27 Feb 2019

Squaduary 2019 Complete - Vanguard Skitarii and Ranger Snipers

Hello All, thanks for dropping by. I completed the Vanguard Skitarii Squad a week early and as promised I continued to progress with some more Skitarii whilst Squaduary was still in full swing.
This week I progressed with the next squad of Skitarii Rangers, these will form the firepower of 2 five man squads of Rangers used for area denial, with Transqueric Arquebuses (Arquebi? / Arquebusi? / Arquebus' ?) The long range of the Arquebus 60in and the Character sniper ability means they can be effective even sitting back denying Deep Strike. The secondary Ranger armament of Galvanic Rifles reaches out to 30in so again have some effective reach.
You can have 2 special weapons in a five man squad, three in a ten, so when I purchase another squad I will have enough for two squads of Five, just cheap effective anti-area denial Rangers with effective sniper reach, only at 65pts a squad.
So, that wraps up Squaduary for another year, thank you to all participants for the mutual encouragement, a few more blogs I can now follow and a special thanks to Rory at Stepping Between Games for organizing again.

Cheers All. (3 more painting points)


  1. They look great!
    Well done on completing the challenge (and more) and to such a high standard as well.

  2. Arquebi me thinks, kinda like cacti.

    Vocabulary aside, the whole lot is likely to leave whomever's on the wrong end of them envious of their paint jobs!

  3. Nicely done! They look great and congrats on completing your pledge.

  4. Great work, congrats on fitting in the extras during the challenge. They came out fantastic. Certainly in the glory of the Omnissiah!

  5. Definitely a nice looking squad. For some reason a full 10 man unit just looks great! (Like they look better and better the more you have!)

    The arquebus unit looks nice too. I like the red coats.

  6. Nice work and well done on completing Squaduary and some extras.
    I love the sniper rifles, they haven't worked out well for me yet though sadly.

  7. @ Da Masta Cheef - thanks mate. Yeah, GW doesn't help with grammar - the plural of all the GSC Characters is awful. Clamavuses, Maguses...
    @ Thor - Cheers mate
    @ DAM - Ave Omnissiah!
    @ Blazmo - Yep, and the added bonus of a third Special Weapon in squads of 10.
    @ Rory - I'm hoping they'll make SmashCapt and scary Daemons think twice, but mostly I wanted the small area-denial squads to actually have an input besides area-denial, so any Wounds is a bonus.


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