2 Feb 2019

WIP Pink Horrors and Inquisitor Greyfax

Hello one and all!

Having had a few days away with work, I opted to take some models with me to my hotel to paint, rather than spend all night in the hotel bar!

Pink Horrors

I've painted these the same as my other 2 units, with a different colour for the tongue to make the units stand out. I've used gold for the bracelets and blue for the flames on them. To finish is some further details etc.
Inquisitor Greyfax

I've had this model for a while, and decided to give her some love. Working over a silver base the model has had gold detailing added, as well as details picked out with red for the Inquisitor 'I' The cape was painted with a purple hue, which was painted in different thickness' to try to add depth to the cape. I've also added a nod to my wife's favourite shoes - With red soles added in tribute to her Christian Louboutin's. (Ah, a worthy visage on the tabletop of the long haired Admiral Halfpenny! - Siph)
Thanks for looking! LH


  1. Looks like your hotel room could really benefit from a maid ;) More Daemons, how many points is that now?

  2. She's not worried about points totals, just chomping her way through heresy.


For the Emperor! (and other Xenos welcome...)

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