15 Feb 2019

Legio Crucius - Warbringer Nemesis Titan - WIP sort of...

Hi one and All.

Away from the hobby desk this week, so no 'real' progress, I'd just thought I'd share a few images of potential weapon options on the Warbringer Nemesis titan... :)

The Nurgle Cannon...
An Armiger Cannon.. mightily feared amongst Legio Fureans Princeps...
 Warlord Sunfury Plasma Cannon (a future option I reckon - Siph)
The Typhon Cannon
The Plasma Obliterator Cannon..
Imperator Mega Gatling Cannon.. okay maybe on the future Warlord Nemesis variant??
Plasma cannon
The Quake cannon.. (I'm sure this wouldn't work..)
The crazy tech priest reviewing the cannon options.. or ordering from his local take away...
My personal favourite - the Warhound cannon... OF DOOM!!
 Back to normality now, hopefully the next post might include some painting.. LH

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