I did minimal preparation and didn't even snip the decal to go over the curved shoulder plate - I didn't even trim the excess film to near the Skull - but two coats of Microsol was sufficient to achieve a near painted on look. A lot thinner than the GW carrier film - so happy with that, I will trim the film nearer the pattern on the next set of pads, but I wanted to test for these.

Great job Fallout Hobbies! Now for the slow slog of changing 50 vehicles and 300 marines...

Cheers, Siph

18 Aug 2023

Warbringer Nemesis Titan - Sunfury Plasma Annihilator Carapace Weapon - Done

Hello one and all!

This weeks sees my offering to the collective of a Sunfury Plasma Annihilator weapon for my Warbringer Nemesis Titan from Forge World.
First question - WHY!, well one of the issues with the Warbringer Nemesis Titan (in AT) is the single fire blast weapon either the Mori-Quake Cannon or Belicosa Volcano Cannon, so, with the Sunfury Plasma Annihilator I would have 4 shots - with the option for maximal fire, which could be focused at a point of damage on the enemy titan, very deadly especially with a high starting strength! But sacrificing the longer range of the other two (official) options.

I've utilised a 'spare' Sunfury Plasma Annihilator to chop up to utilise on the Warbringer Nemesis. I was keen to have another option for the Titan, but also I always felt the Sunfury would look better on my Warbringer with the converted Plasma generators on the back of the Titan.
I've painted the Sunfury in the same style as my other Sunfury Plasma Annihilator weapons for my Warlord Titan so that it links.
The conversion saw major work on the rear, the weapon is flipped, and then had the rear modified to sit closer to the main body by removing some of the length from the generator based at the back which housed the plasma coils, these were added to the side of the generator. The connecting cables were chopped and added to add detail to the unit.
I am not sure how this would fare in battle, I'll see if the team at the Titan Owners Club will let me test it out!

Thanks for stopping by! LH (10pts)

14 Aug 2023

Legio Astorum - Forge World Lucius Warhound Titan - COMPLETED

Hello Titanseers and all, thanks for dropping by. I have been working off and on with the repaint and base and re-construction of a Lucius Warhound, from my mate Col. Hertford and was Legio Gryphonicus. As you may be aware, Lucius Warhounds were one of the first Titans Forge World produced (not Armorcast) and now OOP and as they are from the Forge World of Lucius where Legio Astorum are based, I thought it was about time he had a Lucius Variant!
I chose to do flame motifs on the Leg Greaves often seen on old school Astorum Engines artwork and also on my Reaver Titan Aquila Occulus, the same method was done here, using rattle cans and vinyl stencils.
The rear plates read "Mort" and "Astra", the death of stars in High Gothic.
I preserved the heat staining on the Turbolaser barrels from the Gryphonicus paint scheme
A printed banner from my mate Drake Seta of TOC and Battle Bunnies Blog, (Thanks mate!)
Close up of the old school flame graphics using a stencil and GW rattlecans, touched up with some brush work.
Re-Based from the original smaller round base and stance was re-worked to bring the legs out more and less both feet paralell.
The Wolf Head variant of the Warhound, the Jackal has a snarling visage, which my next Lucius re-paint will have.
The Princeps and crew. I added some gubbins behind the Command Throne on the plain bulkheads where the original panels were missing. I'm not sure if Lucius Warhounds had the bulkhead panel pieces? Both mine are absent - thin triangles of pipes and wires to adorn the rear of the cockpit/Command Deck.
A Lucius pattern Turbolaser Destructor, lacks the rounded armour of the Mars variants.
The muzzle of the Plasma was preserved from the original paint job from Gryphonicus scheme. Also a Lucius variant of the Plasma Blastgun, lacking the ornate armour of the Mars variant.
The badges to show Mechanicum allegiance with the Mars red
The chequers repeated from the Groin and a eclipse black sun of Lucius Forge World where Legio Astorum are based.
The internals were preserved from the original paint job
Great to have at least one Lucius Engine in my Legio!

Thanks for dropping by, yes that's 9 Titans painted and completed now, with Warlord on its way.

Cheers, Princeps Siph (50pts)

11 Aug 2023

Deathwatch Space Marines - Assault Intercessors and Servitors - DONE!

Hello one and all, another week sees further additions to the Deathwatch force. This weeks offerings is a 5 man squad of Assault Intercessors Primaris Marines, also 4 Servitors for the force.
The Assault Primaris were made utilising the Intercessors as the base model, with the addition of various weapons from the bit box. The serg has a Powerfist from the SW kit, and the others with chainswords from other kits. Pistols were taken from my Primaris spares. This are designed to be a little more static than the current Assault Primaris, to look right with a Primaris Kill team. 

The scheme is exactly the same as previous Deathwatch marines.

 The Servitors have got either an orange base, for the tech servitor, or a red base for the weapons ones, so that they stand out on the battle field. Skin tones were designed to be more greyscales to show the age of the previous human. 

Thanks for popping by! LH (9pts)

7 Aug 2023

Adeptus Mechanicus - Secutarii Hoplites 'Titan Guard' - Squad #4

Hello All, thanks for dropping by. Here is the fourth squad of Secutarii Hoplites. These were also part of the painting commission I had ordered. More Infantry choices for Ad Mech, and more Titan Guard to protect my God Engines!
Another ten Secutarii Hoplites of Legio Astorum, gene-bred to protect the Adeptus Mechanicus war engines and the mighty Titans of the Collegia Titanicus.
5 more Secutarii lead by the Secutarii Alpha (denoted by yellow and gold pauldrons)...
And five more Secutarii protecting the Legio Astorum Maniple 'Emperor's Halo'. That makes 40 Hoplites so far...

Cheers, Siph
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