27 Feb 2019

Squaduary 2019 Complete - Vanguard Skitarii and Ranger Snipers

Hello All, thanks for dropping by. I completed the Vanguard Skitarii Squad a week early and as promised I continued to progress with some more Skitarii whilst Squaduary was still in full swing.
This week I progressed with the next squad of Skitarii Rangers, these will form the firepower of 2 five man squads of Rangers used for area denial, with Transqueric Arquebuses (Arquebi? / Arquebusi? / Arquebus' ?) The long range of the Arquebus 60in and the Character sniper ability means they can be effective even sitting back denying Deep Strike. The secondary Ranger armament of Galvanic Rifles reaches out to 30in so again have some effective reach.
You can have 2 special weapons in a five man squad, three in a ten, so when I purchase another squad I will have enough for two squads of Five, just cheap effective anti-area denial Rangers with effective sniper reach, only at 65pts a squad.
So, that wraps up Squaduary for another year, thank you to all participants for the mutual encouragement, a few more blogs I can now follow and a special thanks to Rory at Stepping Between Games for organizing again.

Cheers All. (3 more painting points)

25 Feb 2019

Necron Dynasty - Army so Far - Feb 2019

Hi All, well amongst painting Relictor Space Marines, Titans and various other hobby projects when my HBS (Hobby Butterfly Syndrome) allows, I've been plugging away at the Necron Dynasty - slowly emerging from its Tomb World...
This was the state of the army back in February 2015, Scarabs, air power and Imotekh Stormlord, so since this I have heavily added to the Warriors and Destroyers and Immortals...
Three Night Scythes and an Obelisk should be enough airpower, Obelisks when Apoc first dropped were quite effective anti-air, but now I think it's quite nerfed...
Here is the Triarch Stalker and Tomb Stalker with a C'Tan Shard or in apoc games a Transcendent C'Tan and furthest right is the Forge World Tesseract Ark.
Here is a better shot of the Tesseract Ark and the Annihilation Barge, Canoptek Wraiths and the ‘line highlight nightmare’ Ghost Ark - kinda put me off getting a Dommsday Ark, but I guess I'll get one eventually...
Here is Imotekh the Stormlord at the head of the phalanx of Warriors, I like the idea that a Necron Army should have lots of Warriors so 55 so far, might stop at 60...
Then some Scarabs, 18 bases so I can spawn lots or have three maxed out units. I added at least six Scarabs to each base, many people play these with just four but they are meant to be a swarm so more the better imho.
Every Dynastic Overlord needs a bodyguard, so my Lychguard and Praetorians so far. Think I will add some Warscythe wielding ones too, or maybe another 5 'sword and board'.
In 7th you could field a Destroyer Cult, so I built one, now just lots of Destroyers and two Heavy Destroyers converted using Tomb Blade Gauss Weapons, and led by a Destroyer Lord.
My Canoptek beasts, Canoptek Wraiths, of which I have another 9 to do; Canoptek Spyders and some Forge World Acanthracites - the Canoptek Mosquitoes.
The Obelisk I made when they were more effective at anti-air, now I guess it will not get much use, another purchase in the future will be a Tesseract Vault - it's quite an imposing vehicle so will definitely be coming soon(ish).
The main guy himself, his rules in 5th were really good, somewhat nerfed now, but I like the mini, I can always play as an Overlord. The Lord behind is the spare from the Annihilation Barge kit, and Vargard Obeyron the ideal bodyguard flanks him on the right.
There you have it, not a bad looking force, second to my beloved Space Marine Relictors Battle Company but still a sizeable force.
Thanks for checking this out and dropping by.

Cheers, Overlord Siph.

22 Feb 2019

Legio Crucius - Warbringer Nemesis Titan - WIP #6 - Rites of Colour

Hi One and All,

Quick update with the Warbringer- I've started to get the model base coated, as well as getting the final parts magnetised.
The skeleton of the titan has had a coat of leadbleacher, which I will then wash with several different washes for contrast.
The hips and shoulders have had an initial gold coat, which will then have a second coat of brass prior to washes to add depth.
The lower legs and feet have been painted up with the same black/metallic black colour as per my other titans.
The quake cannon will be painted with a combination of leadbleacher via spray, and dry brush to pick out the details of the cannon.

Hopefully the weather will be good this weekend to spray up the armour plates..

Thanks for looking LH

20 Feb 2019

Squaduary 2019 - Vanguard Skitarii - Complete Week 3!

