20 Feb 2019

Squaduary 2019 - Vanguard Skitarii - Complete Week 3!

Hello All and fellow Squaduary-teers, I pushed on and did great guns and completed the squad ahead of time. I'm rather pleased with my efforts and think they will make a fine addition to my growing AdMech force.
Check out the updates and other hobbyists progress over at Stepping Between Games
Here is the first half, with the Vanguard Alpha in the centre with the extra comms aerials and helmet crest, I just armed him with another Radium Carbine rather than points on close combat weapons, I'd rather have the extra shots at range. I made the squad of ten so I can take an extra special weapon, three Plasma Calivers for some great punch - all only 18in so these will have to be upfront - the Vanguard of the force...
The rear shows the back packs and the simple shading on the black coats. The backpacks were basecoated Leadbelcher before Nuln Oil and then simply picked out details.
The second demi squad contains the 2nd in-command with the Omnispex, denying the enemy the advantage of cover which is awesome, and for any enemy charging these Vanguard will face 21 Radium Carbine shots and 6 Plasma shots followed by -1 Toughness when within 1in of these toxic soldiers.
The power cables follow the same bright blues that Mordian7th used on the rest of the force that these will be joining, I bought them from Mordian7th a while back and have been adding to the force ever since.
Here is a close up of the Vanguard Alpha and the 2IC.
The three Plasma Caliver Troops
And the comparison to the Rangers Mordian7th painted, I think they fit right in! I really enjoyed painting these, and now with the spare time for the rest of Squaduary I will start the next 20 Skitarii I have in the to-do pile! I didn't even remember having two more squads, it was only when digging through the to-do pile I found the other squad as well as the one from Forgebane! Doh! Haha, its a good problem to have I guess :)

Best of luck to my fellow Squaduary-teers, and keep painting those squads, every little bit done is another bit nearer the finish. Thanks to Rory for continuing the Squaduary each year I now have a completed squad that would have otherwise languished awhile longer in the to-do mountain. And thanks to the other participants for inspiring me to get these done. Cheers.

Siph. (9 painting points - one completed earlier)


  1. Very nice and well done on completing them so early.

  2. Nice one we are both finished early like the striking blue even if it is a copy great execution

  3. Nicely done! Great match to the Rangers and a striking scheme overall. Congrats on the early completion. I'm tinkering with transfers on my own Squaduary project but will be otherwise done this week as well, I think. Go Squaduary 2019!

  4. That's a mighty fine looking squad ya have there!

  5. Nice work! In comparison, mine are still languishing on the WIP desk.

  6. @ Castigator, thanks man.
    @ extremedoc1, good to get them done isn't it! Ha. Yes Mordian's scheme has grown on me over the time, it was good when I bought them, and loving these new additions even more!
    @ DAM, Yep, the next challenge is making another squad of Rangers - similar but fitting the first. So far progress looks promising. Go Squaduary!
    @ Da Masta Cheef, thanks mate.
    @ Dave Kelly, thats fine mate, at least they are on the table now and not lurking in the to-do pile! All progress is good progress!

  7. They look really great Siph. The red helmets with the blue power coils are superb. Can't wait to see some more Mechanicus from you.

    1. Thanks Ed, carrying on whilst Squaduary is in full swing, started the Rangers Armed with Transqueraic Arquebus sniper Weapons. So a few more yet in the pipeline

  8. Great work and use of colours. They will be a wonderful presence on the board.


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