Hello All and fellow Squaduary-teers, I pushed on and did great guns and completed the squad ahead of time. I'm rather pleased with my efforts and think they will make a fine addition to my growing AdMech force.
Check out the updates and other hobbyists progress over at Stepping Between Games
Here is the first half, with the Vanguard Alpha in the centre with the extra comms aerials and helmet crest, I just armed him with another Radium Carbine rather than points on close combat weapons, I'd rather have the extra shots at range. I made the squad of ten so I can take an extra special weapon, three Plasma Calivers for some great punch - all only 18in so these will have to be upfront - the Vanguard of the force...
The rear shows the back packs and the simple shading on the black coats. The backpacks were basecoated Leadbelcher before Nuln Oil and then simply picked out details.
The second demi squad contains the 2nd in-command with the Omnispex, denying the enemy the advantage of cover which is awesome, and for any enemy charging these Vanguard will face 21 Radium Carbine shots and 6 Plasma shots followed by -1 Toughness when within 1in of these toxic soldiers.
The power cables follow the same bright blues that Mordian7th used on the rest of the force that these will be joining, I bought them from Mordian7th a while back and have been adding to the force ever since.
Here is a close up of the Vanguard Alpha and the 2IC.
The three Plasma Caliver Troops
And the comparison to the Rangers Mordian7th painted, I think they fit right in! I really enjoyed painting these, and now with the spare time for the rest of Squaduary I will start the next 20 Skitarii I have in the to-do pile! I didn't even remember having two more squads, it was only when digging through the to-do pile I found the other squad as well as the one from Forgebane! Doh! Haha, its a good problem to have I guess :)

Best of luck to my fellow Squaduary-teers, and keep painting those squads, every little bit done is another bit nearer the finish. Thanks to Rory for continuing the Squaduary each year I now have a completed squad that would have otherwise languished awhile longer in the to-do mountain. And thanks to the other participants for inspiring me to get these done. Cheers.

Siph. (9 painting points - one completed earlier)

18 Feb 2019

Legio Astorum - Forge World Warlord Titan Build #20 - Painting the Toenails

Hello Titanseers, since completing the inner toe-gap armour plates in Sepember I had been rather idle and distracted by my HBS (hobby butterfly syndrome) but now continuing my Warlord Dominus Victoria once again, I've started painting the many armoured pieces, giving the Titan it's bright regal Legio Astorum livery at last. It feels good finally adding these eight Toe Piston Assemblies as these also lend more strength and stability to the leg assemblies, now with five points of contact with the feet, rather than the single main ankle ball socket (which is pinned).

The link to the whole Titan Construction process can be found HERE.

It certainly feels like the Titan has finally began to take shape beyond the silver endo-skeleton mocking me silently from the edge of the gamesroom... it's pround regal blue and gold livery beginning to shine through the to-do pile!

Dominus Victoria will Walk at the next UK Titan Owners Club event, where she will be battling alongside 80 (yes 80!!) other Titans! I will be sure to post lots of photos.  Remember to register your own Titans at Titan Owners Club, and if you want some cool Titan Owners Club merchandise they even now have a Spreadshirt Shop, all profits go to buying Titan sized terrain :)

Cheers, onto the biggest job next, the hefty and awkward sized (for painting) Torso box main body assembly. Thanks for dropping by, Siph.

15 Feb 2019

Legio Crucius - Warbringer Nemesis Titan - WIP sort of...

Hi one and All.

Away from the hobby desk this week, so no 'real' progress, I'd just thought I'd share a few images of potential weapon options on the Warbringer Nemesis titan... :)

The Nurgle Cannon...
An Armiger Cannon.. mightily feared amongst Legio Fureans Princeps...
 Warlord Sunfury Plasma Cannon (a future option I reckon - Siph)
The Typhon Cannon
The Plasma Obliterator Cannon..
Imperator Mega Gatling Cannon.. okay maybe on the future Warlord Nemesis variant??
Plasma cannon
The Quake cannon.. (I'm sure this wouldn't work..)
The crazy tech priest reviewing the cannon options.. or ordering from his local take away...
My personal favourite - the Warhound cannon... OF DOOM!!
 Back to normality now, hopefully the next post might include some painting.. LH

13 Feb 2019

Necron Dynasty - Necron Warriors - 50-55

Hi all, another five Warriors done, amassing a large phalanx of troops for my Overlord. Just need to pick up another five to round these off to 3x20 blobs. A simple recipe of Army Painter Plate Metal, washed Agrax and Nuln Oil. Chainmail highlights, then the red gauss energy and copper capacitor coils.
No golds or blue for these lowly warriors, I reserve that for the higher ranking troops and HQ.

Well, thats all folks, a simple squad - five more off the to-do pile. Thanks for droping in.

Cheers, Siph (5 points)

11 Feb 2019

Squaduary 2019 - Vanguard Skitarii - Progress Week 2

Hi all Squaduary-teers and readers various, thanks for dropping by. This is where I am after two weeks of Squaduary, progressing well, smashed out the two remaining Plasma Caliver Vanguard Skitarii, they all match pretty much so I am quite pleased (the original one from two years ago is the one on the right).
Check out the updates and other hobbyists progress over at Stepping Between Games.  Thanks Rory for providing this encouragement event - its spurred me on if no-one else!
As for the rest of the Squaduary pledge, the torso and coats and legs are all finished, just backpacks, arms and weapons and heads left to do. I started on one of the Radium Carbines to test the proposed scheme and it worked fine, so that was quick and relatively easy to do from the Leadbelcher undercoat so all is good!
And the arms and heads as is... will have these cracked out this week then it is just backpacks, sealing and 'Ardcoating the lenses - I think I am on target to finish early which amazes me, but these are really enjoyable to paint - good really as I have another ten from Forgebane lurking in the to-do pile!

Good luck all other Squaduary participants, still plenty of time to get the Squads done. 

Cheers, Siph.
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